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Questionable Results from Philly

The Fox News report here shows that other people are questioning Obama’s turnout and vote totals. As the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported last week, six of Philadelphia’s 66 wards handed the president victory shares of 99 percent or better. In … Continue reading

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Paula and the General: the Road to Slutdom

News of General Petraeus’s resignation, over an affair with married biographer Paula Broadwell, shows how America and the West has changed. Into a nation of sluts and Alpha males. With almost no exceptions. From the Daily Mail, we learn that … Continue reading

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Obama Balco

During Mark McGwire’s record setting 70 home run season of 1998, it was easy to see something was wrong. His prior season high record was 49 in his rookie year at age 23, whereafter he hit 32, 33, 39, 22, … Continue reading

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