Diversity Equals Hitler: Why France MUST Shut Up Dieudonné

The King of Hitler Comedy
France is engaged in a desperate struggle to shut up a comedian. Not because the Francois Hollande regime disagrees with anything he says, per se. Rather, because Dieudonné M’bala M’bala tears apart the myth of Political Correctness and Diversity. M’bala M’bala shows concretely what Diversity really means: Hitler.

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala is of course, not really French. The French pretend he is, but he’s not. He is the son of an (absent and philadering) Cameroonian father and a White French mother. [In other words, much like Barack Obama and most half-Black men and women.] And naturally, being Black, he is filled with hatred towards Whites and particularly those ultra-Whites: Jews. Who being far more intelligent than himself and other Black men and women, generate hatred. Simply for being themselves.

France after all, has far less Jews than it did in 1939. A man near and dear to Dieudonné’s heart had much to do with that reduction of French Jews. While French Jews are prominent in intellectual life in France, they are completely absent from the sporting field, from the military, and from stage and screen. French foreign policy is fairly anti-Israeli, and has been since the Gaullist installment of the Fifth Republic, as a means to counter-balance US pro-Israeli politics as the Soviet Union rolled up Arab regime after Arab regime: Egypt under Nasser, Iraq, Syria, etc. France notably declined to participate in the Iraqi invasion, has been arming the Jihadis in Syria, and played a major role in overthrowing Ghadaffi and installing a jihadi regime.

French Jews moreover are in terminal decline; due to increasing Muslim anti-Semitism and harassment (as well as that of Africans) they are emigrating to places like Israel, Canada, Australia, and the US far more than their birthrate. If Africans (again, there is no way any reasonable man would consider M’bala M’bala “French”) living in France don’t like Jews, they need only wait twenty years. The numbers from emigration to foreign lands will be greatly reduced.

One might wonder therefore why M’bala M’bala feels the need to imitate the Sig Heil, or mock the Holocaust, or express a wish for the gas chambers?

The answer is because like the vast majority of Black people, he hates, or HATES HATES HATES those with higher IQs. Absent massive DNA alteration (a lot closer than you think) Black people are losers in a world putting more and more importance in being smart, and manipulating machines in ever more advanced ways. In military affairs (using drones, bots, droids, “smart weapons” and the like in basic infantry combat), business, manufacturing (CAD/CAM machines, 3-d printers and the like place an emphasis on skill versus raw strength), and everything else, being smart is the admission price for success. And being merely 85 IQ points or lower is the mark of a loser.

This also explains the HATE HATE HATE of Muslims for Jews (and also high-IQ Christians). Millenia of cosanguinty, bad treatment of women, and the like have led the Arabian peninsula in particular to lead the world in birth defects. This is why the Muslim world is a synonym for failure. Its people are stupid. And while current PC dogma restrains the West, China has no such restraint. And between the rabble shaking spears and machetes (and borrowed AK-47s) versus nukes? Bet on the side with nukes.

After all, even over-matched Britain, with a smaller population, isolated position, and ramshackle, nearly bankrupt military, was able to hold Hitler off for a year with better technology of radar and code-breaking (the world’s first computer: Colossus). Better tech does not always win. But its the smart way to bet, most of the time.

And better technology requires smart people. Africans and Muslims won’t be inventing anything worthwhile in any numbers anytime soon. [There are a few very smart ones, but low IQ societies tend to “drown” innovation by the sheer weight of numerical stupidity.]

Diversity LOVES LOVES LOVES Hitler!This is why Dieudonné M’bala M’bala is such a threat. By openly embracing Hitler, and by rousing his fans seen above, he shatters the PC and Diversity myths. Not only does flooding Europe with non-White Africans and Muslims not avoid another Nazi regime, it guarantees racial strife with the first target being a numerically inferior, high IQ sub-group of Whites. After the Jews of course, other Whites will be slaughtered in gas chambers.

