TV’s Purge: Get Rid of White Guys

As the kick-off to the Fall 2014 Television season approaches, an interesting dichotomy is showing up. A few networks are betting all in on getting rid of White guys and showing “Diverse” (read: BLACK) characters with a few White women, and others are ignoring the screaming critics for profitability which means: White guys.

ABC is is betting it all on Black so to speak, with the LAT reporting:

ABC is taking a bold step this fall to diversify prime-time television by prominently showcasing African Americans, Latinos and other minorities on a scale never before seen on a major American network.

The broadcast networks have traditionally cast white actors in lead roles, calculating that they would help boost a show’s chances of success in the ratings and international sales. Not only that, but the creative team behind the camera has also been typically white as well.

But those traditional biases are fading, Paul Lee, ABC’s entertainment president, said Tuesday during ABC’s presentation at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour in Beverly Hills.

”America doesn’t look like that anymore,” said Lee, a native of Britain. “When I came here, I wanted to find shows that reflected America. That’s our job.”

Shows with all-white casts “feel dated,” added Lee.

But it was the blockbuster success of writer/producer Shonda Rhimes’ hit, “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington, that paved the way for this season’s changes. The drama, which launched in mid-season two years ago with seemingly low expectations, demonstrated that America would embrace a show starring an African American woman.

Lee (it must be noted, a White guy) has also in effect banned White producers and writers from ABC, in favor of “Diverse” creators. Black Producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is producing “How to Get Away With Murder” starring Viola Davis as a law professor teaching students how to defend and acquit murderers.

The LAT further reports:

ABC also is launching “Fresh Off the Boat,” a story of a young Asian American boy who moves with his immigrant family from Chinatown in Washington, D.C., to Orlando. The network has high hopes for “Black-ish,” a family sit-com created by Anthony Anderson and also starring Laurence Fishburne. 

“Cristela” is about a high-achiever law school student from a large Mexican American family. And ABC is moving “The Goldbergs,” a sitcom about a Jewish family, to Wednesday nights, although some TV writers questioned whether the TV family has showcased its Jewishness enough. Those decisions are made by the show’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg, Lee said.

ABC just wrapped up a somewhat disappointing season, finishing in fourth place in the coveted demographic of viewers 18 to 49 years old. The network averaged 7.5 million viewers a night in prime time, down 3% from the previous season.  ABC ranked third in total viewers.

Meanwhile, the CW is trying to shed its teen image and is going mostly Superhero with the launch of the Flash series as a spin-off of the “Arrow” (Green Arrow) Superhero TV series. CW is remarkably non-Diverse. In both casts and producers and writers.

At the same time, the TV critics, PC/Diversity and Anti-White Guy enforcers, were grilling CBS Programming Chief Nina Tassler for lack of “Diversity” or “too many White guys.”

CBS may be America’s most popular network, but critics claim its new fall lineup doesn’t reflect America.

The chairwoman of CBS Entertainment faced tough questioning about diversity during a Thursday meeting with reporters at the TCA press tour in Beverly Hills. Critics attacked CBS for almost exclusively programming shows with large white casts but token or nonexistent minority representation.

CBS is not only the most popular broadcast network, over the last ten years it has been among the most profitable.

And here is where things get interesting. The Diversity Ideology, the anti-White guy jihad, has a real cost to those who embrace that religion. Of Magical Black people and “Evul” White guys.

Yes, absolutely Shonda Rhimes has done well for ABC with “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal.” But that’s one producer, who can only appeal to women. The shows themselves appeal to White women. Who are, if one reads between the lines, absolutely on board with the anti-White guy jihad. Mostly because White women …. HATE HATE HATE beta males, and White guys do beta male better than the men of any other race (except perhaps Asian men).

NBC a few years back went nearly all Black for its new shows. There was a show about a married Black couple (already, fantasy) that were international spies. There was another all Black cast show. Both failed very quickly. The comedy about outsourcing jobs to India died that season.

Back in the early 1970s, a crotchety old Black comic, Red Foxx, was a top five Nielsen show year after year, with “Sanford and Son.” Shows like “the Jeffersons,” and “Good Times” were also in the Top 20 during that period. But America during that time frame was still overwhelmingly White. About 85% or so. The enthusiasm by a White majority that is unthreatened by non-Whites is far different than the attitudes of a White population that with the Immavasion ongoing, knows it is a functional minority, and a discriminated, third class one at that, in their own country.

How likely is it that ABC will do anything but languish in third place, or even lower, in the Fall season? Very likely. Shonda Rhimes might be good at catering to White women’s desire for an Oprah Figure, and their HATE HATE HATE of beta White males (about 90% of all White guys) but she’s only one person and that only took ABC to third place. Even with a strong finish and guest shots by Samuel L. Jackson and Coby Smulders echoing the plot lines of “Captain America: Winter Soldier” the TV series “MARVEL’s Agents of Shield” did fairly poorly in the ratings.

Meanwhile Ultra-White shows like NBC’s “the Blacklist” starring James Spader (a take on the Count of Monte Christo) and CBS’s ultra-ultra White after the Black character “Det. Carter” was killed off, “Person of Interest,” were ratings Top 5 shows.

