The Political Unsustainability of New York City

Much has been made of how New York City offers a sustainable model for “Blue” cities, by stealth ethnic cleansing of Blacks (who have a much higher rate of violence) and Rudy Guiliani era stop-and-frisk policies that caused thousands to be arrested for gun violations. Steve Sailer noted how successful that policy was in reducing Dinkins/Koch era violence to the point where NYC was one of America’s safer big cities (in Manhattan at least). Well, it’s not the 1990s anymore, and Rudy Guiliani is long gone as Mayor. Neither is the stop-and-frisk policy politically or legally sustainable. Given the enhanced rights Blacks have versus other racial groups as part of Supreme Court decisions and acts of Congress. Now comes word that a Federal Trial against Stop-and-Frisk promises to end that tactic. Jessie Jackson (yes him again) is quoted as saying:

”I heard rationalization and justification rather than explanation from the city. They were not denying. They were justifying.”

New York City is simply unsustainable. It is built upon a lower crime rate, only 500 or so murders in 2012 as compared to over 2,000 in the early 1990s. But that requires stopping and frisking lots of young Black men, and imprisoning those found carrying weapons illegally. Which has enormous costs politically, since Blacks form the foundation of the “High-Low” team-up, the wealthy elite like Mayor Bloomberg and a mass of impoverished voters eager to embrace corporate welfare policies for a few free Obamaphones.

Just like Cyprus was unsustainable, a ponzi scheme now come undone (not even Russian Oligarch money could save them) with substantial losses for ordinary Cypriots already hard-pressed, so too is New York City. The voting system is based completely on Black voters first. Then everyone else in the political alliances. Black voters understandable don’t like their young men even or (especially) if they are thugs, being stopped and imprisoned. The urban model of “Blue” states just does not work. Put a lot of poor people, who have hostile racial feelings, and have no real ability to move into the ultra elite, right next to those who work and live as middle-men, amongst a few elite aristocrats, and you have recipe for riot, violence, and failure.

New York City is not Detroit. Not yet. But it is trending there. People don’t like to get mugged, even less to get murdered. The Black problem of street violence requires measures that are politically (and legally under current enhance legal status for Blacks) just unsustainable. So New York City will fall. Times Square? Destined to fall back into squalid 1970’s porn-theater era misery, ala “Taxi Driver.”

Nerdy White guys, “Masters of the Universe” Wall Street Traders, deli owners, businessmen, office workers, these people are about as threatening as a double latte at Starbucks. You don’t need stop and frisk for people who are habitually law abiding and could not for the most part (that’s 99.9999%) even muster up a threat if they wanted to. For the Black community, unfortunately that is exactly what you need, as Black people are addicted to violence in a way that is shocking, particularly street violence where the object is violent domination and humiliation of any target, even more than quick cash and easy money.

After all, for your criminal oriented around money, picking pockets, to installing swipe readers, and even just lurking around to scope out Debit Card PIN numbers, offers far greater rewards in cash with far fewer risks. Heck even low skill thugs can rent themselves out to carders to run up bogus purchases on fraudulently obtained credit cards (that’s about 50% of the merchandise on E-bay right there). Low risk and high reward, compared to sticking a gun into a guy’s face and carting off a few bucks and soon-to-be-canceled credit and debit cards.

NYC just cannot politically, and legally, keep locking up the guys who stick guns into people’s faces, and thus it will die. It might take four or forty years, but die it will. That’s as clear as the value of Cyprus Sovereign Debt.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    whiskey – you should have at least mentioned the uber-fascist Bloomberg and all that he’s doing to help ruin the city. My God – how can ANYBODY vote someone like that into office?

  2. NYC was a mess in the 1970s (have you seen a movie called Ta… oh, wait, you embedded a clip from it in your post!) and on into the early 1990s. Just like it’s going to get now! What happened then? Did the city disappear? Cease to exist? Declare bankruptcy? Did they move Wall Street and the Hermitage to Thornwood? Is Escape from Manhattan a documentary?