The Fruits of Diversity: Hitler!
Heck, just look at the pictures. Here is another Black admirer of Hitler, doing the semi-nazi salute in admiration of Dieudonné. West Bromwich soccer player Nikolas Anelka (does the man look “English” to you? Even European?) is typical of non-Whites. The one White guy they really like is old Adolf.

And this is why France’s government under the socialists are desperate to shut up Dieudonné. Hollande’s campaign seemed to assert that he would be the most ghetto of the candidates, with a famous campaign video featuring all sorts of Black people in Parisian suburbs with Hollande the only White face. Set to the music of Jay-Z’s “N– in Paradise.” (This is a family blog, safe for work, hence the blanking out of the word we all know. WordPress stupid rules require this idiotic censoring as do various firewall filters).

Hollande wanted the votes of Blacks and Muslims as the more anti-Semitic candidate, but he did not want them out in the open showing France and the real French (i.e. those who lived there for ages, not Blacks from Africa nor Muslims from Pakistan and Algeria who are in no way French and no sensible person would consider French) what lies ahead. Hitler!

Or more reasonably, gas chambers for Jews first, then the rest of Whites in France.

This is why the National Front condemns Dieudonné but does not want him silenced. Marie Le Pen (her father was a pal of Dieudonné and godfather to his kids) understands that first Jews, then other Whites, is the order of the day. And that your skin color is your uniform. The National Front is not overwhelmed with love and affection for French Jews. But the French Jews are both White and French, so the National Front which is lined up against Blacks and Muslims, have chosen predictably race, skin color, and nationality over shared hatred of Jews.

Indeed, as Jew-hatred becomes more and more a Black and Muslim ghetto thug thing, even those in pure Kenneth Mars territory (“the Fuehrer could dance your pants off!”) are likely to abandon that as being for low IQ ghetto dwellers of non-White color. Marie Le Pen has called for protests against Dieudonne but no legal action, citing freedom of speech and the need to fully understand his appeal. Clever, that. The more Black guys goose-step on stage and publicly dream of gas chambers, the more diversity and political correctness falls apart and the more likely it is that France and other European nations expel en masse the majority of their non-White population in self-defence.

After all, what is notable is the reaction of France’s official Muslim and Black organizations: defense of both Dieudonne and his views. None have condemned his embrace of Hitler, the Holocaust, and the Nazi salute. Very, very telling.

Black guys just mostly hate Jews
Indeed, imagine a Dieudonné in the US. Admiring Hitler, calling for gas chambers, with enthusiastic reception by Blacks and Muslims. No greater challenge to the orthodox mythology of PC: Redneck and traditionalist Whites are the source of original sin and the Black and Muslim world the source of racial redemption, could be imagined.

I sincerely hope that France is unsuccessful in muzzling Dieudonne and that the man continues to draw a Black and Muslim crowd of Hitler admirers. Really, someone who wants to preserve Western civilization could ask for little more.

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37 Responses to Diversity Equals Hitler: Why France MUST Shut Up Dieudonné

  1. whorefinder says:

    Whiskey, you fascinating, subversive creature, you.

  2. Rurik says:

    Bad news. It will not be gas chambers this time, that would require educated Germans to operate. Much more likely to be panga knives, machetes, and necklaces. Don’t be taken alive.

    • The notable thing about the Holocaust was it required massive death machinery operated by highly indoctrinated SS and auxiliary units. Most German men and women were not up to mass slaughter. They did nothing of course, but by 1934 Hitler had all the power and guns. Eric Maria Remarque’s sister was beheaded by the Nazis in 1943 simply for being his sister, and Remarque’s writing “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

      By contrast from April to the end of June 1994, nearly all the Hutu population of Rwanda went on a killing rampage, overwhelmingly with machetes and rocks, against neighboring Tutsis and “moderate” Hutus. You had to pay to be shot to death. This involved up close and personal bashing in heads and cutting infants apart with machetes.

