Obama, Gun Control, and the Russian Winter

Will this be Obama's Fate in his Gun Grab?
Two imperial dreams died in Russia, Napoleon’s and Hitler’s. Another dream, of stopping and dismantling the Roman Republic, died in Italy, not by the brilliance of generals, but by scorched earth tactics. In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, Diane Feinstein is proposing a total ban on all handguns other than revolvers, fingerprinting of owners, and a national gun owner registry, with yearly mandatory payments. Since Senate Democrats don’t go to the toilet without Obama’s permission, it is safe to say this is Obama’s handiwork. Certainly Democrats in say, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania are not afraid of the NRA, gun bans, and any backlash from White voters. Leading one to suspect they are not afraid of elections period, either planning widespread fraud or suspending them indefinitely as Democratic Governor of North Carolina Bev Perdue once proposed. Regardless, Feinstein’s bill is destined to die in the House (it will likely pass the Senate, as Harry Reid has told the NRA to go to hell). And Obama will simply enact it by fiat like everything else he’s done.

But its one thing to enact gun bans. Its another to make them stick. And still another to negotiate the difficult terrain that making ordinary White (and Asian) citizens subject to periodic ethnic cleansing mob action by Blacks (and Hispanics) and daily low-level crime cleansing creates. Obama may have just invaded Russia. And he is sure to face Fabian style scorched earth.

Obama “won” re-election with a popular vote margin of around 2.8% or so. That’s not a resounding margin of victory. Republicans held the House with minimal losses. The reality is that Obama to pull off a solid sweep of all ten swing states would have required a popular victory margin of around say, 8% or so, rather than his tally of around 3%, give or take. Obviously Obama cheated, and everyone knows it. Obama’s share of the White vote, still the largest bloc and the one that pays all taxes, fell from 2008’s 44% to about 36% in 2012. Obama is politically and socially and culturally, about where Napoleon was after years of the Peninsular Campaign, or Hannibal after the losses at Cannae, where despite wiping out about 70,000 Roman centurions, he nearly lost himself.

Obama politically resembles Hannibal, Napoleon, and Hitler, in the nature of his coalition. Their coalitions are strong, united in adoration of a strong man, and hatred of their enemy. For Hannibal, the Gauls, Iberian Celts, Numidians, along with Greeks and his own Carthaginians, all hated Rome and wanted it destroyed. But being disparate and squabbling, though united in the hatred, they lacked initiative, resourcefulness, and the ability to above all, find or transport FOOD. Those were the weakness of Napoleon and Hitler, who also desperately needed warm clothing for the brutal Russian Winter, and arms and ammunition, and in Hitler’s case, gas and diesel fuel as well.

The famous line chart showing the temperature and size of Napoleon’s armies as they advanced and retreated from Moscow at the top of this post is telling. All of Napoleon’s skill as a general, and the poor state of Russian military men and generalship, could not fight against Winter.

Russia had then (and now), bad to appalling roads, a population used to invasion and practiced in scorched earth and moving away, and brutal weather that made travel possibly only by Summer and early Fall, with Spring and Late Fall the mud season (where nothing moves) and Winter being completely snowed in, impassible for all save natives practiced on snowshoes (later skis). The distances are vast, resupply is not possible because of the distances, there are no fortified positions that can be held against attack, terrain does not favor “bite and hold” because Russia lacks the deeper valleys and mountains of Western Europe so favorable for defense. All that was known to both Napoleon and Hitler, who attacked anyway seduced by the weak, ineffective, and inept generalship of their enemies (which was in fact appallingly bad) and the degraded state of the men who were kept as serfs that formed the bulk of the Czar’s and Stalin’s Soviet Armies.

The map, however, is not the terrain. Anyone who had traveled to Russia from say, Berlin in either era would have advised against it. Tyrants however do not take serious counsel.

That was the downfall of Hannibal also. After killing about 32,000 Romans at Trebia in Northern Italy (after making a shocking and surprise crossing of the Alps and before that a stealth advancement through Gaul), and then about 15,000 at Lake Tresimene in Central Italy, Hannibal pulled a hat trick by killing about 70,000 Centurians at Cannae. Yet four years later Hannibal was recalled to North Africa where he was soundly defeated. For all his magnificent generalship, his men still had to eat. The Romans made sure they did not, by practicing scorched earth tactics, and building their own naval forces to prevent resupply, while refusing any decisive engagement against Hannibal.

This is the model for Republicans against Obama and gun bans. Obama will look weak and tyrannical, both, as Obama moves deeper into his reign as pseudo-monarch and semi-tyrant, and as he resorts to gun raids and imprisonment of gun owners, who will be of course 100% White and almost certainly middle class. There are about 100 million gun owners in the US, and Obama and Dems promise to make them all criminals. While of course allowing Black and Hispanic thugs freedom to use and possess Black Market handguns and assault rifles. No one is, Steve Sailer to the contrary, talking about a gun sweep of say, South Side Chicago, and arresting lots of Black felons holding guns in violation of current laws. Rather Obama and Rahm and Feinstein are talking of gun sweeps to arrest a middle class White guy who did not register his father’s 1911. Said 1911 now illegal to own under the new Obama Executive Order which Obama argues has the full force of law. Because “I Won.”