    No. It got so bad that people couldn’t take it any more, so they elected a law and order guy who improved things so much that now they feel safe again. In fact, they feel so safe that they may even dismantle the policies that keep it that way.

    You know what’ll happen now, if Jesse gets his pound of flesh on this one? It’ll probably get gradually worse over the next few decades, until they can’t take it any more and they elect a law-and-order guy who’ll improve things at the expense of a few hurt feelings among the Negative Economic Value Community, but nobody will give a damn about the NEVC’s hurt feelings because they’ll be making life unlivable for everybody else. Just like last time.

    • Wilbur J Huffnagel says:

      In a conversation with a friend I used the phrase ‘margin compression’ to describe why corporate pension and retiree health insurance benefits were unsustainable. I received a look of utter confusion – until I went on to explain that when a company sees the profits from its output decline on a percentage basis, even if volume is stable or increases, less money is available for future research (which leads to new products) future production and employee compensation and benefits; then she gradually conceded my point.

      The same principle applies to NYC – the primary industry of NYC is FINANCE whose margins are crumbling on a daily basis – competition from smaller providers as well as foreign operations whittles away at the profits of the major banks (despite what you might hear about the evil ‘Bankster Bonuses’).

      As crime rises, so do the associated costs; couple that with a competitive business dynamic that erodes profit margins, and it should not be a surprise that benefits will trend towards unsustainability.

  3. Wilbur J Huffnagel says:

    If the press and the internet punditry is to be believed, Mayor Bloomberg views obesity caused by large sodas more threatening than high school drop outs and all the social costs that creates. The underlying point of failure for blue-city liberalism is that people on the lower end of the income spectrum want public services (HHC, Public Schooling, Mass Transit, etc.) to be paid for by someone else; those with capital (that is becoming increasingly mobile) would be the ‘someone else’ BUT they do not want to pay increasing levels of taxation to support those services. The providers of any service perceived as free will experience overwhelming demand. Witness Medicare and Medicaid, not to mention Social Security.

    Throw in the social dysfunction you find in the lower income neighborhoods and you have a need for ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ as well as more jails, more prisons, and more security; which drain away capital from education and infrastructure.

    And this points to another issue – Western civilization, at it’s high point, produced great advances when it operated within a framework of objective morality. Contrast that notion with the riots surrounding the death of young thug Kimani Gray. His only notion of morality (and that of the rioters) is quite simple – anything that gets in the way of immediate gratification is to be eliminated. This includes notions of law, authority and other peoples’ rights.

    • lcrurik says:

      His Dishonor the Mayor also seems to believe that large sodas are more deadly than AIDS. Perhaps Sippers need to organize, get a research grant, and start sporting a cola-colored ribbon.

  4. CB says:

    I for one applaud the court’s efforts. They should go farther. There’s clearly been wholesale housing discrimination in Manhattan (market forces are no excuse) I think the courts should mandate a large program of building subsidized housing all over Manhattan to make up for past discrimination. Diversity can only strengthen Manhattan as a community.

    • Diversity Is Our Strength says:

      That’s ridiculous, there is no reason to build subsidized housing on Manhattan. Not when there are so many rent-controlled apartments that are just crying out for vibrant, Section 8 voucher, diversity. Every apartment building needs some diversity, every single one…starting on the upper west side.

      • Matt Strictland says:

        Hell yeah. Double down on diversity. Let every single advocate for diversity have a nicer much more vibrant neighborhood. the 20% of them that are universalistic nutjobs will be as happy as a hog in a holler and the rest, well, they’ll drop the Internationale for Horst Wessel Lied or a less charged version toot sweet. Its win win.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Kind of like how diversity strengthens Birmingham and Detroit?

    • lcrurik says:

      How about expanding the housing project already operating on Riker’s Island?

    • sestamibi says:

      Um, don’t you guys recognize sarcasm when you read it?

