Civil War: the Uber Middle and the Rest of the Near-Elite

War! Among the Elite!The Financial Times (if you are not reading it you should be, it is while a liberal newspaper far better than the WSJ or NYT, admittedly a low bar) had last week a series of articles illustrating the growing civil war among the elites and near elites. Over what else, money? While for Conservatives this might be a popcorn moment, divisions and anger among elites and near elites offer the ability to peel off significant portions of the ruling, elite/near elite/non-White poor coalition that has driven the Western nations to near collapse.

The reason is that the elites are running the entire West into a destiny called Venezuela. Oh, the West has more money to start with and a higher educated and smarter population. But the destination remains the same. And the very elite policies of globalization (aka depress wages for all but a few superstars via H1-B workers and mass cheap labor on the low end), mass immigration and destruction of manufacturing (to chase cheap Chinese labor) in service to a Colors of Benetton post-National utopia, have undeniably destroyed the lives of near elites.

Now, what did Machiavelli advise in this case? His advice to the Prince was to kill people rather than make them poor and leave them alive. Dead men can’t fight back, while those made poor remain eternal enemies.

In Britain and the US alike, the screwing-over of near elites, the teachers, nurses, university professors, etc. has begun in earnest. And it is no longer possible for elites to buy them off with anything other than cultural goodies of “sticking it to conservatives” in terms of gay marriage, racial dogma, and the like. Even that is starting to fail. With interesting results.

First, in Britain the FT reports on the growing division between the uber-middle and those desperately clinging to middle class status.

The uber-middle

To claim this status, you will need to be comfortably in the top 5 per cent of all national earners. This bracket starts at about £69,000 a year but you probably earn considerably more, in a top flight financial services job or in medicine. You are far more likely to work in London than any other part of the country. Experian, the consumer information company, suggests you will have a house with five bedrooms or more, in the most exclusive neighbourhood, or an expansive country pile with easy transport access to the UK’s major cities.

The cling-ons

Once, you could realistically aspire to a place among the top 10 per cent of British earners, earning at least £54,000 in today’s money. Now, if you are, say, a teacher, architect, mechanical engineer or natural scientist, you have seen your profession’s presence in that bracket dwindle or die over the past 40 years. With private school no longer an option, you will seek out the catchment areas of good state schools. Relatively less prosperous than your counterparts a generation ago, you can still afford to live in desirable suburban neighbourhoods in traditional three to four bedroom homes, suggests Experian.

The Financial Times goes on to report in more detail in another article:

In 1975, more than a decade before the Big Bang that deregulated the City, the average London financial services worker was paid about £3,800 a year, a salary that was outstripped by a sizeable proportion of other professionals. Academics were paid about £5,000, around a third more, while natural scientists and engineers received roughly 10 per cent more than finance workers.

Now the average London financial services salary is about £102,000 including bonuses while academics are paid about £48,000, natural scientists average about £42,000 and mechanical engineers £46,000.

Entire groups have completely disappeared from the ranks of upper earners. In 1975, further education lecturers and teachers together made up almost one in 10 of the top 5 per cent of earners. Thousands employed in manufacturing and industry – as printers, pit deputies or even coal miners – also featured but none are now in that bracket.

Driving the change is a big expansion in the proportion of finance professionals, including bankers, in the top 5 per cent of earners. Their share has more than doubled since 1975, from 7.4 per cent to 17.8 per cent.


Underpinning this shake-up in the top tier of society is a severing of the bond that for decades tied the top 1 per cent of earners to the 9 per cent below them. The very highest earners have increased their share of total earnings by almost 9 percentage points since 1979 while the rest of the top 10 per cent have captured only an extra 4 percentage points.

The data also highlight the difficulties politicians face in delivering balanced growth across the UK. Taken together, London and the southeast have increased their share of top 5 per cent of earners from half to almost two-thirds in the past four decades. The south’s gains have come at the expense of Scotland, Wales and the north.

Professor Bell said the findings underlined the extent to which high-paying jobs had become concentrated in the capital as the economy increased its reliance on the financial services industry.

“The jobs which pay staggeringly high money are all in London. Forty years ago there were very well paid people around the country in manufacturing and they have all vanished. If you want to earn £1m it is difficult not to live in London,” he said.

