Called It: Obama to Seize Guns

From the Washington Post, via Drudge, comes word that Obama plans to seize guns. Included will be: tracking all gun ownership and sales, restrictions on ammunition purchasing, and mental health exams for all gun owners and/or purchasers.

In addition, Obama plans to introduce Cap and Tax (aka the Global Warming initiatives), Open Borders aka Amnesty aka “immigration reform” and the debt ceiling. He’s invading Russia while conducting a Peninsular Campaign. He’ll do much damage, to the nation (and quite possibly end it) but he doesn’t see it. He feels like Jamie Foxx at the end of “Django Unchained” where he’s “killed all the White people, how Black is that?” and figures “I won.”

Obama figures there is no need to be moderate, he is operating as if the President were a supersized Mayor Washington of Chicago.

Obama hopes to peel off hunters and Wal-Mart to play ball. Undoubtedly he has punishments for those who don’t play ball, but his string of broken promises and his habit of double-crossing those who have gone along with him work against him. How have things worked out for Boehner? For McCain? For “moderate Republicans?” Have they found electoral success, no real challenges in primaries? Will Wal-Mart decide to go with the guy that most of their customer base really HATES? After all, same-store sales in Wal-Mart USA are flat, expansion abroad has been iffy and fraught with peril (Wal-Mart Mexico is embroiled in a pay-to-expand bribery scandal). Obama can make things very difficult for them. On the other hand, their customers can desert them. And the fashionable set don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

Hunters too, are going to be wary of making any deals with a guy known for tossing those he makes deals with, under the bus at the first opportunity. Obama promised during the campaign he would not “go after your guns” and now he’s … going after your guns.

My guess is that Obama will effectively outlaw gun ownership, sales, ammunition, and so on, creating the robust black market in guns that exists in Mexico, and making most White middle class Americans into criminals who HATE HATE HATE their government and find it nothing but an oppressor.

Obama’s gun ban effort will go as well as Napoleon and Hitler’s invasion of Russia. A massive success at first, against weak enemies, and then a fighting retreat to prevent a total rout and the end as a continental power.

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  1. Wilbur J Huffnagel says:

    We live in perilous times – didn’t Clinton learn that going up against the NRA is fraught with peril?

  2. miforest says:

    the future thoughtful people have feared for a couple of decades is finnaly arriving.

  3. R Daneel says:

    The Baronettes in DC ignore history at their own peril.

    Remember Lexington & Concord.

  4. Rum says:

    The media ocean we all swim in can create currents that can flow in many different directions. School shooting produce one kind of vibe; while youtube videos of flashmobs create quite another. Indeed, flashmobs causing harm are about 100,000 times more common than school shootings and are a lot more likely to leave a good audio-visual trail..
    Law Enforcement guys should worry about a scenario developing where 1. They have helped enforce some level of civilian disarmament 2. Newly disarmed civilians experience violent victimization that they at least feel could have been dealt with/prevented by their being armed. The story gets viral.Even a little bit. This does not merely add up, it multiplies.
    The authorities will not escape owning this. And perhaps “owning” it might be personally very unpleasant.
    Slightly off topic (very slightly) ; good estimates are that the gun bans enacted in OZ back in 1996 got compliance rates in the 20% range. Illegal guns in Germany out number legal ones 20 to 1.even today. In the old Yugoslavia, guns were completely illegal for almost 50 years under communist rule. yet when things fell apart in the 1990s it became instantly obvious that nearly everyone had maintained arms and ammo left over from the centuries of internecine strife – which reached an apogeein the 1940s – common to that region.

  5. Anonymous says:

    At the very least, if societal collapse and other widespread needs for armed self-defense are going to occur, I hope they do before ignorant liberals can take away guns. Left/liberals just make everything worse, like they have the Reverse Midas Touch.

  6. ex army says:


    I think your OZ compliance rates are a bit low, as OZ had individual gun registration for quite a few years, which meant the government knew who owned what and how many ” now ” illegal guns, in my case a great little 10/22.

    It was a very unhappy time for us as we were being demonized in the MSM on a daily basis at the time.

    Registration is the key to any action by the Gvt, if they know what you own, they will come for it.