    • agimarc says:

      You forgot the /sarc tag. Cheers –

  5. corey says:

    Your whole post reminds me of an exchange between Bane and Batman in the Dark Knight Rises:
    Bane-“Victory has made you soft!”
    It seems that the easy life of the last 30 years with the Guilani administration and the continuation of those polices has made people forget in a visceral way how bad things were before. They’ve forgotten how much work it is to maintain civilizaiton, safety, and fruits of the victory over crime of the ’70s. For the young, they take it for granted that New York is safe because life in their city has always been this way, they don’t know it can be much, much worse. They can not imagine or comprehend that criticizing and therby weakening those policies that make the safety they experience possible will bring chaos.

    New York won’t descend into chaos imediately, it will just be gradual sort of hodge podge decline until it’s more like Detroit or Gotham City rather than the safe comfortable city that people are used to.

  6. HerewardMW says:

    I have to say I think Steve Sailer is onto something here. New York is different.

    This is where the elite live and play and make their money. Things that would get minor municipalities a Justice Department lawsuit and other Federal threats and sanctions just get shrugged off. Imagine the media full court press if this was a city in the south or Salt Lake City.

    I predict that the lawsuit will go these young men’s way but that the long term consequences for New York policing will be negligible i.e. their victory will not stop effective policing – just add a bit more bureaucratic burden to the process. The city will find a way around any restrictions imposed and work to make sure any future legal decisions go their way.

  7. whorefinder says:

    Black people aren’t addicted to violence. They simply possess an extreme desire NOT to be civilized.

    Low black IQ certainly does not help this situation, but plenty of other groups have had (and do have) low IQ and equal poverty, and yet their crime rates (especially random, unplanned violence) are not at black levels. Why? Simple: whether mexican or Irish or chinese or arab or other, those with low IQs have the desire (as a group) to be civilized. Random violent people are punished by the group; civilized behavior is rewarded. Success in school and good manners are emphasized by the best families, whilst the worst are ignored. (I am not a fan of illegal immigration AT ALL, but the fact is mexican immigrants are way more civilized than blacks. Walking through a mexican ghetto is always twice as safe as walking through a black ghetto, even controlling for poverty and density).

    No, blacks openly, as a group, DESPISE CIVILIZED BEHAVIOR. Anything civilized is degraded as acting white” and “not keeping it real.” In most communities, this attitude is shared by few, and laughed at by the majority. In blacks, this is DOMINANT THEME: holding a job, being faithful to a spouse, marriage, acting quiet and polite, not resorting to violence for perceived slights, studying, following the rules,–all are signs of WEAKNESS to be DENIGRATED.

    This even goes to rioting. For all other groups, a massive riot by their members is something to be ashamed of, as it displays pure animalistic, unthinking, unconstructive behavior. Blacks celebrate rioting, as if to act like an unhinged ape is something noble. The Watts riots, the Detroit riots, the LA riots, flash mob attacks–to the black man, these unspeakable uncivilized acts are AWESOME.

    Blacks, unlike every other human group, DO NOT want to be civilized. They are not addicted to violence—they are incapable to wanting the opposite. The sooner we realize the difference, the better we will be.

    • IA says:

      But blacks were more civilized before the 60s. Illegitimacy was at roughly 20%. Crime was low. Veneral disease was lower. Blacks have merely followed atavistic trends in white culture.

      • Conquistador says:

        The myth of the civilized black is a lie concocted by black conservatives. Blacks were NOT civilized before the 60’s. Their dysfunction was well known even then and segregation laws existed for a reason. What little decency they had was due to the iron hand of white discipline.

      • IA says:

        Conq., that’s my point. Europeans are atavistic, reverting to a more primitive lifeform. By that I mean their civilization is like a creature of the Galapogas Islands which has lost the ability to defend itself. Railing about blacks is fun but their behavior is precisely what our elected leaders evidently want, and have for quite some time.