In other words, wealth and power have been concentrated in London, in the financial services sector, and the gains in wealth and power have been almost but not quite exclusively grabbed by London-based financial people. Even more frightening, is that the ability to move up particularly for the children of the near-elite: university professors, lesser media people, accountants, engineers, and the like has come to a complete halt. It seems that their children would struggle to even maintain their own parents diminished earnings, status, and social power.

This is known in historical circles as a pre-revolutionary condition. Taking an important middle group, with near elite status, and making them into peasants or near-serfs makes them angry and prone to gambling on almost anything. If you want to know why now, the UKIP, the Scottish National Party, the National Front, the Vlaams Belang, the Golden Dawn, the People’s Party, the Catalan Independence Movement, and more have suddenly sprung up, it has to do with middle class and higher people being pushed into the working class, with no hope of improvement.

This far predates the financial crisis, and is a function of mass immigration, skilled immigration, loss of manufacturing, defacto anti-White religious beliefs, and the concentration of power into finance and associated political dynasties.

Manufacturing is basically dead in Britain. All the high paying jobs remain in London exclusively, killing the regional cities that used to offer manufacturing based jobs that paid a middle class wage or higher. [Particularly interesting is Oxford and Cambridge, which have lost power, status, and prestige relative to hedge fund managers and bankers in London. A group of smart people with lots of time on their hands and a sudden loss of status and power is never a good thing for rulers.]

Worse, London has massive no-go areas due to Black/Muslim populations that punish and harass Whites. At the extreme, beheading the odd White British soldier alone and unprotected. At the most commonplace, Sharia-based harassment of unveiled women, people drinking beer, eating pork, walking dogs. As a result only a few, non-Black, non-Muslim areas of London are “safe” for Whites and like San Francisco below, mass non-White immigration creates a real estate shortage which makes the job center unliveable for all but the highest of earners.

The Financial Times shows this in action in San Francisco as well.

A dispute is already rumbling in San Francisco about the hundreds of commuter shuttles that transport tech workers from the city down to Silicon Valley – and how little they pay to park. However, the protesters’ main issue was over the cost and availability of housing. [Emphasis added.]

Young technology workers usually prefer to live in San Francisco rather than the suburban sprawl of Silicon Valley.

Average rents in San Francisco rose more than 12 per cent last year to $3,550 for a two-bedroom apartment – a point where only 14 per cent of units are affordable to someone on the city’s median income, according to data from Trulia, a real estate website. House prices gained 22 per cent last year to almost $1m for the average two-bedroom property.

To underline the scale of the problem, evictions in San Francisco are up almost 40 per cent since 2010.

Russell Hancock, president of Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a regional think-tank, noted that while 33,000 people moved to the area last year, only 7,500 new housing units were built. “The housing problems are just horrendous,” he said. “This is not a hospitable place for lower earners, middle earners and even some higher earners.”

Emmett Carson, president of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, even went as far as to compare the widening gap between rich and poor in Silicon Valley with disasters such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina.

“Rising tides do not lift all boats. We can see that clearly after a tremendous four years of job growth and growth in the highest incomes – yet inequality continues to exist here,” he said.

Yet the Silicon Valley Index, an indicator released this week by Joint Venture Silicon Valley and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, showed a tale of two valleys, where middle-class earners are being pushed out and the lowest earning ethnic group earns 70 per cent less than the highest. [Emphasis added]

In California, San Francisco/Silicon Valley is where a few superstar employees of Apple, Google, Facebook, and other social media companies make an enormous amount of money. Many of the superstars are politically connected, elites like say, Sheryl Sandberg of “Lean In” fame. Hired and paid enormous amounts of money so their connected relatives will create sweetheart crony capitalism deals. Like China where connected princelings earn enormous amounts of money and are exempt from laws that crush ordinary workers.

Meanwhile, the middle class has been eviscerated. Gone are the middle class programming jobs, erased by waves of H1-B visa holders who work for peanuts on three year contracts and are replaced in churning fashion to keep wages as low as possible. Apple itself is a company that employs nearly a million contract Chinese semi-slave laborers for manufacturing, about 18,000 retail workers world-wide, at near minimum wages, and about 400 or so employees at company headquarters. Facebook has only a few thousand workers, and even Google has only 30,000 workers worldwide, a fraction of the amount GM, Ford, Chrysler, Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas, Kodak, Xerox, Motorola, and others used to employ in the US alone.

