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Larry Auster Has Died

I am saddened to report Larry Auster has died. Details at his site View from the Right and Thinking Housewife. Thanks Larry. For all you did.

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The Political Unsustainability of New York City

Much has been made of how New York City offers a sustainable model for “Blue” cities, by stealth ethnic cleansing of Blacks (who have a much higher rate of violence) and Rudy Guiliani era stop-and-frisk policies that caused thousands to … Continue reading

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Lawrence Auster Update

Larry Auster has kindly written me to clarify the following: However, there’s one thing I must correct you on. I never had the possibility of a renumerative mainstream career. So I did not sacrifice that. I just did what I … Continue reading

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Big Data and You!

Recently, Slashdot had an article noting that a comprehensive K-12 database is being constructed, state by state. The chief movers of this nasty project, which includes student and parent social security numbers, names, addresses, grades, attendance records, learning disabilities, test … Continue reading

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Larry Auster, American Hero

Larry Auster is dying. Which is a tragedy for not only his friends and family, but America. Because Larry Auster is an American hero. I, like many people Larry has never met, and sadly never will, owe him a great … Continue reading

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