      The weakness of this approach is that in Europe and France, the cities have a band of non-Whites around them, but the countryside is still mostly White and the non-Whites are not the Wehrmacht. But a band of rabble. I have no doubt a Rwandan-style genocide of nearby Whites is in the offing. But the inevitable retaliation will be … organized. For survival.

      And that is something I’d like to avoid as most of the Dark Enlightenment would … by buying out and sending home those incompatble with European civilization: Africans and North Africans and Pakistanis and Bangladeshis and the like. Cheap at a million dollars per person.

      You could argue that the French deserve to see what they’re buying with Diversity. Hitler with a machete.

      • How were the jews able to torture and murder millions w/o any sophisticated killing machines? (Other than the hammer and nails they would use to nail Germans to their doors.)

        Answer, they didn’t. Being a small and discriminated minority Jews either desperately assimilated, left, or kept their head down. German Jews were the most assimilated, being disproportionately awarded Iron Crosses in WWI for gallantry. Don’t be more stupid than you are.

  3. SMERSH says:

    Jews are not ultra-whites. Jews are partially European but they identify in opposition to whites. That’s why they don’t have white privilege but they happily tell us about ours.


    • It would appear the latest DNA research that Ashkenazi Jews are indeed, very European. And are indeed, very White. They don’t dunk basketballs, run down the field with footballs, play soccer, and Beastie Boys aside, rap various ghetto thuggery.

      Jews indeed being genetically White, are prone to falling for the Crystal Methodism of religions, post-Christianity and worship of Black people as redeemers of White original racial sin. Just as current Jews in Europe are the descendants of converts in and around the Roman Empire in the First Century AD, so too are current Jews converting in massive amounts to the Post Christian Religion, which explains everything in the form but not content of Christianity.

      Certainly they get no pass from Blacks and Muslims. Quite the reverse, no matter how hard they espouse “anti-Racism” aka anti-White stuff according to their religion (of Post Christianity), they generate hatred. Because they are racially different from Africans and North Africans and Pakistanis. The same is seen with very Lutheran Swedish non-Jews. The more they grovel, the more hatred they get.

      • Congo Sam says:

        His point was that Jews tend to THINK of white people as “other”. Yeah, maybe wrongly. But very many of them THINK OF white people as “other”. They don’t like us, for the most part, I’ve found.

      • oogenhand says:

        Why is it that in Ashkenazic culture, it is acceptable to marry European non-Jewish women, but not acceptable to marry non-European(i.e. non-Ashkenazic) Jewish women, like Benjamin Freedman found out?

        Whiskey: Since I cannot reply to either, here’s my answer in this form (dang WordPress).

        Jews may not like other White people — which puts them in good company with New England Puritans, Scandinavian Lutherans, Calvinists of all stripes, and Philip Larkin “Little Englanders” but the phenomena of anti-White/Jewish hatred expressed on the street and on stage by Blacks and Muslims are changing their minds. One Knockout King attack at a time.

        As for Jews not marrying non-Whites, of course. Your mental model of thinking of Jews is flawed. Just think of them as fairly ultra clannish Lutherans and their strengths and weaknesses come into focus. Bruce Charlton’s Clever Sillies hypothesis accounts for lack of common sense among High IQ peoples, and anti-White stuff is found as much if not even more among High IQ Lutherans and Atheists and Feminists in Scandinavia as among Jews.

        Essentially, High IQ peoples including Jews and Scandinavian Lutherans are suckers for Post Christianity, with a toxic mix of debased, Folk Marxism mixed with the form but not substance of Christianity. Original White sin and Black redemption. This is why you get awful films, one after another, of stuff like France’s “Intouchables” (Black thug redeems White parapelegic), “Legend of Bagger Vance,” “Green Mile,” “the Visitor” (Black thug redeems uptight White middle aged guy) and so on.

        Post Christianity cleverly gives a religion and worldview and explanation for everything while explicitly posing as a non-religion. But it has its dogma, rituals, beliefs, heresies, and so on just like every other religion. As such, it is more harmful than Scientology and other scams, not the least of which is the amount of true believers seeking meaning as their high IQs cut them off from belief in tradition and heritage.