      • IA says:

        To add: Ever since the Enlightenment the driving idea in America has been self autonomy unrestricted by tradition. What white men failed to realize is that freedom to a black (and a lot of women) is a different kettle of fish indeed. Harassing white men, or as Tom Wolfe put it, mau-mauing the flack-catchers, appears to be their idea of freedom. Weird but seemingly true.

  8. CB says:

    Blacks are used as stormtroopers by the left. For the Anarcho you’ve got to have the Tyranny. Black bad behavior is a weapon against Western Civilization and against the lower classes. If it ran against the interests of the New Ruling Class it would be curbed.

    From a current thread on Sailer:

    And since ALL whites got tagged with privilege, it became convenient for rich whites to vilify and punish ‘unenlightened’ poorer whites in the name of fighting ‘white privilege’ while their own elite privileges keep expanding. White master attacks the white serf for ‘white privilege’ and takes moral credit for working for equality while his own wealth and privilege keep growing. . . Multi-cultism is great for rich whites. Class struggle would vilify rich whites, but multicultism allows rich whites to put on a good progo-show and just dump all the blame of ‘oppression’ on poorer whites.

    This guy says rich, but it is really the SWPL upper-middle class and minority elites that benefit. Short of Pol Pot the rich always have it good.

  9. Ode says:

    CB says:
    “I for one applaud the court’s efforts. They should go farther. There’s clearly been wholesale housing discrimination in Manhattan (market forces are no excuse)”

    What about property rights. Suppose I owned an apartment complex. Shouldn’t I have a right to deny or rent out to whomever I wish, yes even based on race. It is my property isn’t it?
    On a related note:
    Out here in CA a very cheap rental unit will go for $750 in a very bad neighborhood. (A black neighborhood) It can be as small as 250 sq ft. That’s $3 / sq ft per month, NOT cheap. Why is it so expensive you ask? Because of Black people’s dysfunction (late rent payments or none at all and vandalism) land lords are forced to recoupe their losses. Since they cannot raise the price they simply rent out smaller units. You cannot get mad at landlords they have to do what they have to do.

  10. sestamibi says:

    Sorry, whiskey, but this time I don’t agree. In fact, everything else in your essay that follows contradicts your first sentence. You start out talking about stealth ethnic cleansing of blacks, of whom there are far fewer than in years gone by when I grew up in the Bronx, and then transition to the political ramifications of stop and frisk. But if the ethnic cleansing part is true, then who will be left in the future to stop and frisk?

    By the way, it’s Giuliani, not Guiliani. Common mistake.

    • Whiskey says:

      Hispanics, basically New Yoricans, Dominicans, etc. Blacks remain still a sizeable force politically, as props and as bloc voters, even as their numbers have declined. But just below them in propensity for violent assaults with guns, are the Hispanics.

      • sestamibi says:

        I don’t think that will happen. Not a whole lot of random Hispanic on white crime occurs. However, if such as MS-13 and other imported organized gangs start operating in NY, then all bets are off.

  11. Whitehall says:

    NYC has been a very rough and violent place since at least the construction of the Eire Canal. It has had periodic moments of civilized tranquility but those have been brief and temporary.

    Same as it ever was.

  12. blert says:

    You comment about Blacks leaving NYC is just as true in other ‘Blue’ Zones, though the term ought to be Pink Zones. (Feminist + Socialism/ Communism-Lite + Queer Anarchy — see Zombie)
    Sacramento is almost ‘Black-free’ — the illegal Poles and Russians displaced them during the CRA Policy initiated real estate bubble.
    Near as I can tell, they fled back to Atlanta — and displaced the last Whites into the suburbian ring of Atlanta.