    Best of luck for the future as it would appear that plans are being made against gun owners and demonization of individuals and groups who will not accept the new party line/new laws will be part of that process.

  7. oogenhand says:

    Religious pressure is more powerful than physical weapons;

    If you want some of that illegal Mexican arms trade, better to befriend them, or at least keep them neutral;

  8. whorefinder says:

    Although logically I have seen this coming for a long time, and agree with your assessment—-emotionally, this frightens me.

    I knew the days would come. But you are never prepared for them.

    Recently, I drove through the actual Massachusetts towns of Lexington & Concord: today they are rich, elitist, white, gun-free zones. Their geographic ancestors would weep at what they have become.

    Dark times ahead, boys. Dark times ahead.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Frodo: “I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.”

      Gandalf: “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring, in which case you also were meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought.”

  9. Jeremy says:

    You really believe all this about a decidedly unradical corporate Democrat? Fascinating.

    • blert says:

      You left off your sarcasm tag.

    • whorefinder says:

      LMAO. One of the palace guards, trying to hide his massa as a moderate.

      -He shredded the constitution with Obamacare, both with his passing it (dead of night, never revealed to public, via a means only used for minor budgetary disputes) and with Benedict Arnold Roberts upholding it (bribe or threat—the Chicago way).

      —Let Black Panthers go without prison time, after conviction for voter intimidation.
      —Encouraged racial incidents from Cambridge police to Trayvon Martin, all with the sole purpose of blaming whitey.

      —Arrested man for making a film. In America.

      —Let Libyan ambassador die whilst doing nothing.

      –Hangs out with terrorists.

      —Ran guns to Mexico deliberately to get people killed to support his arguement for gun control.

      Please try your lying bullshit somewhere else, fascist.

      • Jeremy says:

        LOL. Greatest Hits of Caucasion Superpatriot Paranoia, now available to a general audience thanks to Teh Intarnutz.

      • PA says:

        Which of these “greatest hits” is untrue?

      • Jeremy says:

        Oh, debating conspiracy is a losing game. I’m sure you and your fellow traveller, “whorefinder,” can argue the finer points of your calmly freaked-out rhetoric till the cows come home to roost.

        But the idea that the president hates America and hates white people is just stupid. Really, really stupid.

        But I see the allure… mmmyyy prrrrecioussssss.

        Anyway, I fake-bet you a trillion Fat White Southern food stamps that you will still have exactly all your current guns when Hillary is elected president in 2016, in no small part because of all You People; and when Cory Booker succeeds her, to boot.

        By all means. Continue.

      • Jeremy Noble says:

        To my dear friend “whorefinder,” one point of fact. You wrote that “Obamacare [was passed] via a means only used for minor budgetary disputes,” but look here.

        “In 1997, Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 which was a reconciliation bill that reduced taxes and hence increased the deficit, but was paired with the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (H.R. 2014 and H.R. 2015 respectively), each signed by President Clinton. In 1999, the Congress for the first time used reconciliation to pass legislation that would increase deficits without a companion bill that reduced spending (thereby ignoring the bill from 1975): the Taxpayer Refund and Relief Act 1999. This act was passed when the Government was expected to run large surpluses. It was subsequently vetoed by President Bill Clinton. A similar situation happened in 2000, when the Senate again used reconciliation to pass the Marriage Tax Relief Reconciliation Act 2000, which was also vetoed by Clinton. At the time, the use of the reconciliation procedure to pass such bills was controversial.[6]
        During the administration of President George W. Bush, Congress used reconciliation to enact three major tax cuts.[7] These tax cuts were set to lapse after 10 years to satisfy the Byrd Rule.”

        Curious. Do conservatives think of these as “minor” bills?

      • Conquistador says:

        “When Hillary is elected president in 2016… and when Cory Booker succeeds her, to boot.” – Jeremy

        What a wonderful outcome one party rule has led to in California, Illinois, and New York. States with enormous advantages that are perpetually broke that people are fleeing from in droves.

      • Jeremy Noble says:

        I’m not advocating for one-party rule. I’m a pretty conservative lefty liberal; I study up on my Burke and my Hayek. We need an effective Republican Party, or something to replace it.

        Unfortunately, ahem, You People have taken it over. By which I mean, hey, nobody’s perfect, but y’all are clearly assholes.