        This is excaberated by the real advances medicine, astronomy, physics, and other hard sciences have made over tradition: vapors and humors don’t cause malaria and yellow fever, bacteria transmitted by mosquitos do. Clever Sillies lack the common sense and middling IQ grounding to realize that the physical sciences are different from the social ones — that their own dogma and beliefs underming a real understanding of human nature and its constraints, either fallen in the Christian sense or prisoner of genetic heritage in the scientific one (i.e. humans as highly sexed, intelligent, aggressive-cooperative by turns primates).

        Dieudonne is like a brick onto the Post Christian Belief glass cathedral. He shatters it. Here is proof positive that Black guys are not redeemers. Instead, admirers of … Hitler.

    • Veritas says:

      hAVE TO AGREE WITGH YOU. The jews actions are as mustery. They attack those cultures that protect them and then flee from those who they have promoted. Let them reap what they sow.

  4. Oswald Spengler says:

    “Indeed, imagine a Dieudonné in the US. Admiring Hitler, calling for gas chambers, with enthusiastic reception by Blacks and Muslims.”

    You don’t have to imagine an American Dieudonné. His name is Louis Farrakhan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Farrakhan was the first person I have heard of in my life who revealed the fact that the jews were deeply involved in the slave trade.He aint all bad!

      • The Slave Trade was mostly done by the Spanish and Portugese, notable for the expulsion of Jews in the aftermath of the Morisco Revolt in the 1500’s. Secondarily it was the function of fine, aristocratic, English gentlemen from the old Saxon Kingdom of Wessex in the later part of the 1700’s and was ended by the Royal Navy in around 1840. Jews played a very minor role, in financing and even less in outfitting the trade. Which above all depended on the eagerness of Africans to enslave their neighbors in exchange for trinkets and firearms.

        So Farrakhan is about as correct in that regard as he is about Blacks building the Pyramids and flying around like Superman until “the Ice people killed them” or similar baby-talk magical nonsense.

  5. Oswald Spengler says:

    American Jews (even those in New York City) may be finally waking up and realizing white conservative Christians aren’t the demographic they have to fear the most. In the New York mayoral election, De Blasio won the Jewish vote by a relatively narrow margin, 51 to 46 percent, which closely tracked his take of the overall white vote.


    Presumably the Jewish voters who voted against the the former Sandinista fellow traveler didn’t relish getting the “Knockout Game” treatment at the hands of the “vibrant” thugs of the De Blasio Youth.

    • Veritas says:

      Ah the red one only got the jewish vote by a thin margin? Believe that and I have some Nigerian bonds you’d be very interested in buying from me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Jewish intellectual elite have promoted race-mixing, unlimited immigration, dissolution of European/Christian culture for over one hundred years in this country. On the one hand it’s extremely hard for me to feel any sorrow for the Jews, on the other hand the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right? It almost seems to me that the Jews are reaping what they have sown.

    I have no animosity towards Jews, but, why am I to feel sorry for a group of people that loathe everything that I hold near and dear, namely my history, culture, faith and family.

    Of course the Muslim hordes hate the Jew and the Christian too and never the twain shall meet.

    • The street reality of Dieudonne and the like (including De Blasio and “sons of Obama”) mean that Jews, Feminists, Lutherans, Christians, Evangelicals, who promote race-mixing, unlimited immigration (none are more open-borders than Catholics and Evangelicals), and explicitly anti-White behavior are going to find their religion as false as a fist to the head.

      Some, like the family of Amy Biehl, will put their religion over their family and themselves. Willing to die to keep believing in an obviously false, cargo-cult religion of the Colors of Benetton. Most will put survival over their Post-Christian religion.

      This is exactly why the National Front wants Dieudonne condemned but still speaking, and Hollande wants him shut up. Because its Jews first, other Whites later. And his appeal to the non-White inhabitants of France and Europe is striking and undeniable.