The model being to fight Obama at every turn, offer no decisive battle of annihilation, and cut off his money supply. Over the fiscal cliff? Sure. It will hurt Obama’s ability to “feed” his army of Sandra Fluke sluts doing paper-pushing NGO or government jobs, push more EBT money to ghetto voters and barrio (illegal alien) voters, and hand out goodies generally to crony capital. Obama’s great weakness is that while his army all HATES HATE HATES Straight White men like Hannibal’s hated Rome, they still have to eat. And none of them are good at finding food on their own.

In this analogy, wealthy Conservatives buying up media operations, and running them at a loss as a “navy to challenge Hannibal” is a good idea. It will prevent Obama from getting resupplied via media money to hire his cronies at make-work jobs (George Stephanopolous, Chris “Tingles” Matthews being excellent examples). Since the media will be chasing the same ad dollars with more competition (weak players propped up zombie like by Conservatives with money).

What Andrew Breitbart did was important, it needs to be pushed even farther. And “moderation?” That was one thing when the golden prize of the Presidency was at stake, but given the demands of Fabian warfare, politically, moderation is a loser. A war of attrition and supply is what is needed. And that demands no moderation at all. Rather a grinding semi-guerilla warfare to pick off and make examples as the Partisans in WWII did with the Nazis, or Cossacks did to the Grenadiers in Napoleon’s time.

Obama will need to divert more and more of his capital to round up and take guns. He will in doing so transform most White guys, who look favorably on the US government as composed of kick-ass Marines and Army guys such as their grandfathers (ala the late Ed Winters, of “Band of Brothers”) into guys who figure the government is their mortal enemy, comprised of angry non-Whites and go-along White guys aiming to punish them for the sin of being a non-connected Straight White guy. [Which incidentally, happens to be true. That IS what government is all about and has been about since about 1964.]

But practically speaking, Obama does not have enough people to guard the borders (and is committed to Open Borders to get lots of illegals into the US to create votes, and of course allow all sorts of narcotics in as well). Thus the US will be flooded with guns, and hard core guns too, the hardest of the hard, including disposable and silenced weapons, and AK-47s which are globally cheap. Initially most White middle and working class people will hunker down, but very quickly they’ll react as they did in Prohibition, and violate the law flagrantly and repeatedly. As they do now with laws regarding Marijuana.

The whole purpose of gun control and gun bans is to create a feudal class. Which is why women like it so much.

Free men own weapons. Slaves own nothing. Not even their lives.

A de-facto Princely class protected by men with guns (Obama, Warren Buffett, David Letterman, and other big shots) is what is wanted by the elites and lets face it, most White women and pretty much all non-Whites. Then there are the knightly class, formally and approved armed men (and women) in the police, military, TSA, and myriad government agencies like Dept. of Education, Social Security, and the like. This includes the private bodyguards of rappers, celebrities, and the like. Then there are the serfs, legally third-class citizens who are allowed nothing, not even defense of their lives. These guys are know as Straight White men without connections and money. Which describes about 90% of them.

For most White women, this makes “spot the Alpha” easier. It is the dominant, big guy, the biggest ape in the group, not the perhaps smaller, weaker guy proficient with weapons. What women really hate is the ability of a weak guy, oh like say Doc Holliday, to intimidate because he’s proficient with weapons. Technology being the equalizer that evolution still has not caught up with yet. This is why women LOVE gun control and gun bans. And why particularly White guys hate hate hate the idea.

But Obama’s view of America is basically, a supersized Chicago. He has no idea of America’s breadth, its history, its traditions, its values, and in fact hates all of it and wants it destroyed. As do frankly most Black people, viewing America as irredeemably tainted by Slavery and Segregation and the failure of Black people to dominate math and science and Silicon Valley as they do the NBA and NFL proof of America’s sinful racism which is all that keeps them from running Apple, Google, and Twitter. They know this because every scientist, teacher, doctor, and researcher they see on TV is Black.

But the reality of gun ownership is that most White men feel it a requirement to protect against the grinding violence of Black crime, day after day, and irregular eruptions of Black mob violence better classed as anti-White (and Asian) pogroms. At four in the morning, a home invasion can be stopped by a shotgun racked, or shots fired from a pistol. The police? They may or may not come, minutes or hours (often hours in rural areas) even if called. They certainly won’t be there in seconds. Not even in dense urban areas. And most often, a home invasion, street robbery, assault, break in, and carjacking is likely to be the work of several Black men. Not always. But mostly. That same shotgun or pistol will protect against brutal White or Hispanic or Asian home invaders as it does against Black ones. Guns don’t discriminate that way. They are useful in equalizing violence which is why so many people globally want them.

No multicultural society has ever had low ownership rates of guns, like say Japan. None. At best they have illicit, hidden ownership, because you can’t do anything if you’re dead, and avoiding death is priority number one for most people.