Just as dominant, successful NBA players will be overwhelmingly Black, successful, dominant TV producers and writers will be overwhelmingly White. This is the truth, no matter how much Diversity Religion aka the anti-White guy jihad by gays and White women, mostly, deny the truth. Further, the successful shows appeal to a demographic that has money, and watches broadcast TV that is far older and Whiter than say, the audience for “Judge Judy” or “the Bill Cunningham Show.” Even the edgiest, hippest, most kewl! cable shows like “Breaking Bad,” and “Game of Thrones,” remain the province of White actors, writers, producers, and audiences. Not to many guys in the hood are getting down with Dragons and Dwarfs. Nor is “Mad Men” must-see TV in the barrio.

Broadcast TV is increasingly relying on money from carriage fees. CBS for example earned half its gross revenue from just that source in 2012. However, there is a limit to how much the networks can charge, online viewing, over the air reception, and so on make cord-cutting and reducing cable/satellite bills (in may cases running more than $100 a month) a no brainer. This means for better or worse, for TV broadcast networks to make money (that’s CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW) they have to have popular shows, that large numbers of people watch (well over the “success” rate for cable of about 2 million viewers) who are also of interest to advertisers wishing to sell expensive items.

Demographically, the large numbers of Central Americans and Mexicans invading America and the ones already here, are not going to be buying much more than junk food, beer, cigarettes, diapers, and such. The same holds true for the vast majority of the Black population: they just don’t have much money and the Pew Hispanic Trust notes media household wealth for Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics is respectively, $113,000; $5,000; and $6,000 in 2009. There is no reason to believe these numbers have changed significantly.

Thus, some networks will embrace “Diversity,” and continue to languish. It is notable that the ones likely to do so are propped up by larger revenue streams. Disney/ABC is so large, and makes so much money off Marvel Comic movie merchandise (not the movies themselves, which are nicely profitable but not huge money makers, the revenue comes from the toys and games and bedsheets featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Thor etc.) that it could run massive deficits for a decade without impacting the bottom line in any serious manner for Disney.

But eventually even Disney/ABC will feel the heat, over ten years of embracing the Diversity Religion and finding that it does not conform to reality, and does not make money but loses it.

Networks that are more stand-alone, without huge money makers like the Marvel Comics Empire of Disney (the Star Wars properties are yet to contribute to Disney coffers with new movies and thus new merchandising opportunities for toys), such as NBC and CBS, are far Whiter. Featuring White male leads, like Scott Bakula, Mark Harmon, Johnny Lee Miller, Jim Caveziel, Michael Emerson, Ted Danson, James Spader, and others, their shows make money.

Important, in this regard, is not just the transient ratings but the money to be made on international sales, DVD sales, syndication, etc. There is no evidence that say, Black or Latino themed shows make more money than White dominated ones, quite the reverse. You can find Seinfeld weeknights on Cable TV networks and locally in the LA Area on Channel 13, but “Sanford and Son” and “the Jeffersons” are relegated to the obscure COZI-TV digital broadcast subchannel of NBC-4LA in the LA Area. You will look far and wide to find Black dramas like “Tenafly” and “Gabriel’s Fire” on any outlet, be it digital TV subchannels or cable networks. ME-TV, which carries Columbo and COZI-TV which carries “McCloud” won’t carry either drama, despite “Tenafly” being part of the NBC Wednesday Mystery Movie series (along with Banacek and Faraday and Company and Snoop Sisters). Interestingly enough, COZI-TV will show Banacek on occasion.

Internationally, comedies don’t travel well, even to other English speaking nations, but dramas do well. I find it pretty long odds that Black-themed dramas will sell very well overseas. I don’t see Chinese audiences, for example, rushing to watch “Scandal.”

And this is the crux of Diversity as Religion. Those who truly believe, must embrace it. And when they do, they tend to fail. In TV, they lose money and perform poorly. In seeking out places to live, those embracing Diversity face robbery, assault, murder, and rape by “diverse” peoples. Diversity requires a non-belief, a hypocrisy among those Whites who embrace it.

And it is good that we now see Diversity for what it is: Anti White guy jihads. Even better that we can now watch it fail. Again.

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22 Responses to TV’s Purge: Get Rid of White Guys

  1. The Lone Planet says:

    Getting homosexuality of TV should be the main focus.

  2. Bob Wallace says:

    I watch Lawn Order, Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek. That’s it.

  3. whiskywriteoften says:

    Just joking. But you will be. THis is why illegal immigration is needed to lower wages so your betas will not have that economic power. When all citizens are fighting for the same crappy jobs, then tv will be mainly what majority wants it to be…..

    But you are correct in that those shows cannot have that international appeal.

    We will see the coming dominance of hispanic shows though….

    • oralcummings says:

      Maybe but ONLY for hispanics. Have you ever tried watching mexican TV? Pure shit. Geo Lopez was a funny guy and had some good (jew) writers,but his show was blech. Cuz me and you do not want to watch a bunch of mexicans–we dont identify with them.

