Yoko Ono Explains Obama’s Policy

Our Country is in the very best of hands. Really.

Will it be Yoko succeeding Hillary as Secretary of State? Why not?

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14 Responses to Yoko Ono Explains Obama’s Policy

  1. whorefinder says:

    Whiskey, I didn’t know you had sarcasm in you.

  2. fakeemail says:

    Christ, these goddamn 60s era relics never fucking DIE! These loon just *never* go away! I’ve been hearing about the 60s and all these hippy-dippy beatnik shit-wads since I was in grade school and for my whole life. What a destructive and narcissistic generation. It makes me sick that these geezers will be the last generation to retire and croak in general comfort.

    • Hear! Hear! Most of them are teenagers well into their 50s and 60s. I’m 24, and my girlfriend’s mom is a prime example. She’s 50 years old and like a damn child. It’s disgusting see those who are suppossed to be your “elders” act this way.

      • Toddy Cat says:

        Hey, imagine how I feel! I’m 53 years old, and I’ve had to listen to keening leftoid dipshits like this ALL MY F***ing LIFE! ‘Destructive Generation” is right. But remember, NABALT*.

        *Not All Boomers Are Like That

  3. ray says:

    Yo-Yo’s rabbit hole goes to the bottom floor

    hilary’s lateralling to the priv sector, just accepted a slot as Chief of Laboratory Protocol for SkinMedica, foreskin fibroblasts

    yo yo could join hillie, donning her Nurse Ratched mask

    fortunately, barack the rock is in the Big Chair, a strong male stabilizing influence

  4. whorefinder says:

    True story:

    I was involved (low level) in a business matter a few years ago where Ono had “donated” to her friend some silly, bad poetry on pieces of paper. Really crappy stuff. Kinda like this, but written down.

    Friend then died, and friend’s kids wanted to sell the poetry to someone else to pay for the friend’s debts.

    Turns out the shit was worth thousands to avant-garde art faggots, so the goal was to get Ono to swear, either in a transcript or on a piece of paper, that she had given full rights to her friend.

    Turns out Ono wasn’t so keen on making it official that her friend had owned her crap—not when “market value” was so high. I left the matter before it they could get her to agree to signing it away.

    So she was an Indian giver, a turncoat friend, and greedy. Some “peace & love” activist. Gentlemen, this is what happens to your submissive Asian girlfriend later in life if you don’t choose her wisely or keep her line.

    Oh, and modern art fans are fucking losers.

    • Cowboy says:

      Whorefinder, John Lennon’s unexpected death caught him without a thought-out will. His own son, Julian, was excluded entirely from any inheritance. Yoko made Julian buy mementos. At auction. She forced him to buy even the postcards he had written to his dead dad! No, if you’re expecting any favors, kindess, or consideration from Yoko Ono, you better be somebody who can do something for her. Or you’ve got a long, fruitless wait on your hand!

  5. blert says:

    She sounds a whole lot better in the shower…
    Not that it’s such a high hurdle, though.

  6. Wilbur J Huffnagel says:

    I hesitated to click the arrow to start the video – I am still trying to figure out what that exactly was…a critique on popular culture? Sometimes I scratch my head = and this is one of those times.

  7. Rurik says:

    Yokel OhNo, a one woman attempt to retroactively make us feel better about Hiroshima.

  8. cecil henry says:

    Looking for attention: IT goes away if you don’t reward it.

  9. josh says:

    What is sad is the crowd of people and the applause she receives. I woudl have heckled her.

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