Obama is likely going to make public examples of various Middle Class White guys, a bad move (Machiavelli argues a Prince must be cruel early in his reign and generous in the later years, as people forget the cruelty after a few years, but despair if it continues or gets worse). This will only make most White Americans into avid lawbreakers with respect to taxes, and turn America into say, Italy or Greece in tax collection and general honesty. Meanwhile the ghetto will continue to be plagued by guns and various home invasions will take place, with spectacular prosecutions of White homeowners defending themselves against Black or Hispanic attackers, with “illegal” firearms while said home invaders are given immunity from prosecution for their crimes including “illegal” firearms.

All that will do is make Whites more angry, more radical, and more distrustful of the government in every respect. Whites (save the elites of course) are likely to try to avoid government wherever possible, and turn to organized crime networks of well, guys like Whitey Bulger, to “navigate” through Obamacare and other bureaucracies. I.E. payoffs for better care, and even perhaps do it yourself mafia threats to insure a good outcome. Things like that are not unknown in other countries.

ObamaCare + Gun Bans = Organized Crime Windfall.

Obama’s dream of a universal, socialist America with gun bans, constant “kill Whitey” days (just like Hawaii’s Kill Haole Day and rule by a “Royal Family” of princelings is likely to founder on lack of money.

What conservatives must do is to hasten that day, by denying Obama’s organizations and allies the money. Starve them. Scorched Earth. Obama advanced too far. He can dominate any one city or metro area, but he can’t get everyone’s guns in America. He does not have the people. Or the money. And guns will flood in like cocaine and heroin and marijuana and illegals do now, as soon as they are outlawed by Executive Order.

This will have to be the acts of spontaneous people, not a coordinated central authority. Obama is good at destroying those, with the media on his side and America’s love affair with Black people enabling him to destroy any potential leader against him. [America, by and large, loves Black people and can’t get enough of them. America loves Black people killing White guys, as the $27 million for “Django Unchained” over Christmas and the day after proves. Oprah’s billion dollars and Jay-Z’s half billion show just how much America and White people love Blacks: a whole lot. Which is Obama’s great advantage — a lot of Whites love him because he’s Black.]

But once Obama cannot “feed” his army, they will melt away as the Numidians, the Greeks, the Gauls, and the Iberians did from Hannibal. Or the Germans, Poles, Dutch, Italians, and so on did for Napoleon, retreating from Moscow. Or the Hungarians, Romanians, and Italians, did for Hitler. The one great weakness of coalition armies is their lack of discipline, particularly under stress, and always under hunger. They lack the ability to conduct fighting retreats while starving and tend to collapse fairly soon when hunger hits.

As much as Obama’s army of White women, think Sandra Fluke or Lena Dunham (which describes sadly most White women under sixty today), Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, and hard left elites, HATE HATE HATE straight White men, and wish to see them exterminated, they lack the discipline to work month after month without money. So they should not have any. And attacks of opportunity, such as the blogger who listed the names and addresses with Google street views of the newspaper that published the same kind of maps for gun owners in NY State, should be encouraged at every opportunity. The same of course goes for demanding David Gregory be sent to jail for a year for violating DC’s gun laws by waving around an AR-15 magazine in the DC studios of Meet the Press.

Obama thinks he’s just defeated the final remnants of White guydom in banning guns (which is why he’s all for it — Obama really DETESTS White guys like most Blacks, though he’s fine with White women). Most likely he’s invaded Russia, with winter fast approaching. Let’s hope he has as much fun as Napoleon and Hitler, and encounters the same scorched earth that Hannibal found.

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57 Responses to Obama, Gun Control, and the Russian Winter

  1. oogenhand says:

    What about becoming the alphas ourselves? The 10.000 warlord solution of Martin Lindstedt, combined with patrilinearity? The very weakness of DSCI is again the patrilinearity asymmetry. The Black/Hispanic equivalent of DSCI does allow breeding with “Edomite” women.

    • Rollo says:

      A land of feuding, warlord alphas would be a hellish place to live.

      A better idea would be that white betas (re-)learn how to cooperate, hang the alphas (whether black, white or otherwise) and confine women to the jobs they’re most suited for, i.e. child-rearing and housework.

      The strength of Western civilization is (or was) betas being able to keep the alphas in check by stopping them hogging all the resources and women. Once women’s hypergamy is allowed to run unhindered, the collapse of society will soon follow.

  2. anonymous says:

    How do you figure Obama will run out of money before White america does?
    Seems tenuous at best.

    • Rollo says:

      Yeah, they can always print more.

      Even if hyperinflation makes the currency worthless, they still hold almost all the gold. They’re pretty much holding all the cards at this point.

    • Obama will run out of money because the living standard demands of his coalition are quite high. For the Black Ghetto and Hispanic Barrio, it is a near-middle class living standard with running water, power on all the time, flatscreens, lots of Itoys, and the like. For the NGO class, it is earnings somewhere between $100K-180K. For his big time crony capitalists, it is somewhere around an extra $4 billion a year, year after year.

      Inflation eats away at the earning power. That $4 billion a year for Carlos Slim becomes only say, $2 billion, and the living standard of the NGO class gets halved, the Ghetto/Barrio dwellers run out of food to eat. There is not enough Gold or silver to pay for things.