      • Jeremy Noble says:

        (Cue steely-eyed reply about Merely Seeing The Truth in 3,2,1… )

      • Jeremy Noble says:

        Obviously, you’ll disagree with all of these conclusions, because otherwise you’d never like a blog like this.

      • whorefinder says:

        Note also how Jeremy the Fag also tries to pretend he’s a “conservative” lefty (which means he only advocates jailing someone for “hate” speech after one warning).

        And also how he, again, tries to pretend the social degeneracy in this country and “giant sucking sound” is from “Fat White Southerners”—again, the leftist hatred of whitey on display, despite all evidence that is “Obama’s son” causing 40% of all the problems criminally, and 80% socially.

        And, of course, his cry for a “different” Repulbican party—basically, one that doesn’t even minimally oppose the left-wing agenda, but only serves as a complete foil for the Great Leftist Democrats!

        And note that he still has not responded in anyway to point I made about Obama, save a faggy, weak-handed attempt equate tax bickering with wholesale takeover of an industry. He simply refuses to research facts at all, and denies their existence.

        This is leftism folks: dirty, lying, and stupid.

        And, of course, now we learn that Obama will do this by executive fiat–excuse me, executive order.

        Fascism comes so quickly, and Jeremy the Fag is another squealer for the party. Seig Heil, Mein Obama!

        P.S. The next time someone calls for “civility”, remember that only works with civilized people. Leftists are not that, and the anti-left has wrongly treated them as such for too long, to our great loss. Civility is bullshit; time to punch back twice as hard.

    • Reny Brunoise says:

      Three months ago you swore up and down that Obama had no interest in gun control, never would, and (in spite of his strong record in favor of it), never had.

      The past never stops changing for you guys, does it?

      By the way, Obama absolutely rejected 100% of the reconmendations of his bipartisan, centrist, uncontroversial deficit commission. Moderate, yeah, right.

    • whorefinder says:

      Note the leftist’s true face appearing:

      1. Attacks white people for being white. Leftist hatred of whitey—especially whitey who doesn’t degrade himself in front of niggers—is coming out much more strongly in the Obama age. Jeremy positively masturbates to” the destruction of the white race.”

      2. Cannot even contradict the one point given to him. Minor tax relief is a minor budgetary issue, not a take over of doctors by Obama, against the will of the people.

      3. He cannot contradict ANY point at all, and does not even attempt the others, knowing his womanish lies will be laughed down. He merely pretends “he won” the debate—because, being faggy in mind, logic doesn’t win arguments, only “coolness.”

      Future generations will marvel at such hatred, illogic, and womanish behavior by society. Unfortunately, we get to be witnesses to a very bad history.

  10. anonymous says:

    My guess is that Obama will effectively outlaw gun ownership, sales, ammunition, and so on,


    creating the robust black market in guns that exists in Mexico, and making most White middle class Americans into criminals
    Probably not. Most people will give up their guns without issue. Black and mexican gangs run most of the “black markets” for drugs. I don’t see them selling to middle class whites.

    who HATE HATE HATE their government and find it nothing but an oppressor.
    No fucking way. They will be marched into the gas chambers saying to themselves “if only Romney had won this would all be different”

    • blert says:

      What planet are you living on?

      The retail public that they’re selling drugs to is vastly White.

      Check out the black market activity in WWII — in America.

      It was epic in scope — and unlawful to talk up in print.

      The single biggest scam was counterfeit gas stamps — run by the New England mob. It beat counterfeiting the US Dollar: traditional counterfeiting laws did not apply to ration stamps. Officially, legally, they were not money. However, they had to be mated to US Dollars if you wanted to buy gasoline.

      You might also check into moonshining.

      And most pot farmers are White.

      All of Barry’s gambits destroy tax revenues, erode the US Dollar — and break trust between government and taxpayers.


      Greece shows where that ends up: their version of the IRS went on strike — and the electric utilities balked at becoming tax conduits for Athens.

      This last gambit: using power bills to gather sumptuary taxes is now running wild across America — and is never commented on — even by Conservatives.

      It is a staggering increase in taxation – in favor of Barry’s crony crews at GE and the IBEW, et. al.


      Whiskey: it deserves a post.

      Half your power bill is now a Greens Tax.

