Michael Sam: The NFL Goes All-Gay

Michael Sam Goes Full Homo
With the selection of Michael Sam as the 249th draft pick in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams, the NFL has gone All-Gay, all the time. A nicer thing couldn’t happen to a more deserving league. Sam’s canny move in coming out assured his selection. The NFL could not afford the negative publicity of NOT picking the only Openly Gay College Football Player eligible for the draft. A smart move by a guy with limited speed, strength, and size, likely to be completely ineffective against the NFL’s players. While Sam was All-SEC Defensive Player of the Year, even a team like Alabama or Auburn has a number of walk-ons and players who will not be going to the NFL. The NFL by contrast is filled with the best players every year from College Football. Instead of facing one great offensive player, and the rest merely college players unable to make it to the NFL, Sam will face a team made up entirely of the very best, greatest college players. Which is why the scouts were so down on his performance, and likely the NFL had to lean heavily on the Rams to take Sam in exchange for favors to be named later.

Never Go Full Homo
But the fun will really begin with the repeat of Sam’s smooch of his “boyfriend” every game, which ESPN and every sports page will blast in everyone’s faces. As well as the reaction of mostly ghetto Black players in the locker room. Well, what could go wrong? Everyone knows rap music, the favorite of Black NFL players, is remarkably tolerant and accepting of gays.

The NFL has steadily under Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue expanded its reach, its money, its presence in American life. By presenting a fairly even competition, with TV-friendly rules and promotions, and vicarious “nations” to replace the faltering American one, the NFL expanded inside the US to be the premier televised sport with TV revenues of around $9 billion for 2013 according to Forbes, but All-Gay all the time puts that in jeopardy. ESPN may have proudly broadcast the gay kiss during the draft, triumphantly “shocking the bourgeoisie” but that moment turned off legions of NFL fans.

Raiders Fans Being Remarkably RestrainedWho, to put it mildly, are not exactly SWPL, gay-friendly, metrosexual lovers of all things organic and NPR. NFL ownership is concerned mainly with fitting in with other elites, particularly the media which is itself a hereditary position filled with the lesser children of elites or children of lesser elites. What turns on Keith Olberman, Tony Kornheiser, and the writers at Grantland is a turn-off for fans. This ought to concern the NFL owners (but it doesn’t, because they are fat, happy, and stupid) as the NFL has been unable to expand overseas and must find all its revenue among the American audiences. Scratch that, the White Middle Class American audience, who remain the only group capable of paying the fees associated with the NFL’s “Sunday Ticket” and a money making proposition for the league and advertisers.

No one is exactly rushing to reach the gay audience to sell cars, beer, life insurance, and the like. There are too few gays, and they are less wealthy than imagined, to make any real money for the league or be profitable to reach for the sponsors and advertisers. Just like the mis-steps Marvel has made with “Agents of Shield” (more on that later in the week, hopefully family health permitting), the NFL has traded an audience that doesn’t matter: media types, women, gays, for one that does: middle aged, middle class White guys. Who I assure you don’t care for gay smooches.

I hate you Daddy! See!
If the NFL wanted to reach Ireland Baldwin, the famously “rude little pig” daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, actress/model/whatever, dating (i.e. having sex with) bi-sexual Black Rapper Angel Haze, well mission accomplished. [That’s her, above.] But the reason the NFL made this error, in signing Michael Sam and going All-Gay all the time, is that they’ve conflated elite values with mass values. And think there will be no consequence for being All-Gay, all the time.

Sam is a mediocre at best, NFL player. He will have to be signed, and started. With this much hype, hoopla, and “Black gay hope” invested in him, if the St. Louis Rams don’t sign him and not just play him but start him, the gays, media, women (who love gays … and Blacks, see Baldwin, Ireland) will have a screaming social media fit. And sponsors, etc. will complain and threaten to cancel deals. Like I said, it was canny for Sam to come out. Absent being known as openly gay, he would never have been drafted or signed as a free agent.