      • Hell_Is_Like_Newark says:

        I suspect the moment things really go to hell will be when some foreign entity refuses dollars as payment, for some resource (most likely oil). This actually happened during WWII when gold was demanded from the Arabs instead of dollars, as the Fed was printing like crazy at the time* .

        With the loss of the dollar there will be a near collapse in trade. With the credit markets
        destroyed and private enterprise stifled (crushing taxes & Obamacare), there will be little new domestic production to replace items we largely import now (farmed seafood, clothes, electronics, etc). The basics we all depend on will become very expensive. The EBT cards will still get refilled, but the money won’t buy much. We will be in a similar situation that Chile was during the end of Allende’s disastrous regime. Will there be an American version of Pinochet at the end of Obama’s rule?

        * Contrary to popular belief, the war bond drive really didn’t fund the war. The banks bought the treasuries which were then purchased by the Federal Reserve. All those excess dollars helped create periods of serious inflation during the 1950’s.

  3. Rollo says:

    Whiskey, you need to look into xenoestrogens and the other chemicals American men consume daily. The Government has succeeded in creating a plump. overfed, overmedicated. and docile population that will never challenge its right to rule.

    In this age of sissified lard-buckets, we will see no more revolutions. Oh sure, they’ll blog their outrage at the state of things, and the Government will patronizingly allow the people to vent their impotent rage.

    You might as well come to terms with our bleak future.

    • Will Powers says:

      Wow apparently you know the future perfectly…can I pay you as a consultant for sports gambling? All kidding aside, any big change has always come from a small group of dedicated who were able t change the trajectory of the culture. The federal government is not as almighty and powerful as some people think it is. Just look at the total clusterfuck FEMA’s response to Hurricane Sandy was…now imagine if that was a Cat 5 storm in a much more black area like Hampton Roads, Virginia? All these federal departments are just jobs programs for black women, by nature they won’t be able to accomplish much. As a strong, fit, young white man I would definitely take a group of driven, heavier older white men over a hodgepodge of black women, white women, gay men and atheist liberal Jewish men in a drawn out conflict. The better answer though is to change the culture. People who made over $50,000 voted for Romney. Republican people need to buy media outlets and promote fitness, wholesome entertainment, self-startership, and bring pro God, pro America, pro Western civilization, and pro constitution messages into as many public spheres as possible.

      • Rollo says:

        That little group of dedicated rebels (which, by the way, will never actually emerge) would be wiped out by a drone piloted by a nerd in Langley. Some bespectacled keyboard-warrior can now kill hundreds if not thousands while having his morning coffee. This shoot-out with Federal forces people keep dreaming about will never happen. Like a Yemeni militant, you’ll likely die without seeing a single Government soldier.

        “atheist liberal Jewish men”

        Ask the Arabs what it’s like to fight the Jews.

      • Will Powers says:

        Rolo, even if they are able to off white men who are keeping guns, staying in good shape, being healthy and strong by leveling communities with drone strikes, could you imagine the economic calamity that would cause? Seriously, turning prosperous middle American communities into the Gaza Strip? You would be wiping out the economic engine of America just to promote the interests of NAMs and liberal white women…in reality there would be a huge backlash against that. Even the 30% of white men who voted for Obama wouldn’t approve of regular airstrikes against white men, and without that vote a democrat would not win. The key is being logical…you are being unrealistically dour…which would be the opposite equivalent of me believing that the world will be 100% able bodied straight white people in 5 years. Either way, we all need to, like Andrew Breitbart did and study how culture changes and use that to our advantage. With web based TV, there is nothing stopping whiskey from starting a channel. Or even in more covert ways, rich republicans can buy women’s magazines, tabloids, and music networks and video game outlets and insert their conservative message where the liberal message is subtly inserted now. Everything that has ever happened started as a thought. The way you think is like many have throughout history, which is thinking that we are at the end of history and even though there has been turbulence up to this point, now everything will remain static. I think it takes too much faith to believe that way, much more than I have!

      • anonymous says:

        “Even the 30% of white men who voted for Obama wouldn’t approve of regular airstrikes against white men,”

        Against the “wrong” white men? Bet your ass they would approve.

    • Jews went passively into the gas chambers. Their survivors fought like demons not ten years later, destroying mighty Arab armies. Neither Hitler nor Napoleon reckoned the Russian fighting man to be much, given the poor record each had in prior conflicts, lacking discipline, supplies, anything approaching intelligent generalship, or fortitude among the common soldiers. Yet things went badly for both.

      America is too big for drone warfare, there won’t be any identifiable leaders, corruption and widespread alienation from the government by ordinary White guys suddenly made poor (Machiavelli advises this is the worst thing in the world for a Prince to do) and preyed upon by non-Whites with the approval of the government? That is a recipe for revolution. After all, if guys like Mubarak, Assad, and Khadaffi can fall, why not Obama? And his supporters?

      Consistently throughout American history (see my prior posts) the Government has allowed non White groups to attack White guys, formenting rebellions which culminate after several failures, in success. The elites are not that smart, face a nation too big, and run out of time, money, and allies. Just massive tax evasion and corruption will bring Obama down, since he has to have money and opportunities to produce crony gains for his big money boys.