      • Whitehall says:

        Blert, you’re absolutely correct about the hidden taxes in our utilities bills.

        Here in California it is terrible. Not only do the ratepayers support a $400M/year “Energy Commision” that makes no energy, we, like every place in the US, pay a “fee” for nuclear waste that the Obama Administration refuses to build.

        “Obamaphones” are paid for with a charge on your telephone bill.

        Yes, the subject deserves a good, long, hard look.

      • anonymous says:

        Selling drugs to whitey vs selling guns, which they know whitey only wants to use against them

      • oogenhand says:

        I heard the same in West-Europe.

    • whorefinder says:

      Mexicans may run the gun running, but niggers are too stupid too do so. They have never had an organized nigger mafia, instead being the bitches of whatever other ethnic group is currently ascending (Irish, Jewish, Italian, and now Mexican). Niggers commit random street crime and violence because they are subhuman stupids. As Don Corleone put it so well in The Godfather: “They’re animals.”

      Mexicans will gladly sell to whomever wants to buy, save rival gangs. Always been that way. The only exception was WW2, when Italian and Jewish mobs for the most part refused to deal with Japan, Italy, and Germany, partially out of patriotism (now gone from Americans), partially out of Luciano’s deal with the FBI (“keep the ports and unions out of fascist hands, and we’ll reduce your sentence”), and partially from the obvious (Jews helping Nazis?).

      • josh says:

        Jews are truly the scum of the earth. Hitler was right in trying to get rid of them. It was a jew,a guy named Orbach,an Israeli who,like any Israeli, can come and go into America anytime it wants,whow as caught selling weapons to the Taliban.

    • jonn65 says:

      “Probably not. Most people will give up their guns without issue. Black and mexican gangs run most of the “black markets” for drugs. I don’t see them selling to middle class whites.”

      There are 300 million privately owned guns in America, and a significant number are unregistered and untraceable by the government. Most of these are in the hands of whites. Why would they turn them in? Millions of whites do drugs, which they keep in their homes illegally. Why would guns be any different? It’s not hard to hide a shotgun in your attic. I’m guessing you’re an upper middle class white person living in a liberal area(many of whiskey’s commenters are from this background). You don’t understand the mindset of most other whites, especially gun owners.

  11. zenocosini says:

    If guns become illegal, they won’t disappear, it’s just that their price will triplicate, and this may be good for some.

  12. zenocosini says:

    Wrong link in my avatar, damn.
    Brazil has one tenth of the guns available in the USA and three times the murder rate. At least two thirds of the guns in Brazil are owned illegally. Still, authorities want “more gun control”:

  13. Matt Strictland says:

    In 1994 people would have done nothing. Now? I am not so sure.

    A lot of folks are not well aware of the numbers that might be involved .

    Figure 100 million people own firearms. Given that they sold 14 million last year a lot of people are not going to want to give them up period. The why and wherefore they bough them matter

    Bob Owens here

    The people have responded to these threats by not merely buying up the firearms, magazines, and ammunition that might be affected by these proposed bans as they did in 1993/94 before the Clinton-era ban was pushed through, but by purchasing nearly every firearm of military utility of the past 100+ years. Ruger 10/22s and other common .22LR rifles have doubled in price when they can be found at all. Inexpensive Mosin-Nagants, originally designed in 1891 and typically found by the dozen in your average neighborhood gun shops, are nowhere to be found, and their ammunition is gone as well. U.S. citizens are preparing for war against their government by the millions. Americans aren’t “going Galt” in response to the push by would-be elites to surging statism. We’re on the cusp of going Häyhä.

    Let me run some numbers (this is me not Bob Owens)

    If 10% of them decide to have an uprising and thats a small number, they could not be stopped by any amount of force Obama could bring to order .
    Figure 3% will probably fight, thats 3 million potential guerrillas with a shorter supply chain (2 reserves and supply at the back end, another 7 million o so)

    I’d guess a great many of these people are active duty military as well, so the 2.8 million or so people in the services, only 10% of them 280,000 are liable to revolt

    There are also about 800,000 Feds and Local police as well, 10% of them is about 80,000

    So figure the tyrants have about 3 million change enforcers who might be reliable and of those a supply chain of 80% (this is better than the military but less capable than insurgents as per usual)

    That a grossly outnumbered enforcer class 10×1 in fact. Sufficient at usual rates for a victory with 25% to 50% casualties.