A related article on Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago by the FT this past weekend holds a clue as to the sustainability of this process. Emmanuel has basically picked a fight with Bertha Lewis, the obese Black head of the Chicago Teacher’s Union, which is overwhelmingly Black. In addition, Emmanuel is determined to reel back the enormous concessions the unions in Chicago extorted from prior Mayor Daley in his idiotic, doomed Olympics bid. For example, garbagemen aka “disposal hoisters” earn over $90 an hour in overtime. Which is granted routinely. Chicago has only 35% of its pensions funded (by comparison even NYC has 60%) and Emmanuel must either slash spending, massively raise taxes (mostly on corporations) or cut existing pension benefits.

Emmanuel plans to do the latter, cut the benefits. Because he no longer needs the unions or Black voters.

Let me repeat this. Emmanuel no longer needs Black Voters or Union Money.

He has billionaire/corporate money. And the fear/loathing of the White/Hispanic population of Black political control. Chicago is roughly a third White, third Mexican, and third Black. Whites and Mexicans look at Detroit in horror, and don’t want that fate which inevitably accompanies Black political control. Meanwhile Emmanuel is betting on enormous sums of corporate and billionaire money with micro-targeted, technology based, get-out-the-vote efforts to see him re-elected.

The same sort of bet: use two thirds to screw over the third, has been made in reverse by elites elsewhere. In London, in San Francisco, it has been the big corporate money plus non-Whites to screw over the average White person. What Steve Sailer calls the “hi-low” team up.

This team up has been a marriage of enormous amounts of money, and masses of non-White and therefore anti-White votes. The best examples are of Bill de Blasio on New York City, and “Red Ken” Livingstone in London.

However the fracture among the near elites is causing this strategy to crack up. No, London is still a sea of seething non-Whites filled with hatred for the White majority in the nation. But lots and lots of people invited to the party, particularly younger Whites, are finding that they get only crumbs and can expect even less as the connected few got all the goodies.

The money and votes are still there for the de Blasio alliance, but against it are an ever-increasing dispossessed group of near elites who have brains and energy and anger. Edward Snowden is a cautionary tale of how an angry person can in the computer age disclose a lot of highly embarrassing documents. The internet allows an end-run around the money-controlled media, and it is not as if the non-White mass voting bloc does not have massive corruption problems in its tribunal leaders (Al Sharpton, Detroit’s Hip-Hop Mayor Kwame Fitzpatrick) nor its general citizens (pick any Black-on-White racially motivated murder this week).

What will people do for money? Almost anything, and people will desperately cling to middle class status when they are pushed down to serfdom by elites and masses of non-White voters. In the graph at the top of the story, only Doctors and Finance people have “won” in the last forty years. Everyone else, from accountants to teachers to architects, have lost. Substantially. So far the alliance of big elite billionaire and corporate money and mass non-White votes has carried the day. But the lower, pushed-out near elites who are not Doctors or Finance people (and Doctors will lose in the US via ObamaCare) can no longer be bought off by gay marriage, “stick it to conservatives” social policies. No amount of White guilt mongering over “Twelve Years a Slave” matters when young people are crammed into tiny apartments looking with hatred and envy at a few connected winners.

Why, they might even eventually question the whole globalist, trans-national, trans-racial, politically correct, diversity-based system.

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22 Responses to Civil War: the Uber Middle and the Rest of the Near-Elite

  1. Mr. Rational says:

    Your column kept getting narrower. I think you inserted some blockquotes when you meant to close them.

  2. Oswald Spengler says:

    “In Britain and the US alike, the screwing-over of near elites, the teachers, nurses, university professors, etc. has begun in earnest. And it is no longer possible for elites to buy them off with anything other than cultural goodies of “sticking it to conservatives” in terms of gay marriage, racial dogma, and the like. Even that is starting to fail. With interesting results.”


    To paraphrase Steve Sailer, the specter of the straight white male, which is the KKKrazy Glue that holds together the leftist coalition, is starting to lose its adhesiveness.