      • Wrong. NONE are more open borders than jews. Have you seen jew chuck schumer today talking about his joy that the “white anglo-saxon male”(who talks like that?)no .longer runs America. He is barking that this wonderful amnesty plan–which would be SO GOOD for America,creating jobs and growth and business oh boy!!–is being rejected by white males because white males are bad people standing in the way of progress. Sympathy for this species of garbage? I have more “sympathy for the Devil”. The Devil himself.

        John Boehner, and Bill Gates, and John McCain, and Bill de Blasio, and Jeh Johnson, WASP, WASP, WASP, Italian, and Black respectively, have all said the same thing or even worse. Blaming Jews is like Witchfinding, a sign of stupidity. If I’m sick I want a doctor, not hanging some old lady for witchcraft.

      • Veritas says:

        Wow, who is more one world government than jews?

  7. Oswald Spengler says:

    This blaxploitation cult classic is probably one of Dieudonné’s favorite films.

  8. cecil says:

    INteresting take on the diversity question.

    Whatever works to STOP these anti-whites from destroying western civilization.

    It would indeed be a very subversive way to undermine the anti-white agenda.

  9. Robert in Arabia says:

    There really can be no peace without justice. There can be no justice without truth. And there can be no truth, unless someone rises up to tell you the truth.
    Louis Farrakhan
    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/l/louis_farrakhan.html#ikipXj6v3rulvocr.99

  10. josh says:

    These monkeys dont like Hitler,they just like violence. We should look to Hitler for inspiration in dealing with THEM. Hitler was a man of his times and should be judged accordingly. Hitler and the Gemans faced an incalculable threat to the East. Communism was very real. Everywhere jews are they are assiduosly anti-white. In Ireland their is a powerful jew named Alan Shatter who understand is fanatically pro-immigration,which = pro-genocide. Here the jews are 100% in favor of immigration. Whatever they get they deserve.

    • Does Alan Shatter have magical mind-control powers? How is he powerful? Oh that’s right, IRISH PEOPLE (among the most anti-Semitic in Europe mind you, Ireland backed Hitler to the degree that Ike shunned de Valera for the rest of his life) just can’t get enough of diversity, or at any rate don’t have the stones to do anything about it.

      Irish people had no problem blowing up guys like Lord Mountbatten. But they balk at killing people promoting diversity. What does that tell you? That most Irish LIKE IT. Those that don’t won’t kill to stop it. They won’t even do what the IRA did in the 1980’s. Which was blow up Royal Family members.

      Hitler was an idiot. He made common cause with Stalin, and then fought Stalin and England together being sure the USA would come in; after he declared War on us. His best bet was to make peace with the West, forgo Anschluss and the Sudentland, and arm up Czechoslovakia, Poland, etc. as a buffer zone against Stalin and make peace/friends with France and England which were also scared of Stalin. Instead he was arrogant and stupid, not learning from WWI that fighting a two front war with a military incapable of sustained operations outside its borders (bad logistics) was stupid. He further compounded his stupidity by first anti-Jewish operations then the Holocaust. Taking a solidly pro-German population (like his WWI Commander) desperate for acceptance and very, very smart and assimilated (in Germany at least) and killing most of them. Imagine Einstein living in Berlin in 1938 and advising Germany on how best to get a nuclear bomb. Instead he wrote to FDR.

      • Veritas says:

        Do not reveal your ignorance. It is clear you have never been to Russia nor the Balkans. Where did you go to school, NYC?

      • A)Does Alan Shatter have magic powers? How the fuck should I know what goes on among the EU,the wealthy and the Jews? Why is this POS running so much of the government? What happens to Ireland if a Shatter got the boot and immigration refuted? B)”Irish among most anti-semitic…”. Years ago I wouldve been ashamed of this remark,today I am proud of it I dont know if the knowledege that the jews enslaved thousands of Irish,in return for being allowed back into England by Cromwell,is widely known.(They had been exiled rom England in the 13th century for,among other abuses,the John of Norwood barbarity,the so-called “blood libel” The libel that has been repeated 250 times throughout Europe and the Mideast,oddly.) I had never heard this until I happened to glance thru a fat book on the history of slavery. I hope you’re right and I hope this feeling grows. C) “Irish backed Hitler.”Ireland was neutral. God bless DeValera,perhaps he had been thinking of the centuries long savagery inflicted on the Irish by the English and maybe it tempered his love for Britain a bit. Ike can suck dick;America allied with the Soviet Union,the greatest murder machine in history.