    And note this grossly simplified does not take into account any cascade failures either.

    we have enormous liabilities in terms of systemic complexity, racial tension, economics , dependency decaying infrastructure , foreign enemies , domestic moles and flat out animosity. Thats a recipe for Hell on Earth and 25%+ casualties

    A last bit, what makes this especially frightening to me is that the normal process of such wars, an escalation sometimes called the atrocity spiral is going to be deliberately shorted out and we are going to have a war more akin to cleansing or genocide than a civil war.

    In insurgencies such as the drug war in Mexico and most non genocidal wars, its starts out with angry talk , than some violence, than killing and finally if it continues atrocities

    This war if it happens is cutting out the middlemen and will dealt out for two generations (can’t get to the target, get his grandkids)

    Bob Owens has the tepid version here

    And there is worse discussed elsewhere, much worse.

    That is a wound that will never recover and it would not surprise me to see the US end after that.

    I’ll quote Bob Owns on that one
    If the statists push through with their plan, we’re possibly looking into a nation of a thousand Sarajevos and Groznys where a war will rip this nation to shreds and cause a horror from which we may never recover.

    If I was an intelligence officer reading this blog and no doubt there is one, I’d be worried spitless and I think I’d want to check first to see if the gun people are all mouth noise and if they aren’t check Obama and the Leftists from staring a fire they can’t put out. That way, the country can remain to together and/or avoid being A Chinese satrapy

    You see we could bail out the former Yugoslavia, there is no one save maybe China (who will conquer and extract our resources ) who can bail us out.

  14. King Soloman says:

    Obama will break up the gun control legislation and try to pass it in pieces, that way they at least they get something this time around. His main concern at the moment is to renew & strengthen the assult weapons ban. The other item the administration wants is a tighter registration/tracking of guns so that later on in the future a Democratic administration can being confiscating guns like was done in Australia through mandatory buybacks.

    Unlike Whiskey, I don’t see Obama failing since he will accomplish his agenda incrementally, one piece of legislation at a time. He won on Obamacare, he won the election agaist Romney, and he won on the fiscal cliff. Americans today are like the proverbial frog that is sitting in a pot of water that is being incrementally raised in temperature…and before the frog knows what has happened, is has been boiled to death.

    Obama is not Hitler or Napolean, he is Joseph Stalin, and his legacy will be that the Democrats will gain total control of American politics for decades to come.

  15. RW says:

    America does not have decades left. She has been dead for quite some time actually, say 1965. Only now is the stink beginning to rise to the surface.
    If they succeed with gun control with little to no resistance, (which I suspect) we are done.
    Most people are too in love with their worthless shit (posessions) and will realize it only when it is too late.
    I intend to make quite a few people very unhappy campers in the not to distant future.

    Semper Fi

  16. King Soloman says:

    “My guess is that Obama will effectively outlaw gun ownership, sales, ammunition, and so on, creating the robust black market in guns that exists in Mexico, and making most White middle class Americans into criminals who HATE HATE HATE their government and find it nothing but an oppressor.”

    If Mexicans ever began to sell white rebels heavy machine guns, RPGs, grenade launchers, explosives, etc., then the border with Mexico would be closed so fast if would make your head spin. Sorry, Whiskey. They would also increase security and inspections of ports to prevent the smuggling of weapons from overseas.

    There is a reason the Left, especially the blacks on the left like Obama, is so adamant about a total gun ban: it will leave conservative whites defenseless.

    • oogenhand says:

      And who would close that border, blacks, whites or Mexicans?

      • anonymous says:

        Flying death robots, piloted by transgenders, will close the border

      • King Soloman says:

        “And who would close that border, blacks, whites or Mexicans?”

        The US military would be ordered to close the border to keep “domestic terrorists” (aka white conservatives) from getting weapons. After that, as I have said before, there would be greatly increased security and inspections of US ports to prevent the smuggling of arms from overseas. Game over.

        In the future, the US military, CIA, Sec Ops, drones, etc. will be used to crack down on “domestic terrorists.” You can bet on it.

