Why Gun Bans Fail

Why do gun bans fail, all the time? Save Japan? The answer is simple human nature. Guns are very useful objects, and people want them. There is a global supply of guns, and gun manufacturers globally, including Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, China, Pakistan, and other places are happy to supply guns to the world. In Africa the AK-47 goes for about $50 or so. Criminal networks are happy to smuggle guns where they can reap profits, as they do for non-tax cigarettes, drugs, semi-enslaved prostitutes, and other contraband. Human nature guarantees gun bans always fail. Save Japan.

Why is Japan alone the exception to the rule for gun bans? Because Japan alone reduces the desire for guns. The Tokugawa Shogunate, after using guns with a peasant army to defeat dynastic rivals, then outlawed them, to preserve Samurai advantages and prevent the peasants from becoming “uppity.” Along with mass killings of Christians, and expulsion of all foreigners, and strict limits on foreign influence, the Tokugawas put Japan into a deep slumber during the Edo Period. Ending when Commodore Perry’s Black Fleet appeared in Tokyo Bay, and humiliatingly created a surrender by Japan to America’s terms of trade and engagement. Launching in turn the overthrow of the Tokugawas, and the Meiji Restoration (in the sense the Emperor was restored to actual power not figurehead status) that re-armed Japan. As the ruling Japanese elite was painfully aware, all Japan had was rusted out old cannons about three centuries out of date from (then) Commodore Perry’s modern arsenal in modern, steam powered warships.

Guns were still out of reach of the ordinary Japanese, because Japan is a country unlike any other. Japan, alone, faces no real threat of massive amounts of foreigners simply coming into their country and taking over. Japan is racially homogenous. There are not masses of people in Japan who feel racially oppressed and desire racial vengeance. There is no Japanese equivalent of Jamie Foxx making a movie where he “kills all the Japanese people, how cool is that?” Crime is low in Japan, because social pressure is intense, and backed up by the Japanese state. Even the gangsters are strictly regulated, in how they can behave socially, and many areas of life are off limits to them, even though they have considerable financial power. Women can wander around, mostly unmolested, though they are regularly groped on the subways, in ways that women in the West cannot. To understand Japan, imagine the United States made up entirely of clones of say, a Midwestern Pharmacist. There might be drunkenness, or acting out, but nothing seriously dangerous. Though they can certainly afford it, no one really wants a gun in Japan because there is really, no need. Everything is really, really safe.

That safety comes with enormous, pressure cooker style social needs to conform absolutely to what everyone else does. And social control over daily life that most Westerners let alone Americans would find intrusive, insulting, and repulsive. Group think is how things are done in Japan, and the idea of committing suicide because you failed to make good enough grades in an exam in the equivalent of junior high makes perfect sense there. But is incomprehensible to the West. But the safety is there. At great cost, perhaps, but it exists. And as a result, Japanese do not desire guns.

In China, peasants are still mostly too poor to want guns. As they become richer, that will change. Certainly, a peasant with a gun is a match for a corrupt official in league with bandits, historically and currently the pattern of Chinese life. And certainly, Chinese have had LOTS of guns, lots and lots, in the past. Notably in the Taipeng Rebellion, killing perhaps 20 million with Civil War style muzzle loading muskets. Peasants in Africa want guns, and despite being desperately poor, find them whenever they can, on the global market, because having a gun or not can be the difference between alive or dead. Besides, various ethnic group armies fighting over resources buy guns on the global arms market. Africa is awash in guns despite (or perhaps because of) being desperately poor.

Misha Glenny in McMafia writes that most of the economy of Montenegro, and much of the other Balkan States, is made up of cigarette smuggling. Through various loopholes, American and other Western cigarettes are imported, tax-free, to places like Egypt. Where they are sent to the Balkans to be smuggled into Italy and Western Europe and sold tax-free. Glenny writes he himself personally bought non-tax cigarettes in the UK easily, and that they can be found with little trouble all over the United Kingdom. At half the price or less than the official, taxed versions.