      • NOTE:You refer to your people,the jews,as “desperate for acceptance.” I know that narrative is stressed in the handouts from the jew organizations. But here in America are the jews desperate for acceptance”? I think they are “desperate” for amnesty,for (among whites)integration,for Iran to be invaded,and to suck every last drop of blood they can get their fangs into. I dont think acceptance is very high on the list. Nor was it in Germany. This horseshit that I have heard and read,The jews of Germany loved Germany more than the Germans..what a crock.

      • “Hitler was an idiot.” We need better Hitlers!

  11. feeblemind says:

    Ralph Peters opines that eventually Europeans may dust off the genocide weapon and cleanse Europe of its minority population:

    He writes;
    THE historical patterns are clear: When Europeans feel sufficiently threatened – even when the threat’s concocted nonsense – they don’t just react, they over-react with stunning ferocity. One of their more-humane (and frequently employed) techniques has been ethnic cleansing.

    All the copy-cat predictions of a Muslim takeover of Europe not only ignore history and Europe’s ineradicable viciousness, but do a serious disservice by exacerbating fear and hatred. And when it comes to hatred, trust me: The Europeans don’t need our help.


  12. Shalambo says:

    Conservative blogger…

    Larry Auster was a conservative. You are a neo-conservative, Whiskey. Neo-conservatives are not conservative. They are allies of the left. Surprise, surprise, they are also highly deceitful and dishonest.

  13. Sam says:

    What an absurd article. Jews aren’t white at all, they are Semites like Arabs, they most certainly aren’t white Europeans.

    It is certainly true that the Africans, Algerians, & Pakistanis in France aren’t French but it is also true that Jews in France aren’t French either.

    • Ashkenazi Jews are certainly White. They’re basically Italian men with ME women. That’s pretty White to me. But then who knew Leonardo Da Vinci, Enzo Ferrari, Silvio Berlusconi, Julius Caesar, Enrico Caruso, and Machiavelli were not White Europeans? I mean really, thanks for clearing that up!

      • Sam says:

        Oh please. Italians aren’t Jews and Jews aren’t Italians. You insult Italians by saying there is no difference. Italians are native to Europe, they speak an Aryan language. Jews are native to the Middle East and they speak a Semitic language that is foreign to Europe.

        Jews and Italians have different homelands, religious traditions, ancestors, history everything. Again if you want to talk about a tribe related to Jews then the Arabs would be their closest cousins in the world today.

        Italians are a white European people, Jews are a brown Middle Eastern people with some Ashkenazi having some European admixture. Big difference.

  14. Jon says:

    Here’s the difference between gentile whites and blacks/Jews:

    If new technology provided unlimited real estate/natural resources and if blacks/Jews wanted to go live by themselves, gentile whites wouldn’t stop them. If gentile whites wanted to go live by themselves, Jews/blacks would go to war to prevent them doing so.

  15. There are no sacred cows in comedy. Comedy has always had to be seen as subversive and anti-establishment to be cutting-edge and popular. Comics, from the “ultra-White,” Lenny Bruce and so forth were able to take potshots at the White establishment without pointing and sputtering White columnists invoking Godwin’s Rule of Nazi Analogies and White politicians trying to outlaw all freedom of speech. There is always blowback in politics, so get used to it. As Harry S. Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” I think the “ultra-Whites” are carrying on like hysterical children who need to put on their big boy underoos and big girl panties and simply chalk up the antics of Dieudonne as a measure of their success. Congratulations. You’re Da Man now. Deal with it.

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