        If you want to see how the future Democratic adminstrations will cracks down on “domestic terrorists,” just watch the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” and replace the Arabs in the movie with white conservatives.

  17. Reny Brunoise says:

    Hunters will take any shitty deal they’re offered. They’re low-information. They think we’re still living in America. They just want to be left alone.

    Walmart will play ball. Not 1% of their customers give a shit, and those don’t have anywhere else to shop anyhow.

    This is a bad situation. Don’t retreat into fantasy. Write your representatives, courteously but firmly, about every bill that comes along, and keep it up as long as you must. Encourage others to do the same. That counts more than voting. As for the executive orders, nothing we can do about that. Do what you can.

    • anonymous says:

      Former hill staffer here. Send them mail, but find a good letter to copy and paste. Computer software or interns are the only people who read letters to your representative, so don’t waste a lot of time and energy writing it personally. Also, even the most conservative members have liberal staff, who just laugh at you

      • Rollo says:

        “Also, even the most conservative members have liberal staff, who just laugh at you”

        “This is why I’ve never bothered to “write my Congressman.”

        You’d never get passed the liberal punks handling the calls and emails. Even in the astronomically unlikely event that the pol reads your whining letter, absolutely nothing would come of it.

  18. RW says:

    @former hill staffer,
    At least you’ve managed to avoid the noose. There will be no shortage of Mississipi wind-chimes when the collapse occurs. The look on their unbelieving Marxists faces when the bell chimes will be worth every injustice we’ve suffered.

    Semper Fi

    • Rollo says:

      For a long time, I’ve thought that one side will definitely have a look of surprise at the end of all this, but I’m not so certain it’ll be the Marxists…

  19. Obama may propose such legislation to please his NPR/NYT voters, but it’s going nowhere and I’m guessing he doesn’t put a lot into it. He’s smart enough to know that the minute he turns on a microphone to announce this legislation, sales will go thru the stratosphere (they’re already thru the roof). ALL racial demographics in the US have guns, including–especially–blacks and hispanics with steady paychecks. They know in their bones they are theft and kidnap targets. The only people bleating for this, again, is the NPR/NYT crowd, and nobody really gives a shit about them.

    All they can hope for at this point is a ban on high-capacity magazines. I think vigilance and activism are needed but I really don’t see this going anywhere. The media is trying to keep gun control-chatter alive like they tried to keep the Zimmerman hoo-ha going.

    • whorefinder says:

      With all respect, you’re living on dream street.Have you been around since 2008? The shredding of the law and constitution by Stepin Fetchit to get what he wants is astounding.

      Doom and gloom and the world goes boom, boys.

  20. Dan says:

    Nothing in there about seizing guns. In any case, that would just be asking for trouble.

    There are 300 million or more guns in the USA. Suppose there was a Ruby Ridge or Waco-style flare-up once for every million guns you try to sieze. That would be 300 Ruby Ridges and Wacos.

    • Dan says:

      Supposing a flare-up happened once per thousand siezures. Then you have 300,000 standoffs.

      For the law enforcement on the front lines of that, it would get old fast.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Thats not the concern. The “cathedral” wants that outcome as they’ll win that one by picking off heroes one at a time. No what should scare them is an offensive strategy.

      People are already posting the names and addresses of journalists (link at Sipsey Street) its not a big difference to take the fight home to the “bad guys”.

      Thats the scary one and yes they might, might win that one but at the cost of basically the country. The potential in this situation for a dangerous spiral is very high. How high depends on how many fight but collapse and a mass death of people dependent on the State or in urban areas is fully possible. This year is also a very bad flu year, extra food is short , much medicine is short which s already so many events straining the system, there are so many failure points.

      Personally I fear this and hope we don’t go full retard but with the level of detachment and narcissism we have been seeing of late, its hard to say.

  21. Mike says:

    I think Obama may have bit off a bit more than he can chew by trying to tackle guns, Generally, gun owners are no quarter and no compromise on that issue, and the Democrats have ridden to quite some electoral success by trying to appear agnostic on guns for the past few years. Now that the mask is off, I suspect that Obama may have handed an electoral defeat to the Republicans that even they can’t screw up.

    Remember, some of those gun owners are liberals, and they will be no more willing to give up their guns than right leaning folks.