      • Rick Derris says:

        The National Guard units that would be required to uphold “civil obedience” in these scenarios are populated by white guys who didn’t vote for Obama. Likewise reservists. I don’t think they’d obey Barry’s orders. Granted, MacArthur listened to Hoover’s order to clear out the Bonus Army, but I think the example of a one-time protest versus a general insurrection is a bit different.
        Drones also don’t necessarily benefit centralized power structures. Think of the whole “open source warfare” concept.
        I still hope that if the USA were on the verge of tyranny that all the good guys would take one shot and then be able to go home, then have a new Constitutional Convention. And keep a republic this time.

  4. blert says:

    Barry depends upon tax revenue and the value of the currency.

    He’s determined to undermine both.

    In all of the memories of the Weimar Republic — there is one forgetting: government tax receipts collapsed.

    The end game required it to cut off entirely vast, vast numbers of dependents.

    THE reason that hyperinflating the currency runs entirely to the moon is its erosion of tax receipts. Indeed, it was the lack of tax receipts that got hyperinflation/money printing started in the first place.

    Unlike Weimar Germany, today’s America issues the back-stopping currency for the World.

    Flat-lining it will set the stage for more war and turmoil than the entire 20th Century.

    As Greece and Spain can tell you: you go slowly broke — then all at once.

    We’re still early in “The Big Slump.”

  5. ralph says:

    as long as the federal reserve continues to manipulate interest rates by purchasing government debt, the game can continue for quite some time. without addressing the fed, change may be a long time coming.

    • blert says:

      You need a history refresher:

      Our mechanism of issuing public debt and our ‘independent’ Federal Reserve Bank are in every essence IDENTICAL to the mechanism used by Weimar Germany.

      They are/ were clones of each other.

      You don’t figure they invented the same system twice, do you?

      We ARE headed exactly down the same path as Weimar Germany. So you should spend some time googling around on its de-evolution.

      Bernanke & Co are well aware of the progression. Their problem is that they’ve boxed themselves in. They can’t permit the interest rate curve to rise, from this point forward.

      Hence, they — and us — are trapped in hyperinflation; which really means money-printing.

      Price movements due to money-printing are NOT inflation. (classic)

      Even when the rate seems harmless, it’s STILL hyperinflation. It’s being driven by an entirely different phenomena.

  6. Matt Strictland says:

    I doubt it will go this route. The House will probably stop the worst of it and it will die there or something less likely to cause an uproar may get through.

    An executive override on an issue like this is very dangerous and highly unlikely as Obama’s control over the military is nowhere near what he thinks it is. A great many soldiers, Black, White, and Brown hate his guts and more than a few are right now thinking about just putting an end to the farcical excuse we have for a state and ruling directly till they feel like calling new elections.

    My rumor .mill (pun intended) tells me of widespread disobedience in the ranks kept in check with officers altering orders at the last minute to prevent the appearance of mutiny. How true this I dunno but even the PC types in the military are not Obaminations for the most part.

    Also in the event of an executive order or even a bill , there is a non zero chance of violent action. Taking the 3% at their word (3% of gun owners) thats 3 million possible guerrillas all in cells, all armed many with military experience or in the service willing to take action.That could easily spiral out of control and numbers vastly increase as well. They might be able to put that down, ,might but the costs would be on a Stalinist level and if that happens you can count in an economic collapse, a civil war, ethnic cleansing or junta or any mix of both. Basically we go Kosovo . x 100. Upwards of 50% casualties are possible, mostly NAMS and Liberals and the Old and the fighters with no chance of economic recovery ever since a great deal of our infrastructure will be toast. we may not exists as a Republic after either.

    Worse it despite the best efforts of well anybody will very quickly get to an atrocity spiral. This won’t be a people vs. state war but something much nastier and confusing with a ton of ugly factions, some racial, some religious, some political.

    On the upside, less NAMS, less Liberals and no feminism. Downside better than average chance of a horrible death.

    The risk, understood to even fools in DC Is why I think an executive order is unlikely, a bill possible but unlikely and something less odious is possible.

  7. oogenhand says:

    Given Obama’s position on abortion, he is not a pro-Black as it seems. Or Conservatives are lying about the number of Black abortions.

  8. PA says:

    Every Democrat rising star that was once anti-abortion becomes pro-abortion when he hits big time. It’s the Party’s one non-negotiable. Black activist Jesse Jackson used to say that abortion is a black holocaust… until he became a national-level player. Al Gore also switched to pro-choice early in his career.

  9. jack says:

    Oh please, Obama will do absolutely nothing about guns, because he does not want to lose the Senate in 14. Also, I see little evidence that Obama buys in to the feminist agenda outside of their status as easy votes.

    • The reason I think Obama will do this is hubris, arrogance, and his past history of only one failure: against Bobby Rush and failing because he was not “Black enough.” Obama has not as Clinton did, or Bush 1 and 2 did, experienced failure. He has no natural caution, and the usual experience of Black men, coddled and protected from birth from the reality of the limits of their athletic, intellectual, persuasive, and social ability, applies here. Black men and women generally have (in contrast to earlier generations that did not coddle them but rather brutalized them) a toxic level of self-esteem, coupled with manifest incompetence and no nagging fear of failure.