  3. One Pissed Off Irishman says:

    I think a prime example of this fracturing in the leftist coalition is the “Solidarity is for White Women” flame wars on Twitter. I’d like Whiskey to throw in his 2 cents on how this dissolution of the left will hurt the political hegemony of the oh so “strong, independent, sassy” white wymenz that have taken so much pleasure in kicking us White men while we’ve been down these last several decades.

  4. ralph rind says:

    formatting of this post is messed up as of this comment time

  5. Interested says:

    Whiskey, I am having trouble teasing out what is your commentary and what is from the Financial Times

  6. Julian O'Dea says:

    “The novel is the story of a rebellion in the middle classes in an enclave of Greater London.”

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  8. josh says:

    Interesting re Rahm. He may incite a negro uprising as he seeks to fix the pensions. He closed a lot of schools-out of necesiity,as the black hoods,of course, are seriously low in pop. density. Knee Grows did not like that and the obese lady asked,dumbly,why he was picking on black schools! Rahm is of course a jew–a BIG Jew,and he will take care of the jews,big time.( The leading candidate for the REp nomination for gov is Bruce Rauner, jew,amd the guy who got Rahm his multimillion $$$ baner job. These boys are closerthanthis.) When Harold Washington ran the jews and their money and their running dog “useful idiots” got behind him big time,happily trying to shit on the now exiled white working/middle class they hate so. We dodged a bullet when the aging queen died of a heart attack and Daley took over.Now the “lakefront liberals” will go for Rahm,as a homely large horsefaced black woman named Toni Preckwinkle,and old fashioned competent seeming lite skinned black female,not so long deevorced from her white husband,will rise and take on Rahm. Whites will support Rahm–a guy who detests them.

    • josh says:

      heh heh thats “banker job”. Sorry

    • If you read the FT article Rahm is a billionaire guy. Friends of FIRE — finance, real estate, insurance. That’s White. Just billionaire White. Rahms better than preckwinkle who could beat him with Black plus uber lib White (Ayers etc.) plus dnough hispanic.

  9. Spychiatrist says:

    I sincerely hope you’re correct in your prognostication Whiskey. Especially that last sentence, the one that says, “Why, they might even eventually question the whole globalist, trans-national, trans-racial, politically correct, diversity-based system.”

    I’m praying, I’m praying with all my might that you’re right Mr. Whiskey.

  10. Spychiatrist says:

    What you’re accessing is that the elite have overplayed their hand. I think that’s why they have been building the DHS and other domestic armies, I think they know what’s coming and they’re trying to consolidate their police forces to combat the angry and aggrieved peasants.

    Are we going to see Argentina-like economies, hyperinflation, currency devaluation, and bank defaults or what? I’m amazed that the financial sector has held it together as long as they have, of course TARP money helped stave that off. How many more times can the tax-payer, a la government keep this ship from sinking?

  11. anonymous2 says:

    I wonder if that’s just looking at income, not the insane DEBT that is now normal to pay through professional schools. Blue collar proles and the nepotistic elite are completely economically stomping the hard working betas who refuse to network/collude and just judge each other individually based on school grades and rankings (which are now utterly pointless). We have now hit the full hangover of 1950’s meritocracy. 1960’s counterculture too, the rejection of traditional social institutions.

    It was great for WASPS to have a Dr. Bernstein, but now Obamacare’s “equal opportunity” means your doctor is more likely to be a Dr. Rajamataramalamadingdong. Egalitarianism means the elites get the first group and peasants the second. This happens every time meritocracy is extended to women, who cheerfully work with the alpha underclass as allies. Betas who play by the rules and don’t form interest groups are the losers.

  12. Discard says:

    Whiskey: Do you think that the professional class, your “near elite”, can stomach the idea of treating the White working class as humans? A great deal of their self image relies upon thinking themselves better than plumbers and mechanics and other such racist sexist homophobic trash. Or will they just try to take over the top slots for themselves, and damn the trade school grads? Personally, I’m glad to see them suffer.