  22. Samson J. says:

    This is why I’ve never bothered to “write my Congressman.”

    You’d never get passed the liberal punks handling the calls and emails. Even in the astronomically unlikely event that the pol reads your whining letter, absolutely nothing would come of it.

    So what’s the best way for Joe Blow to influence his Congressman – to write a letter to a lobby group that has the Congressman’s ear?

    Obviously it’s a different thing, but in my experience letter-writing at the municipal level can get things done.

    • Cowboy says:

      I’ve been an intern and a staffer on the Hill, too, and I worked in correspondence while I was an intern. It is possible to get noticed by writing them. A lot of nuts write in tho, and also a lot of well meaning people who simply get lost in the crush. But good letters are culled out of the dross, and they get started on a process. Here are three ways to improve your chances. 1) Use letterhead. Everything coming in on letterhead gets put in a special pile, usually. Use good stationery, and look like a pro. 2) Put your signature on it. Use black type for the body of the text, and thick blue ink on the sig. 3) If you’re a constituent and a donor, your letter is going to get noticed.

  23. blert says:

    The only time you’ll get a hearing is during PRIMARY ELECTION SEASON.

    Collectively, all of America is permitting the INS to coast to their PRIMARY VICTORIES.

    Which is exactly upside down compared to the 19th Century. In the beginning, Congressmen served one or two terms. It was a very rare man to serve any longer.

    Likewise, most Senators served only one or two terms. Only nationally prominent politicians returned to the Senate over and over.

    Big Government has become it’s own Special Interest. It lives on fiat money.

    So we now have Big Congress, Big Court and Big Barry.

    The staffs of these grow as cancers on the body politic. You’d fall out of your chair if you contrasted the size of them to that of even the Nixon-Johnson era.

    It is these STAFFS that are writing ENABLING ACTS for the vast bureaucracy. Today, laws are created by the paragraph — within the endless regulatory agencies — at the behest of crony capitalists.

    As for Barry: he is, as radical does. Like Caligula, if it’s an outrage… he’s for it.

    Fast and Furious was initiated out of the Oval Office. No-one else could possibly have the authority and guts to initiate it. It’s not the kind of ambit that would ever cross the brain of a civil service employee.

  24. Dan says:

    I stopped by a gun shop in Rockville, Maryland (the belly of the liberal beast) last week and the place was packed. AR-15s and all other sport rifles had long been stripped from the shelves and now face a long backlog, and much of the remaining inventory was disappearing fast. The owner said he had not seen anything like this. There was nothing close. I was there to look around but most people were strictly business, quietly and efficiently completing transactions for guns and ammo that they already knew all about.

    Keep in mind that this is Montgomery County, Maryland, the deep blue heart of one of the most liberal states in America, full of overeducated bureaucrats like myself (sorry… gotta feed all my kiddies), and with perhaps the second highest concentration of secular Jews in America, after NYC.

    I can only imagine what is going on across the South right now. I figure that the South is building large inventory at present across tens of millions of households, which leaves plenty of room for commerce in years to come with the wealthier coasts.

  25. MarkyMark says:


    After reading Whiskey’s post and the comments, here are my thoughts on what will happen. I don’t think gun owners will resist en masse; I think that they’ll meekly go along for the most part.

    One the character of America now vs 1775 (Lexington & Concord) is greater than the difference between night and day. Lexington & Concord were sparked by a British attempt to seize weapons from the colonists. Modern day Lexington & Concord, Massachusetts are enclaves of white, liberal elitism now. Another thing to consider is that we put up with ten times more gov’t abuse than the colonists ever did! Do you think they would go along with a gov’t telling them what kind of light bulbs they could buy? Do you think the colonists would tolerate a government telling them what toilets they could have in their homes? No, they would not; however, we see Americans meekly going along with this rampant gov’t intrusion without so much as a whimper.

    Secondly, gun owners have, for decades, tolerated assaults on the Second Amendment, and they have done so with little or no opposition. They didn’t dig in their heels when the Sullivan gun law was passed in NY in 1911; they didn’t object to the Firearms Act of 1934, which prohibited fully automatic weapons; they didn’t protest the Gun Control Act of 1968; gun owners didn’t vigorously protest a multitude of other infringements on the Second Amendment over the years. Do you really think that they’ll object to registration? Do you really think that they’ll object to the gov’t confiscating their guns? I don’t.