      Obama is the perfect President to kick off by arrogant over-reaching a massive conflict fought not with guns but with massive criminality as most Whites seek to evade and avoid a hostile state run by hostile non-Whites and a few White elites.

      Obama thinks he “won” a great victory, with a margin of somewhere around 3-4%, with massive cheating, and lurking disasters both foreign and domestic on the scene: Benghazi, Libya, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Iran, North Korea, nukes for both, etc. He’s depending on all those who know his ugly secrets not to fall out with him, or figure he’s not going to reward them, or get angry, and not do a Bradley Manning Wikileaks dump of all his dirty secrets (and every President has them, Obama far more than most).

      Obama believes his own BS, as he said, and thinks he’s Jesus 2.0 to “save” America from guns, White guys, etc. No one ever tells him he’s full of BS, he gets wounded like Nixon at the least criticism, and he has a narrow group of Chicago cronies who are themselves cut off from ordinary people. Yes I think he will do this, he has no idea of the danger. But that is the result of a Black President — a guy hostile to and uninterested in learning about ordinary White Americans who are still the majority of the nation and the vast majority of tax receipts.

      • bones says:

        Nah, Obama is too politically savvy. He won’t massively overplay his hand. He will incrementally push his agenda, and before you know it, he will have accomplished most of it. Everyone on the right predicted he would be a one-term president, and they were wrong. You will be wrong as well.

      • If recent report is true, that Obama is now suddenly urging Reid & McConnell to hammer out a deal, expressing his incredulity that a deal hasn’t happened, well . . . Talk about hubris! What the devil was he working on his golf swing for?

        Obama is a crazy contradiction: he worships power and his own ego, yet he is amazingly diffident in the actual exercise of power. Perhaps some of the 19th Century placeholder Presidents were like this (though some, I imagine, are today underrated). His petulance is in some ways almost Nero-like.

        I’m impressed by the deployment of Livy (or Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy?) in this entry. I do think this push will finally go badly for Obama. His inflated sense of his political capital, stemming from his odd-looking reelection, may not be enough to even get this thing out of the Senate. I do wonder when/if Warner or somebody’s finally going to balk at this crap, looking to 2016 and some kind of viability in the future.

        The fiscal cliff may be a blessing too: I’m not confident enough to cruch the numbers and pretend a prognostication, but the supposed guarantee of “another recession” doesn’t frighten me. “Another”!? We’re stuck with one for a long time, regardless. Yes, we might as well get a little scorched earth out of this. Milk ain’t free. But guns are freedom.

  10. freebird says:

    Most of those panic buyers are not going to be of a mind to lose their investment nor go w/o the protection they just bought.

    I really enjoyed this article greatly and hope to see more comments.

    MEthinks they underestimate our will.

    If they hadn’t been raping men for decades via the VAWA laws they might have stood a better chance,but the common man know knows there is no justice in the land,and will preserve his last right-well,to the last.

  11. Bob Smith says:

    “A great many soldiers, Black, White, and Brown hate his guts”

    I think you’re mistaken. Black soldiers are still black, and racial solidarity is everything for blacks. It doesn’t matter how badly black leaders screw them over, they are blacks first, everything else second. Obama screws them over by importing Mexicans who are taking jobs away from them, and they still vote nearly 100% for him.

  12. anonymous says:

    The stuff they are talking about now is just noise, it is intended to rally white liberals. They will wait for (or create) a new crisis and then they will take the guns, and nobody will be able to stop them. As a commenter above said, they will use drones, and resistors will be vaporized without even seeing their enemy. See: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/insider-report-dhs-was-created-to-to-fight-americans-not-protect-them_12282012

    Related: Bill Ayers advocated massacring elementary students back in ’68 as a way to shock Americans into accepting a socialist takeover. The SDS kicked him out for suggesting it, and then he went on to become a close friend and confidant of Obama and President Jarrett.

  13. Anonymous says:

    This article is a little far fetched, but good food for thought.

    My guess is that the gun control legislation will die in the House, and Obama will drop it as a political issue in order to not be harmed by it. After all, he has plenty of other things on his agenda that he would like to accomplish, and he doesn’t want to get into a protracted battle over guns. As for the fiscal cliff, the House Repubs are already making signals that they are willing to compromise. I expect they will eventually cave.

    The problem is the left has won the culture war & and the demographic war, and is now in the process of winning the political war as well.

    To quote the Derb, we are doomed.

  14. Johnycomelately says:

    Confiscating guns against a determined population is impossible, recently 30,000 UN forces in Bosnia spent years (led by British special forces and Ghurkas) with metal detectors and sniffer dogs trying to confiscate arms from a population not much larger than 1.5 million. That’s a ratio of 50 to 1.

    It failed abysmally, the locals simply buried arms caches including heavy machine guns, mortars, RPGs and ammunition.