Just imagine the locker-room reaction, to having a player who cannot help produce wins, and thus a Superbowl opportunity (which means money, fame, and a longer playing career plus more opportunities after playing in the NFL), sticks around and is All-Gay, all the time. Just imagine the fun to be had with guys who have six kids by five different women, and a rep for thugging it up, mixing with All-Gay Michael Sam.

And just imagine the fun to be had with ESPN and other networks breathlessly covering Michael Sam in every game, panning up to his “boyfriend” who will preen and prance for the camera.

I couldn’t be happier. The sooner the NFL dies, the better. If religion was the opiate of the masses, back in the 19th Century, professional and college sports plays that role today. The NFL in particular is obnoxious in that Black athletes are at the heart of it, along with deliberately not seeing their flaws (mostly) as human beings. The NFL prefers (along with the NBA) Black athletes. There is an endless supply of them, mostly ill-educated at best, easily exploited, easily replaceable. This keeps the labor cost down, even the grossly inflated salaries of today’s Black superstars are a bargain because few play the life of the contract much less meet performance metrics, and the average career of the NFL player is only four years. With the league about 72% Black or so, this works out to be fairly cheap for the owners. Black players have done a historically poor job of organizing, and the superior athletic ability (on average) of Black players combined with an endless supply of very athletic, very ill educated, very low IQ athletes benefits the NFL owners as they never really have to share the TV, merchandising, and other revenue sources with the players.

Worse, the NFL consistently covers over or excuses away or outright ignores the blatant criminality of much of their Black superstar athletes. A league that celebrates Ray Lewis, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, is bad for America. It provides athletic excuse after athletic excuse for Black dysfunction and has been if not the only, the major force in White America refusing to acknowledge Black underclass dysfunction and demand changes or force compliance. Every White middle aged guy cheering “his guy” making a touchdown for “his nation,” a team not a real nation, is one more excuse to roll over and allow disparate impact, “racial profiling,” and other complaints to prevent any real measures to combat the Black underclass crime wave ongoing since the late 1950’s.

The more White Middle Aged America stops watching the NFL and engaging in excuses and fantasies, the more something can actually be done to make places like Baltimore, Detroit, and Gary Indiana liveable: locking up most violent criminals for long periods of time in isolated prisons, 98% of whom will be Black. America’s cities can be reclaimed: locking up about 50% of young Black men living in them for about forty years would do the trick.

So I for one am delighted with the All-Gay, All the Time, new NFL. You go Gurrrrrllllll! Be as glittery and as gay as you like. You’ll get the audience for (non-Olympic) Men’s Gay Ice Skating. Bored White women, gays, and nothing else. About 300,000 viewers or so. Enjoy your ads from Sequin House, Nair, and Real Housewives of Anchorage NFL! I’ll be watching racing.

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24 Responses to Michael Sam: The NFL Goes All-Gay

  1. OK, my knowledge of Football is just about zero, but somehow, you have hit a chord here. For the NFL to reach out to the G/GS (Gay/Gay-Sympathetic, 85%-Rule Compliant) demographic is almost like the Kim Family of North Korea winning a Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Rights.

    That’s all I’m going to say…

  2. YIH says:

    His chance of actually making that NFL team that fled Anaheim? Not much better than yours.

    YIH personal insults will simply get you banned. I’d keep it clean and raise your maturity level above say, nine years old if you want to post here. This is your only warning.

    • The Miami Dolphins player who tweeted OMG and “Horrible” has been sent to sensitivity training (no joke) and the Dolphins said they would not “tolerate” such “bigotry.” So yeah, the guy HAS to make the team otherwise the gays and the all important Ireland Baldwin (“I hate you Daddy!”) demographic will be up in arms along with the media. But I repeat myself.

      With this much invested in the guy, you really think he won’t make the team? That it will be a football decision? Come on.

    • Mike Sam? Still not as roundheeled as Jim Everett.

  3. Robbins Mitchell says:

    National Fagball League

  4. Soviet of Washington says:

    He’ll fit in just fine once the Rams move back to LA. The Rams have a good starting front 7 on defense, so he’ll definitely be drag on the teams on-the-field performance. That’s good, as it will be obvious he’s there for only one reason. Rams were beginning to worry me as up-and-coming competition for the Seahawks. Sam ought to cost them 1-2 games this year.