    Now almost forgotten, the Blacks, as a ethnic group, were hardly a dominant factor up north until WWII. During that war, while the Whites enlisted, the war production industry induced millions of unmarried Blacks to move north (and west) into all of the cities now famed for racial strife:
    Detroit, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Chicago, Oakland (previously an Irish town), etc.
    [ What an epic mistake. The intra-migration broke up Black families and naturally caused riots when the Whites found that Uncle Sam had given their seniority away.]

    The kicker is: Blacks don’t like northern climate. It’s a genetic thing. Winter weather is utterly alien to Africans, particularly those that were enslaved out of the tropics and the Sahel.

    It has had a subtle impact — never remarked upon in all of my reading: Black male culture is an ‘out and about society.’ It’s totally against being house-bound. The later status is deemed feminine. [ This carries over to book study and culture, generally.

    Once Blacks left the Old South, the habitual ‘walk-about’ was thwarted by the climate — most of the year.

    Coming almost entirely from the Sahel, African Americans still have the impulse to defend their turf and roam against others. This is reflected in the murder statistics: most revolve around turf and respect, and disrespect; the later reduced to just a dis.’ [With or without drug retailing.]

    The architecture of ‘The Projects’ — all of them — is in conflict with this need. Not surprisingly, they get trashed — and quickly, too.

    The US Census shows that Blacks are being ethnically cleansed out of non-Old South urban areas at quite a clip. Of special interest is Detroit and LA. In Detroit, the number of Blacks forming families — or having bastards — is collapsing. Those on the make are moving out. Inner Detroit is getting old. Its population is crashing because old Blacks are dying — without replacements.

    In LA, Blacks are being driven east to Atlanta by Mexicans. (Reconquistas don’t consider themselves to be Americans.) Hence, it’s false to believe that the Racial Spoiler in Chief really wants to see an enhanced Mexican vote.

    • Bob Smith says:

      “Hence, it’s false to believe that the Racial Spoiler in Chief really wants to see an enhanced Mexican vote”

      How do you figure? If Obama really cared about blacks he wouldn’t be letting in millions of Mexicans to displace and further impoverish blacks. Obama is a true-blue socialist, he’s all for the party and himself, others only matter as a means to power. A few million extra Democrats gives his party permanent ownership of the reins of power, so that’s what he wants. It’s amusing to see how much Blacks just don’t get it, they still think he’s going to be their savior (at white expense, naturally).

    • TD says:

      The kicker is: Blacks don’t like northern climate.

      Does ANYBODY actually “like” a northern climate? Cold weather sucks.

      • whorefinder says:

        I am surprised, too, but there are A LOT of people who enjoy cold weather, or at least find it not to be as big a hassle as most others. Canadians and Minnesotans, notably, tend to more *shrug* at cold weather as nothing burdensome and, instead find it enjoyable.

        Not me. Brr.

      • blert says:

        It’s a minority viewpoint, but Nordics would much rather face the cold than endure the tropics.
        I had the accidental experience of watching children tumbling out of their family cars —
        at a California State rest stop for I-80. The Chinese, Korean and Caucasian kids launched themselves instantly into the snow. For them, it was Christmas morning. The Black kids, plainly from Oakland, would have none of it. They were carping — all of them — the second they left their warm cars. Their parents had to console them with promises of plenty of warm playtime at the Reno casino — that they were driving to. Everyone melanin challenged, was driving to the ski slopes, instead.
        It’s a visceral thing.
        Blacks don’t care to swim either. Your DNA would ward you off if you lived where every river meant death: hippos, crocks… they’re ingrained in the Black psyche — to the DNA.
        It’s another instance of human biodiversity.
        Northern America holds alien latitudes for Blacks — Arabs, too. Both have L O T S of outdoor activities built into their cultures — even their bones. This can’t be wished away.

  13. Dan says:

    There are other policing options I think. I live in diverse, High – Low Montgomery County, Maryland. Not a lot of stop and frisk that I am aware of. But we have very low crime rates. Here’s what I see:

    (1) Lots of police presence in high risk areas.
    (2) Lots and lots of video cameras.