The global criminal networks are stunning their scope and level of cooperation. Mostly, they don’t war with each other (the exception being the Mexican cartel wars over drugs and other activity legal and not). There is too much money being made to war constantly. Places like Dubai, or Cyprus, exist mostly as money laundering facilities for everyone from the Russians to Al Qaeda to the Mafia to the Triads. Basically, anywhere something is outlawed, and desired, and people will pay for it, criminal networks will make an enormous amount of money smuggling it into the place. This is true for women used as sex-slaves, pre-teen girls used as child prostitutes, diamonds, emeralds, “conflict minerals,” cigarettes, drugs of all types, and yes, guns.

With some of the toughest gun laws in Europe, Anders Breivik (certifiably insane, mcmafiaper the Norwegian Court that tried him) obtained his guns legally, by belonging to a pistol and rifle club(there is some suggestion bribe money was paid to obtain permission despite being nuts). He had made an abortive attempt in Prague to obtain guns illegally, but found none. He would have been better off looking at places like Transnistria, or his own local drug suppliers, who are well armed against rivals, and have pipelines to gun suppliers in Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, and the afore-mentioned Transnistria.

How hard is it to smuggle guns into a country that outlaws civilian possession? Well, I give you Mexico, where civilian gun ownership is banned, and the drug wars death toll is somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000. No one knows the death toll for sure. Mexico is awash in guns, all happily supplied by international criminal networks. And not just single shot shot-guns either. Nope, fully automatic AK-47s, and M16s, and FAL rifles, and the German G3, are commonly involved in drug related shoot-outs.

If there is money and desire, criminal organizations will supply it.

Britain’s gun crime rate is double that of the pre-Dunblane rate and a full 89% over the last decade. Street robberies are up, so are home and business invasions by armed criminals. While self-defense even without a gun is basically outlawed. Lie back and think of England is perhaps a coping strategy for women, but for men it is effective castration. For obvious reasons — a man who submits to the violence inflicted by another man can only get back his status and power among women by … inflicting even more violence, often at sickening and gratuitous levels. Ugly perhaps, but human and primate sexual nature. As the report notes, carrying guns among gangs is now commonplace. You can thank the gun ban and the efficient, and highly profitable gun trade alongside the drug trade for that development.

So what can be done to curb violence, and in particular, violent shootings?

Basically, act Japanese. That is, follow the rules below:

  • Maintain rigorously a racially homogenous society.
  • Maintain rigorously a class-uniform society, with strong solidarity amongst all classes which are fairly flat and close together.
  • Require elites to at least pay lip service to non-elites, and refrain from excessive ostentation which creates social distance and disunity.
  • Create and maintain safety, and severe social limits on criminals, outlaws, enforced rigorously and non-corruptly by the state.
  • Keep foreigners, and foreign influences, out of the country.

These are not very complicated. But for most Western societies, they are too hard to accomplish. Not the least of which the elites in the West will never adhere to any of them, particularly the limits on their ostentation nor requirements to pay lip service to non-elite interests.

Thus in any Western society, the best that can be accomplished is a sort of Edwardian to Georgian England, a society temporarily cut off from foreigners, that has “noblesse oblige” and a relatively flat, relatively united, and relatively CRIME FREE society. That of England circa say, 1910 to 1960. A scant fifty years. No one in England say, in the years 1968, or 1808, or 1888, or 1778, would have described the place as “crime free.” And guns were there aplenty. They still are, as we see above.

The presence of guns, in ordinary people’s lives, is therefore a marker of the failure or success of elites to provide the above. A safe, secure, united, and homogenous society. There is zero chance of anyone providing that in Western nations now. Not with millions of non-Whites who really, hate hate hate Whites, and mostly fail at economic success (because they are not able to emulate nerdy White and Asian beta males in cooperating and gaining renumerative skills).

Criminal networks are quite happy though. Guns are fairly easy to smuggle, compared to drugs (as simple steel, plastic, and aluminum, they can’t be sniffed out by dogs amidst all the other … steel, plastic, and aluminum stuff including the ones on the handlers hips). They’re in demand. By criminals and fed-up civilians. [The late Eric Ambler in “A Kind of Anger” notes that French people in the countryside routinely kept a loaded revolver in the glove compartment for “emergencies.”] Business is good. The Western Elites are a miserable failure.

And that state of affairs is likely to continue for centuries.

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  1. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Excellent article. The next best thing after having your own guns, is to know the languages of people who do. The toughest, more-or-less white-looking people are Albanians and Chechens.