    At this point, I’ll interject a personal story, since I recently tried to buy a gun. I went to a local gun shop, filled out the forms, and they did the check. It was denied, I suspect, because of a false accusation of domestic violence from years ago. I don’t even think about that most days; it’s not something I think about during my daily life, but it’s come back to haunt me. Well, since I can’t guy a gun from a shop, I’ve gone about trying to procure one privately. One avenue I tried was

    I tried procuring a rifle, since they’re not, according to my local state law, subject to mandatory transfer at a firearms dealer. In my state, when one buys a handgun, whether from a shop or private dealer, one has to have the background check done; one has to go through an FFL to transfer a handgun. When one buys a rifle or shotgun (a ‘long arm’), one does not. Well, the one guy I contacted on Armslist would not agree to doing a straight up, private transfer of ownership; he was adamant about going to the dealer to have it done, even though local state law does not REQUIRE him to do so. Even if I were an ATF or state agent, I couldn’t have nailed the guy for anything, because doing a private transfer of a rifle is legal where I live. It struck me as a fearful, submissive attitude.

    I’ll give you another example. I know a guy (who’s a conservative who owns his own contracting business) who’s into guns. I asked him about going outside legal channels to own a gun. I explained to him that, after gun owners in NY State were outed by a local newspaper recently, I didn’t want a record because I don’t want the same thing happening to me. A few of those folks have already been robbed, thanks to the NY Journal-News map. Secondly, it’s none of the government’s BUSINESS whether or not I own a gun! Thirdly, after studying the Second Amendment and its history (mainly what the Founding Fathers said about it), it’s my understanding that any FREE MAN is allowed to keep and bear arms-end of story; anything that gets in the way of that is an infringement on the Second Amendment. That means that the Gun Control Act of 1968, which first prohibited convicted felons from owning guns, is an infringement on the Second Amendment. If they’ve served their time and have been released, they’re free men, are they not? So, isn’t the prohibition of convicted, but released, felons (who are FREE MEN) an INFRINGEMENT on the Second Amendment? Finally, since the Constitution is SUPPOSED to trump all; since it’s supposed to trump all laws made; we’re not obligated to obey them, because they infringe on a key amendment of our Bill of Rights. IOW, the Second Amendment gives all free men the right to keep & bear arms-simple as that.

    Anyway, this contractor I know (who I’ll call Dan, not his real name) got all concerned, saying that what I was wanting to do was a felony, that I could go to jail, etc. He said that, even though he knew things about getting guns outside of official channels, he would not tell me. His attitude was fearful and submissive, or so I thought. If he’s an example of your typical gun owner (and I believe he is), then I don’t expect our gun owners to put up much of a fight for when the gov’t does come to take away Americans’ guns. They can cry ‘molon labe’ all they want; they can talk about gov’t officials prying their guns from their cold, dead fingers; when push comes to shove, they’ll turn in their guns like the good, little sheep that they are.

    One particularly bad piece of legislation that gun owners and the NRA went along with was the Brady Law; that first instituted the waiting period, followed by the instant background checks. This is bad, because it amounts to prospective gun owners, in effect, asking PERMISSION from a gov’t bureaucrat to exercise what is their right; oh, please, please, please let me have my rights, Massa! The sad part is that gun owners and the NRA went along with this, thinking that they’d won a victory back in the 1990s; it was anything but! The Brady Law, in effect, turned our Second Amendment rights into a privilege. If we have to ask permission to do anything, then it is not a right-end of story.

    Since gun owners have gone along with the already rampant infringements on the Second Amendment; since they’ve done so with nary a whimper; I don’t expect gun owners in America to resist en masse. Those who I have personally encountered as of late are fearful of the gov’t; they’re fearful to the point of being submissive. Since gun owners went along with the Brady Law with little or no protest; since they ACQUIESCED to basically asking permission from gov’t officials to buy guns; they will NOT stand firm and die for their right to own guns. No, when the gov’t comes for our guns (and make no mistake about it, that IS their ultimate aim), most gun owners will meekly turn in their weapons, and our subjugation will be complete.


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