    Stop and frisk is an effective tool but it is just one tool. The prevalence of cameras is another important tool.

    Another big difference with today is cell phones. Almost everyone wants to use their phones to call the cops at the first sign of any trouble. I’ve gotten in a verbal tiff a couple of times, once in a supermarket and once in a store parking lot. Both times it was a mere argument with not so much as a threat. In both cases, other people were eagerly wanting to call the cops, even though last I checked verbal exchanges are still legal. And I once called the cops on a probably harmless case of road rage between two guys.

    With cell phones at the ready, it is great fun to get up in people’s business and act like the bringer of law and order. Usually a phone call or just a treat of a phone call can settle things down. I think cell phones are the main cause of the drop in violence.

  14. mighty goy says:

    What really changed NYC was the Crown Heights Riot in 1991… Blacks attacking jews, even killing one Australian jew… Jews wanted revenge, but no directly…. Giuliani was the Pontius Pilate.

    • whorefinder says:

      Agreed. Jewish interests are pro-darkie until blacks turn on them.

      AL Sharpton/Jesse Jackson sunk their own ships when they turned on the Orthodox Jews then. Giuliani played into conservative Jews fears. Heck, Giuliani refused to even meet with Sharpton—a slap in the face to the most powerful gangster/riot starter in the black community only possible when Jewish powers backed Giuliani and ignored Sharpton’s wails.

      I’ve considered lately an idea of creating a group called that “helps” blacks recently released from prison to “break the cycle” of violence by claiming its their communities/ghettos that make them evil. Then moving them, with the help of donations from good liberals, into high-end rich liberal environs—all “to get them away” from the ghettos that “cause” their dysnfunction.

      Move parolees into Orange County, Westchester County, Brookline, MA, etc. Let ’em rape their daughters, beat up their sons, and destroy their communities. Suddenly, they’ll be a lot less amenable to black whines.

  15. Lawful Neutral says:

    I’m not sure I believe it, but I hope you’re right, Whiskey. Let those Manhattanites have a bite or two of the foul stew they serve the rest of us.

  16. jamesd127 says:

    San Francisco is far, far, far left, yet their cops are as nazi as is needful to make the elite safe. Why cannot New York do the same.

    • whorefinder says:

      SF has one of the lowest percentage of blacks in America for major urban area. Most blacks live in Oakland, a separate city across the bay. Mayor Willie Brown, a black man, made some noise about this back in his tenure, talking about how he could walk across SF and not meet another black man. However, SFers, like NYers, quickly hushed this up.

      Steve Sailer was right about this.

      • Willie Brown, a black man, made some noise about this back in his tenure, talking about how he could walk across SF and not meet another black man.

        If so, he was being careful where he walked. I seldom visit San Francisco, yet on many visits I run into black people, and have been threatened (as in a black man demanding money with menaces) once.

      • whorefinder says:

        Check the demographics. Yeah, the homeless blacks come across the bridge daily, and they go for the tourists, but SF’s high rents and strict zoning laws keep the darkies to an extreme minimum.

        Or, more simply: “the bad section of San Francisco is Oakland.”

    • Dan says:

      People are very conservative when it comes to their own affairs. If I was Chuck Schumer’s neighbor and he didn’t like the look of something I was building within view of his living room window I am sure he would destroy me, and his action would be very conservative, in the sense of stopping change.

      His arguments would be something having to do with the environment or the poor and he would be so persuasive that it in end even I’d be convinced that I was up to no good.

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  18. josh says:

    A bit OT but is “whiskey” really a creation of Larry Auster? I love whiskey,but its obvious that there ism something dishonest about him. Scotch-Irish?

  19. blert says:

    Get a load of this ugly trend Black on White/Asian racial violence.^^^^

    It’s going to explode onto the news when the MSM can’t bury it anymore.

  20. Rotten says:

    There is more truth to this article than Whisky says.