  2. cecilhenry says:

    We want the parasites OUT.

    And we want them held to account for what they have done, and to KNOW what it is they are being held to account for.

    Political Culture is far more divided than people realize.

  3. fakeemail says:

    You’re on a roll, Whiskey. I myself would prefer secession to this sorry state of affairs lasting two more centuries. I don’t know about committing hari-kari because I got a B- in 8th grade math, but it would be nice to know what it feels like to actually live in a REAL country or community for once. America is just a goddamn marketplace babel-like bazaar manipulated by the puppet masters of P.R.opoganda. What a utopia: mindless consumers of all the wonderful races together for Christmas!

    • Back To The Neolithic says:

      Secession? What does that accomplish? The aggressive, local alphas then become the new elite and the process starts all over again.

      • Switzerland, which the founding fathers admired and based their federal system on, has been decentralized and free for centuries. As Orson Welles noted, they only had the cuckoo clock, (and the Swiss Army Knife, SIGARMS, chocolate, SWATCH, Swiss Watches) and not the cultural legacy of corrupt Italy. But most people like to live there. James Blunt is becoming a Swiss citizen, he loves it there. Can’t blame him.

        There is not much federal government in Switzerland, most everything happens on canton levels, and the nation is free, armed, and absent tyranny with French, Italian, German, and Romansch as the major languages spoken.

      • Swede in Exile says:

        @ whiskeysplace,
        I live in Switzerland and can only agree. It is the only place left that is free in the classic western sense.

    • josh says:

      Unlike Israel which is a real country. Ironic that the jews have a nation–and theyve taken ours away from us!

  4. Matt Strictland says:

    One slight mistake in an otherwise good article Whiskey. The Japanese economy is no where near as flat as it once was between that and all that social pressure is exactly what you get with zoo animals outside their native habitats. Failure to breed. I think its the 3rd lowest birth rate in the planet and this pretty much without the pill (its only been legal a short while and is little used) many do not even have regular sex

    And no this doesn’t imply Japanese are zoo animals only that they like all of us have natural health living conditions , take people away from them and your society dies out.

    So yes, safe, clean. orderly, dying ….

  5. blert says:

    How can a dog sniff out as contraband the very side arms that his handler and buddies wear all the time?


    Humanity has reached the edge of the Petri dish.

    Hence, Korea, China and Japan are all throttling back on their populations.

    Japan is not ‘breeding’ because it’s over populated — and now everyone realizes that military defense no longer depends upon the body count. WWII proved that to them with intensity.

    Even Red China has figured it out. Because of the demographic bulge — it’s hard for the casual observer to realize that these lands have already lost half of their military-aged males vs 35 years ago.

    That distortion is what is meant by getting old. ( as a society )

    So even just one generation out, the world will be transformed by shrinkage.

    It will have drastic impacts on the gloom and doom crowd — as Peak Oil never really quite comes off. The largest fall off in populations are in prospect for those societies famed for using oil the most.

    The reversal of this major trend is temporarily underway in nuclear frightened Japan. Without the Fukushima fiasco, something like 400,000 bbls / day in heavy fuel demand would evaporate.

    This figures to be compounded by Sweden and Germany as both are committed to switching off each and every atomic plant as soon as practicable — perhaps, before.


    Globally, the populations that are still rising, exponentially, are the Dumb Fraction(tm).

    As bad as their gainful prospects are today, within a generation, the Dumb Fraction(tm) will be utterly dependent upon the dole.

    There aren’t enough rows to hoe; which is about the limit of many Dumb Fraction humans’ abilities.

    THAT is the future that cannot be discussed.

    • Jesus Christ Supercop says:

      “Japan is not ‘breeding’ because it’s over populated”

      There’s no pressing need to have children (on an individual level), it costs too much (at least in part because women don’t have enough labor participation), and there’s little free time for finding a spouse and starting a family (pointlessly long working hours). Nobody remains childless because they’re worried about overpopulation.

      Overpopulation isn’t the issue, the issue is that Japan will soon have way too many elderly citizens to support. They are developing robots and exoskeletons just to make nursing staff more efficient.

      • blert says:

        Social behavior and motivations within an overpopulated space cause personal dynamics to change — often to a shocking degree.