    • anonymous2 says:

      The “near-elite” SWPL crowd, even before the era of Big Education, has NEVER consistently made higher net present career earnings than the working class. They make greater incomes at older ages, and it generally evens out, except the white collar guys don’t have as many children. Not because of money, but motivation and time is spent in crucial family forming years on careerism instead! This is the single stupidest caste to ever put trust in, the clerk caste; they are not even remotely like the sincere elites, who have a lot of cultural overlap with proles, but will never admit it. Democrats are the top and bottom, and it has been the Republicans who have been the mediocre middle that consistently fall for cheap chalupas and imported Chinese junk. Housing and education bubbles are also demographic failures, eaten right up by the bourgeois pseudo-elite professional class. The merchant caste is slicing them to pieces now, and shame on the bourgeoisie for falling for it over and over again, especially in this digital age!

      Leftists can make better leaders because straight-up reparations is less demographically dangerous to whites than housing bubbles, or fake meritocracy education bubbles, etc. The neocon style fantasy of uplifting minorities with cargo cult behavior only hurts the naive whites who fall for it. The leftist’s hostility towards whites in university, to the point of being repellent, is or will be soon a demographic tailwind for whites, as they abandon the ivory towers.

      Unless a great paleocon emerges, like Pat Buchanan with more brains or Ron Paul with less age, the cynical right wing should vote Democrat and be ready to jockey for position when the big tent snaps. Supporting the Palins, Boeners, and McCains of the world is the way of the beta male loser.

      • map says:

        Except none f this works, because, if you are a straight, white male, then they already have you targeted.

        Dems know you wear who you are on your skin.

  13. Discard says:

    Having stolen the wealth of the working class, maybe the only money left to steal is that of the professional classes.

  14. seth says:

    In ancient times before Christ, the Pharisees (lawmakers) of the time had invented debt-based currency and a code of laws for all to follow. Christ was the first real competition they had and the first real political revolutionary. So this ‘Synagogue of Satan’ killed him. In time, they had poisoned all religions, including Christianity, with truth mixed in with lies. They could not hide Christ’s existence, so they sought to sully his teachings, and deceive others’.

    By the 330AD, Constantinople was founded, alongside ‘Roman Catholicism’, which became a proxy for a new re-imagined Roman Empire. This new Christianity had false teachings mixed in with truth. The capitol was moved from Rome to its new site, with a further 1/3 move left to put the capitol where it was really wanted by the ‘elite’ of that time. In Jerusalem. But all roads lead to Rome, and the Roman empire collapsed as the trade routes to Constantinople were not favourable.

    Over the next century and a bit, many wars were fought in the subverted Christianity’s name. The Muslim religion was founded by the elite as an antidote to Christianity.

    By the late 1700s, the House of Rothschilds had beaten Napoleon and gained control of all of Britain through financial manipulation. They established a mighty empire, with the Satanic aim of re-establishing the third temple at Jerusalem, where Constantine had failed. They financed both sides of all wars and continue to do this in the present day, having staged the Ukraine anti-government ‘revolution’.

    The UK is the financial power. The Vatican is the political seat, where the last Pope (Petrus Romanus = Peter of the Roman/US empire) is bringing in ecumenical teachings, into the Church, which arguably goes against Christianity. Lastly, the US is the military arm, and has been used in the last few decades to establish dictatorships in various nations, with the excuse being given to the general public that ‘a world police’ is needed.

    We are now in the end-game. We all know the bankers are the hidden hand that controls society, for none of the big names were prosecuted following the financial crisis. We can see/feel something is wrong. Kissinger had recently suggested that ‘Israel will cease to exist in 10 years’. The Iraelis are actually Edomites from the Caucausus, and are being used to establish the third temple from which the fabled Antichrist will rule. The real Israelites are spread all over the world, with only a handful in Israel. In any case, we will see scripture be fulfilled at some point in the next few decades, but the cost in terms of human suffering will be immense. People of all races and creeds will suffer and fight, at the beckoning of the Satanists, who see themselves as the true rulers of the human race and as benevolent people.

    Truth is hard to find in the modern era, but this researched account is as close to the truth as we will get.

    • James K says:

      You need to stop smoking that stuff – it is supplied by the elite and the CIA to keep their enemies comfortably irrational.

  15. larry says:

    Everyone should know what is written here is very enjoyable.

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