    Whisky errs somewhat by saying that New York is not Detroit. In fact, New York was 95% on the way to being Detroit, and was already bankrupt with high crime and race riots. BUT, then New York City was BAILED OUT BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    The terms of the Ford Administration bailout imposed fiscal sanity on the city, which meant that local politicians could no longer count on vote buying schemes paid for with borrowed money and higher taxes, at least until the federal lons were paid off.

    But as with any case of Moral Hazard, the bailout prevented meaningful change in the people and ideas of the City. Liberalism never had to face reality, and so the liberals can continue to preach their failed ideas. After all, the population never had to face any problems as a consequence of the policies. Paradoxically, somebody like Bloomberg points out the success of liberal governed New York without acknowledging the bailout and controls on the politicians that made that success possible.

  21. electricangel says:



    This is EXACTLY backward. I refer you the the immortal headline, Ford to City: Drop Dead.

    What happened was that New York was NOT bailed out, and had to rely on its own resources. Detroit has consistently been bailed out, and never had to deal with municipal unions that bankrupted the city’s budget (much like California, soon.). It’s this reliance on local effort that has led the resurgence in the city. Would that the city had not trusted the Feds with air defense on 9/11; we might have saved a tower and a few lives.

    Whiskey might be correct, and it’s unsustainable long-term. Most of the people running to replace Bloomberg are the sort of disconnected-from-reality liberals who can wreck a place, quickly. (Bloomberg built his own fortune himself, and while a liberal, understands reality in a way that someone who’s spent her entire life in politics cannot.) But the city is rapidly expelling the low-functioning blacks back to the south, keeping behind the Caribbean ones who actually earn MORE than whites in the USA do, on average.

    • blert says:

      You’re incorrect. While the headline was true — it didn’t stay true.

      What happened was that Felix Rohatyn was nominated by the Mayor to fix the NYC budget fiasco. Too complicated to cover in a blog post, Rohatyn renegotiated many deals. One critical quid pro quo was that NYC had to repeal its trading tax on stock shares traded inside the city. What seemed trivial then, now looks massive. Electronic trading would never happen with that per share tax.

      At the end of the day, Ford DID sign off on Federal guarantees so that NYC could roll over some of its paper. But, he did so only after the numbers made sense. NYC was not bailed out like Detroit — which was chronically able to milk GM and Ford — in a round about way — for cash.

      (Until late, the entire State of Michigan (ie the entire auto industry) was tithing to Detroit by way of a special annual gift/ revenue kicker given to ‘all cities over 750,000 in population.’ At the time it was initiated, Detroit had 1,000,000+ souls. Now it’s down to 550,000 and still plunging . It’s the loss of this mega-chunk of funding that blew up Detroit’s books ‘overnight.’)

      It’s rude to say it, but Detroit can’t turn around until the Blacks leave it. Based upon the US Census, young Blacks have left. The population collapse is due to old age — and very few babies.

      The new immigrants are muslims — Detroit has America’s largest concentration. It started out as a Black thing — and now has morphed into an Arab thing. If this is permitted to progress, then there will be no turning.

      Arab immigrants are no more hard working, able or brainy than the Blacks — and mighty resentful for someone who just got here. It must be the weather — the political weather.

      • electricangel says:

        I recalled that the city did not get money. Guarantees are the same things the Feds offered in the Chrysler bailout. Both worked out OK for them, but could have cost money. I appreciate your update.

        New York has been driving blacks away with high prices for years. Sorry, Atlanta.

        Detroit is just located at SUCH a key point. I don’t think the city itself is savable, but there are two smaller cities trapped within it. Highland Park is worse than Detroit, though it was once a jewel. I would think that a group with high social cohesion (Arabs would do) could move in, take over houses selling for peanuts, ARM THEMSELVES, and eventually take over city hall, putting in place a sort of “stop and frisk” to drive out the rest of the riffraff. Detroit will need to divest itself of a lot of land that can form independent cities before the same thing will be worth doing there.

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