        I don’t have the link, but there was a famous study of overpopulation done quite a while back. It featured a primate ‘Eden’ of plentiful bounty and perfect safetly (it was a cage) scaled larger than even the largest zoo exhibits of its era. Over a sustained period, the generations came and went. Early population growth was spectacular; astonishing, really. As the three dimensional domain filled out growth slowed drastically — and infighting took off. With continued growth — the food and water never let up — infighting escalated to the point that the cage was a war zone 24-hours a day.

        Psychotic behaviors began to become rampant. They sprang up out of nowhere. Time was too short for any serious genetic shift. It was the competition that triggered this mode. Males started ‘dropping out’ and going homosexual, too. (The stress was concentrated among the males, first, strikingly so.)

        Eventually, the loser males started attacking the females and infanticide took off. The perpetual war got so stressful that illness spread to most. Finally, the colony suffered a severe collapse in numbers.

        Curiously, this lab experiment was done long before the Club of Rome and other hysterics.

        It’s revealing. At no time did the test primates get the ‘big picture’ — that the Petri Dish was only so big. Further, even in the artificial instance of relentless plenty ( food and water, safety ) psychological compression due to excess proximity was enough to turn the trick.

        Japan, Inc. is a human instance of the above culture track. So, too, is Europe. Today’s fading European population is still many multiples of that when she was in her glory.

        China is that in spades. They know it and have decided to scale back before social pressures have them blown away in an atomic war. A mechanism that equalizes a nation with billions to that of one with millions.

        It’s exactly that logic that has the Punjabis of Pakistan ramping up their atomic stash.

        Red China still hasn’t figured out that their number one threat is the irrational, proximate islamists of Pakistan. The first Atomic World War will surely come out of left field — initiated by a minor player not invited to the big stage.

        While that factor is entirely dismissed by the Big Players and our MSM — it maddens Pakistan and Iran that the Big Decisions are made above and outside their compass.

        Instead of the Mouse that Roared — it’ll be the Psychopathic Mouse. (Adam Lanza with atomics.)


        Too many elderly is the oldest problem of man. It’s always solved by the grim reaper.

        During the Shoah, it was as common as dust for the elderly to deliberately stop eating and to give their rations to their younger kin. It’s a genetic defense mechanism of the ages.

        Hence, the elderly are NEVER a handicap for a society. The minute that they are, they exit stage right.

        The mere existence of the elderly is a tribute to the humanity and bounty of a society. We now know that the original Neaderthal bones show arthritis so profound that the man/ grandfather was unable to function. He was being kept alive, to the end, by his clan. At his level of impairment, he couldn’t even walk normally.

        Because his affliction was completely unperceived, Neanderthals picked up an entirely false narrative in science.

        DNA now tells us that it’s a pretty good bet that Neanderthals are where humanity got its smarts. ALL of today’s smart populations have Neanderthal DNA in them. None of the today’s dumb populations have Neanderthal DNA in them. It’s a full standard deviation in IQ between them.

        And, it’s a pretty good bet that Zeus and the other Greek gods are family lore decribing the melding of the Neanderthals and Hss out of Africa. Zeus, being the Neanderthal, is on ‘white’ ( i.e. mountain snow ) cross-breeding with humans. ( i.e. dark Hss Women out of Africa. Hence, these god-myths were tens of thousands of years old even in Hellenic times.

  6. Robert in Arabia says:

    No one is perfect.

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  8. Aurini says:

    Ran into this a while back, a concise history of gun control in Japan – excellent companion reading to your piece: http://ex-army.blogspot.ca/2012/11/gun-control-in-japan.html

  9. Mike says:

    Swede in Exile

    I noticed some black people and Asians in Geneva. They are also getting a lot of Muslims there.

    It seems like it is becoming pretty multiracial, especially in the cities. Switzerland is on the way to destruction too.

    Why do they let in these Muslims from I think places like the former Yugoslavia?

    • Matt Strictland says:

      The elite are warped by universalistic values and desperately hungry for more people to control and for more markets. Its not much fun to have a shrinking population and as the idiots assume one prole is as good as another , well at least someone is there.