    • Will Powers says:

      Thank you for bringing up real life examples. Some of the quotes about how the government will win via drone strikes, and this will somehow not have a negative economic, cultural, social, and political impact is just bat-shit crazy. It almost…almost…makes me think they acting on behalf of the government to discourage any attempt to resist coming attempts to strip gun rights. They remind me of the drunk driving commercials “You WILL get caught…” when we all know 99.9% of drunk driving incidences go unreported and unprosecuted. If the government is so powerful, they wouldn’t they just mandate breathalyzers in each car, and when someone was detected over the limit the car wouldn’t start? Or better yet, just shoot a drone strike from the unseen enemy, because we all know the government can stop anything and nobody would EVER put up a fight…lol! Yet, these doomsday people never explain why the government hasn’t done this already if they have already “won” the fight to strip all rights from white men.

    • blert says:

      Lest we forget, the employees that build the oft discussed drones and missiles are on Barry’s hit list — they’re just too White.

    • josh says:

      A vastly smaller IRA was able to secrete a whole lot of weapons away from the prying eyes of the Brits in their own backyard.(Not that the British have any right to any part of Ireland,but practically speaking,it is their territory. )We need to import the IRA here to start giving lessons. perhaps the Learning Exchange could offer some courses?

  15. cuckooclockie says:

    It is comical that modern technological civilization will end because of the sexual vitality of the black and brown races. It’s pathetic, but if you think about it, it’s funny. Sorry civilization–your future is a brown cock.

    Don’t imagine a boot stomping on a human face as in 1984, imagine a brown cock laying waste to cities, technology, etc.

    Burn down this gay civilization lol

    • Prof. Woland says:

      The problem with brown cocks are the things they are attached to. They could not lead their way out of a wet paper bag let alone lead a revolution anywhere.

  16. zenocosini says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is really interesting.

  17. Jim56 says:

    The government couldn’t stop a bunch of hicks from brewing moonshine during prohibition. Our military can’t stop a bunch of illiterate villagers with world war 2 rifles in Afghanistan yet their magic drones will be able to crush millions of heavily armed, far more technologically competent Americans. You guys are funny.

    • Lawful Neutral says:

      If you think the government would fight American rebel terrorists the same way it brings democracy and tolerance to our little brown brothers, you’re out of your mind. In any civil war scenario, the feds would be fighting to win, and win they would.

      • oogenhand says:

        Eh, they did give Anders Behring Breivik and Tommy Robinson protected custody. But I get your point. That is why the prime target should be the vulnerabilities of their ideology. Asymmetric warfare.
        For instance, every totalitarian state depends on torturers. A torturer that likes his job would want to spend the Afterlife torturing. Well then, my religion promises exactly that. An eternity of tormenting the enemies of God.
        (Yes, I do expect that people get very uneasy about my religion…)

      • Slantonman says:

        What exactly does this mean?
        “That is why the prime target should be the vulnerabilities of their ideology.”????

      • Lawful Neutral says:

        Touche, Oog; the princes of the earth have gone pretty easy on Breivik. They’re confident they’re in control of everything. If the situation should start slipping out of their grasp, though, they’ll come down on us like an angry Old Testament God.

      • Matt Strictland says:

        A lot of the people the Elite depend on to enforced their edicts (including the drone pilots) don’t like them very much . The numbers of potential enforcers they can trust are also smaller than you think. Yes the military reserves and active is about 3 million most of which is logistics. They could not stop a wide scale uprising of just food stamps recipients and would force on force be outnumbered by just 3% patriots (if they acted in any kind of unison ) since the patriots would be irregulars , avoiding direct confrontation and have a shorter supply chain

        and yes they could hire Chinese Mercs at the risk of a nuclear launch from some sub commander

        I suppose you could mass draft Blacks and Latinos to kill Whites but the risk factor is too high. You could end up with a real life Turner Diaries scenario and even if you win, you will get brain drained away. The bad guys don’t like Whites other than other elites much but they can’t maintain the civilization without them.

        Most importantly, US infrastructure is crumbling, roads, bridges, electricity, all that are a mess. Power is just coming on after a minor hurricane (Sandy) and its been what 3 months? Compared to what we used to have, thats nearer to 3rd world speed. In a revolt, nothing is safe or secure and things like fire service and repairs get put off or don’t happen .

        I can easily imagine power outages, water outages, shortages of everything even without malicious acts. That becomes a cascade failure of systems and the world, much less the US is short supplies. Ironically its probably the NAMS who would end up thrashing the infrastructure and as such the bad guys won’t have much of anything to control

        I doubt they’ll be much of an uprising anyway but if it does it won’t be ACW1 it will be ugly

  18. Ujh8u9j says:

    War on Alcohol? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    War on Smoking? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    War on Drugs? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    War on Terror (aka Bring Democracy, Capitalism and Feminism to the Middle East)? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    War on Poverty? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    War on Rape? Anglo Liberal/Progressive.

    Liberal/Progressives are sure War-Mongers. War-Mongering on the hobbies/environment of Lower class men…

    • ray says:

      yes, all the absolutely ethical, perfectly moral Wars of the past century have been fought by a coalition of male “elites” and women . . . against lower-class, and soon-to-be-lower- class boys and men

      this was the foundation of the Homeland Security state

      guys generally have been OK with this, as destruction of the Other Guy means one less competitor

      until their own turn comes

      america has pretty much chewed through the meat of western masculinity, and now is gnawing at the bones

      she will demand More soon, though — she always does

  19. Pete says:

    I don’t see the feds going door to door collecting all guns. Would cost too much money, doesn’t look good on TV and they might lose a few cops. More likely scenario is, they just make all guns illegal with the stroke of a pen.