  5. D S Craft says:

    Well, I bet the centers of NFL are glad he’s not a quarterback….

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  7. Polar Bear says:

    So is Sam a top or a bottom?

    Judging from the photos above, he seems to be a pitcher, at least in this particular relationship.

    • whorefinder says:

      lol. A gay guy who I had to tolerate once–because I was seeing a chick who was a fag hag (gag)—told me that, surprisingly, the big gay guys are usually the catchers/receivers. So Sam prolly his whitey’s bitch there (lol). Wouldn’t surprise me; most football players who have a serious piece are led around by them.

      This dovetails nicely with another chick I knew in my eternal beta days. She was a mudshark who only went for the most flagrantly ghetto-acting simians. Hilariously, she was inevitably unsatisfied with them, because as she confided in me, in the bedroom they were pussycats who wanted HER to take the lead, and were pretty beta behind closed doors overall–probably a byproduct of their consistent down low behavior.

      She would hook up with one and then disregard them soon afterwards for anotha brutha–consistently disappointed. This always led to fights amongst the gorillas, which prolly turned her on, and was, she said, the only time her subhumans acted the way she wanted them to.


  8. dsgntd_plyr says:

    NBA owner Mark Cuban, a smart guy who doesn’t want to set a precedent of taking away an owner’s NBA team, recently said the NFL is risking over saturation with their business model, which would lead to decline.

    Since saturday I’ve thought Michael Sam could be the start of that decline by trading straight guys (96.5% of population) for gays (3.5%) http://www.gallup.com/poll/160517/lgbt-percentage-highest-lowest-north-dakota.aspx

    • That was my thought.

    • thordaddy says:

      Liberalism is PROOF of the Law of Diminishing Returns. A global market means one isn’t selling an actual product or service, but is selling an ideology.

      There is no more NFL. “It” has completely collapsed and been assimilated by the zeitgeist. It is now like a “black hole” where no “intolerant” energy can escape. The NFL is no longer comprised of Alpha black athletes, but de facto homos in cleats.

    • And frankly American football isn’t a very good sport. Way too many stoppages. My soccer fandom has killed enthusiasm for the NFL. I basically only watch the playoffs, and “big games,” in the regular season. Rugby’s better.

  9. fakeemail says:

    I can’t understand any man over 13 years old following sports team, making fantasy leagues, paying for tickets, etc. It’d be insane even if the players were all law-abiding whites.

    • thordaddy says:

      You can’t understand why white man likes violent things? Measured violence amongst elite physical specimens is the lure.

  10. Simian Browse says:

    This is the best commentary yet in an internet full of wind on this subject. I gave up on the NFL a few years ago and haven’t looked back. I suggest everyone do the same.

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  12. cecil says:

    I think people are slowing waking up (many on an unconscious level only) that they are not being sold football BUT a political and social worldview.

    And they can’t have the one without taking the other.

    Anybody who saw these professional leagues for what they are and who plays in them, could not continue in good conscience continue to watch or let their kids watch.

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  14. feeblemind says:

    Was hoping to see you commenting on this Whiskey.

    I am a little skeptical that this will hurt the NFL as badly as you suggest but definitely agree that it won’t help them. If an undeserving player starts because of his sexual orientation, does this mean Affirmative Action has finally come to the NFL Rosters?

    What father is going to want to explain homosexuality to his 8 year old son while watching an NFL game? In my view, waving homosexuality in every one’s faces during the games makes it less family friendly to watch and I always thought the NFL promoted themselves as very family friendly?

    I guess we’ll see the effect this Fall…..

  15. oralc says:

    The Kiss was disgusting.I actually give some props toNnes for commenting.The WHITE PLAYERS,trained so rigorously to behave,wouldn’t have the nerve,they’re so well mannered.Btw that’s Jones in the first sentence.

  16. Eris Guy says:

    You could compare his career to Robbie Rogers, soccer (in America’s) attempt to pander (and not their first, which was terminating Houston 1836).

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