    • Swede in Exile says:

      Everything is relative but as far as I can tell, Switzerland is one of the least “diverse” places in Western Europe. And I have lived I 5 different countries in the region over the past 20 years. The only country that is possibly even more homogenous is Finland. It is a different story in Eastern Europe, where places like Poland and Hungary are some if the last remaining pure white countries. But it is a VERY big step to move there from the west and I never really saw it as an alternative.
      Regarding Switzerland, there are many things that stand out:
      You can still speak freely and it is socially acceptable to be against non western immigration
      The elites have much less power due to the binding referendums and the strong federal structure
      The family structure is still mainly traditional and housewives are the norm. In many schools they do not even serve lunch since the kids walk home and get’s a real meal from their mother. It is also very striking that there are no fat kids. None.
      The schools have not been infested with PC but are focused on traditional learning. Due to this, the universities are some of the best in the world and they are free for local kids.
      There was some unskilled immigration (mainly from old Yugoslavia) 20 years ago but that has been stopped since many years. The asylum rules are some of the strictest in Europe. Now, there is really only western immigration. Since there is no unskilled immigration, there is no pressure on wages for regular jobs and normal people have the highest incomes in the world. On the other hand, it means that all services are really, really expensive. 100 USD an hour is normal to pay a gardener, for example.
      The country is still organized almost as a survivalist community. This is the concept of armed neutrality, which means that you should be self sufficient in case of a conflict, and they take it very seriously. Also, it means that everybody is armed with what you now call “assault” weapons in the U.S, i.e. fully automatic carbines (like M16).
      I could go on and on but since it is off topic, I will summarize but saying that Switzerland stands out as a country that really wants to survive in its present form, while almost all other western countries seems heel bent on becoming part of the third world.

    • beta_plus says:

      Former Yugoslavia Muslims tend to be some pretty high skilled immigrants. When you go to Sarajevo, while there is still war damage that they do not have the money to repair due to an awful political situation, it is clean, well run, and safe. It feels like a Germanic/Nordic/Habsburg city just with better weather and full of mosques. The cuisine is amazing and the wine is excellent (OK, the beer sucks). People are friendly and helpful and except for some jerk taxi drivers (everywhere has got them) not trying to rip you off. I’m pretty sure Switzerland can survive that. At least in Denmark, Bosnian Muslims made a point of learning to speak Danish immediately. I was stunned when Bosnians came up to me speaking Danish better than I could in Sarajevo. OK, so they smuggle a lot of cigarettes.

      Now, if Switzerland has muslim immigrants from rural Turkey, North Africa, the Persian Gulf, or Pakistan, I would be worried

      The disturbing implication that I got from my trip to Bosnia is the problem the West has with Islam may have nothing to do with the religion itself. It may have to do with the race most muslims are, Arab.

  10. You’ve got an excellent sweep in this and the related post.
    Meghan McArdle asked, with delicious unsubtlety, in her big guns post what we’re willing to do about that border with Mexico. After all, she pointed out, if 11million+ people can smuggle themselves across, they can certainly smuggle weapons.
    Of course, it’s an hilarious illustration of just what liberals are NOT willing to do– and I’m rather aching to try it out in a personal debate myself. That open border is sacramental to every multikult liberal and libertardian laissez-fairest. Watching the self-destruct (or at least, auto-hibernate) switch turn on is quite amusing.
    –You know, I may be prey to what Auster calls “adreno-conservatism”, but I do feel a mild flush of optimism lately. Obama’s hubris is very intense, and very naked, right now. “I get that for free” and so on. According to that WSJ piece, he threatened Boehner with using his Inaugural and SOTU speeches to blast Republicans. Does he really believe this is a credible threat? Who watches these speeches? Elections are two years off? He could recite a Tarantino diatribe and what would be the pragmatic effect? He’s delusional.
    Guns are at least one thing people seem ready to non-compromise on. Good. Ryan could conceivably seize the Speakership. I don’t look to Ryan personally as a political messiah; but for Romney’s runningmate to suddenly become Speaker of the House, which surprisingly puts the Will of the People in the GOP camp, would be a refreshing blast of cold water on hyperliberalism right now.

  11. CamelCaseRob says:

    Actually LOTS of people watch the SOTU speech. LOTS of very uninformed voters, unfortunately. I work with some guys who know very little about politics, and they always watch the SOTU speech.

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