    Then, they just let you keep them. What does the gov care if you have 10 rifles and 23 handguns, as long as they are locked in a hidden gun safe in the attic at all times, or buried in a hole in your backyard, rusting away?

    The “gotcha moment” comes when you get home invaded and you defend yourself with a gun. Then the fangs appear and they get to throw the book at you.

    Such a law will not affect the black/hispanic population; when they shoot someone as part of a robbery or drug deal gone bad, they are ALREADY committing several crimes. Adding one more crime of firearm possession won’t matter to them. Like most Leftist control laws, this will only impact the (formerly law-abiding) white folks.

  20. beta_plus says:

    I wish I could remember where I saw this (here? Sailer?), but I remember reading that the best way for Republicans to go after the left wing press is to stop supporting the RIAA and MPA and digital rights, since those organizations and laws only help their opponents anyway.

  21. I think resistance to gun control will come from some unexpected quarters. Blacks and Latinos with steady paychecks know they are the biggest targets in their neighborhoods. And when I say ‘targets,’ I mean they have a dozen eyes on them EVERY SINGLE DAY, noting how they get up and go to work, how they have a car that doesn’t break down, what kind of consumer goods they carry into the house from shopping trips, how many shopping trips, and on and on. These folks are armed and high-profile voters in their respective groups and they will speak up.

    My prediction: maybe they get a ban on high-capacity magazines. I doubt they’ll even be able to ban the so-called “assault” platforms. RKBA is one of the Right’s few successes.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      This is a valid point. A great many Blacks and Hispanics are as gun crazy as Whites and habitually ignore gun laws. Thats another thorn in the bad guys side since most gun control is really about race control.

  22. whorefinder says:

    But what about the children? Won’t someone please think about the children?


    Whiskey, spot on comparison. The only thing is that it makes me sad, because it shows that we anti-lefties have had cruddy, cruddy generals and solider discipline since ’64. Then again, when Buckley solidified the anti-left movement under his approved jurisdiction, that probably made it a hell of a lot easier for the left to tear the foundations apart. Buckley gave completely up on and turned on Jim Crow and excluded the Birchers, two movements that would not have yielded if kept in the national conversation.. Blacks would not have been granted affirmative action power without destroying JIm Crow, nor would they have rioted and burned cities down if still chained up in their ghettos. And the Birchers’ paranoia would have ferreted out the commie spies that caused the 60’s and beyond, and would have combated Hollywood’s devastating impact culturally and propagandistically.

    And let us not forget how we’ve treated the Klan (anti-left terror) with the Black Panthers and Weather Underground (leftist terror). Any avowed former Klan member today has to turn on his Klan roots to be “accepted” by the media/people. Any avowed Black Panther/Weather Undergrounder must merely make a half-assed “apology” for “extreme” measures, but can hold the core of his arguments to be true, and, still, blame others for making him extreme, and gain a cushy university position.

    The Klan and Weather Underground and Black Panthers are the violent footsoldiers whose presence gives a movement legitimacy—“do what we say, or physically pay.”

    Anti-leftists should, dare I say it, try to support the Klan and other anti-leftist groups in the same way lefty magazines ad universities have “legitimized” former Black Panthers/Weather undergrounders—vague statements of “reconciliation”, stories of their human struggle, emphasis on how they’ve “paid” for their crimes.

  23. Rum says:

    Students of asymmetric power struggles can tell you right off what is the key factor that determines who wins over time:
    ? Can the local cops continue to live in safety in their natural home communities after a hard day of government law-enforcement work ? If you look a Afgagistan today the answer is like FukNo!!!.For Iraq, it really does depends on whom we are dealing with
    ; in Bahgdad or Kirkuk? With Sunni thugs or Kurdish Doctors? Seriously!
    This effing computer is breaking down now on me all at once so I must get to the point. Asymmetric struggles are won when law enforcement personnel decide (on the basis of their own healthy instincts regarding their chances of surviving to live among the types of people they would be tasked to be a cop -over …) but also could be so wrong minded as to be little more more than a suicide mission.
    A lot of Americans have very, very long memories. Much older memmories in fact than the duration of the republic.
    Gun raiding cops = cops who quit law enforcement,and have joined the severe order of the harsh Cistercians … who routinely castrate all their new iniatiates and demand of the general populace that they do everything neccessary to finalize justice.

  24. Rum says:

    Hello Whiskey, My Name is Rum
    My mother was an unusual women because she always.told the truth, She never weighed more than 95 lbs. She never knew of REHAB .of any kind whatsoever., I endured a pyscho-crazy uber bitch ,hair-triggered violent response from her in reaction to almost everything I said or did from when I was born until I turned 33. She was scary smart. There it is.
    On the other hand: she obviously worshipped my father.
    I am a lot like my father. Who is dead. As she is dead. As I am not.
    Finding myself cut free from money-delusion madness.
    Thing is, I am in the market for high grade properties

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