      • whiskywriteoften says:

        Hispanics/TV/vote/Soccer/South America

        But hispanic tv will dominate. It will not matter that we will not watch. Even now they still put crappy shows trying to push things…
        The funny thing will be if gender issues will be as big on hispanic tv or black tv when it happens…
        But it will not matter even then….just like now they will still vote the same way….because taking out whitey is more important than one’s morality…..

        Look at soccer. Most of Latin America hates the US crappy soccer team and talks crap because they can’t match the US in any other way. They orgasm when they beat our team….something that is trivial but they want it so much.

        SO imagine a greater issue of voting or tv programming….

        “it offends me but as long as whitey US culture is not on the tv making my kids kill each other and get pregnant…oops well so long as whitey is not on tv…”

        Whitey US culture offends because it reflects their general inability to succeed…who wants that? South America had their similar Revolution but messed up because they had few good men to lead like the US had.

        If whitey is gone, then it is almost like they never failed.

        WHITEY MUST GO!!!!!!!!

  4. Cecil henry says:

    To say ‘America doesnt look like that’ is not an observation but an agenda. That white people should cease to exist as a group and see themselves that way.

    But white people do exist, and want a place where they are represented and their interests heard.
    Separately. Not in a cacophony of parasites demanding support and attention if whites people wish to exist.

    To hell with that. But that’s what this director is implicitly saying. He needs to be challenged directly on it. They’re doing this in Britain too with Coronation Street and a large number of other shows. White people existing separately seems to stir a lot of animus. That is the anti-white hatred that needs to be stopped.

  5. Nick Jihad says:

    I don’t see the importance, whether the faces on TV are white or otherwise. The ideology is the same, and white guys on TV have played a big role in bringing the USA to the place it is today. For example, wasn’t it White Guys on TV telling us back in 2008 that Obama was the new Messiah? Better to turn it off.

  6. Atavism says:

    Where have you been Whiskey?

    I was very surprised you didn’t make a post after the Elliott Rodger spree killing. That’s exactly the kind of thing that you love to write about.

  7. Well, I’ll be curious to see how “Jewish enough” this “Goldbergs” show might be. Will Michelle Goldberg be on it?

    In my more optimistic moods, I think this leftish jihad is an endless propaganda loop that deep down at the visceral level doesn’t take in, and that someday people will finally shake it off. The vast majority of white Obama voters do not walk MLK Boulevard in any weather. But then, we still have the Immivasion, eight years locked in of the affirmative action hire (a 115 IQ Indonesian citizen who did a lot of speedballs and gay sex in limos, if you want to check my ballot), so the damage is enormous enough.

    But back to this “looks like America” schtick– does anybody actually believe two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington can act his way out of a paper bag? The brother makes Robert Redford look lively. I can’t believe the Progtards really get much of a boner watching these interchangeable black stiffs (pun not intended) do that whole idiotic “Black Man Look Grave” act on camera. My God. The clouds in my coffee have more depth.

    A jive-talking Chris Tucker can be fitfully amusing, but “black leading men” are awful. Of course, it’s the same with almost any black man trying to act authoritative. Perhaps Clarence Thomas’ much-derided silence is a conscious correction to the typical black man’s grandstanding. Eric Holder’s criminality notwithstanding, he does a marvelous job of making it look like the only thing he’s thought about for six years straight is whether somebody somewhere at night silently thinks of him as a ‘n****r’.

    • oralcummings says:

      I wonder about whiskeys theory that the bulk of white bishes are on board with the anti-male jihad. yes of course women love the awful Greys Anatomy,a show that tried and failed to promote black leading men–Mcdreamy(white & Irish) was the star,at least for a while,long enough to get it into syndication.. The show he mentioned with James Spader is popular and must have a large female following–(white & jew obv,not a whole lot o sistazz be into James Spader and his psycho act). A cousin of a friend,(a jewish bish married to a Paki who trolls the net for lovers,I kid you not!) LOVES the show. I bet lots of higher IQ gals like it. Wom,en will surely watch white men if theyre in a show thats good–in theirm opinion.But its hard to get a show thats good that appeals to massess of women but it can be done.

      • oralcummings says:

        NOTE:My syntax wasnt so great there:The jewish female is the one who trolls the net for boy toys. She prefers younger men and yes,darkies,not blacks but latinos and arabs.

      • Well, as I like to say of Jewish bishes (or the menfolk too): “Hypersexual, without a lot to be hypersexual about.” Though I guess there’s a few Bathshebas in there . . .

        My ex was a big Spader fan. This show– if it’s still the one I remember Whiskey blurbing a while back– sounded interesting. Was there Isabella Rossellini in an episode as a human trafficker? A dose of healthy cynicism– say, about that “democratically legitimate” regime we installed in Kiev, that doesn’t mind its gold reserves getting swiped and helpfully redirects passenger flights over contested airspace– would be highly edifying for the female of the American species about now.

        Speaking of anti-male jihad: a Vox Day commenter told the story recently of some lesbian cousin who loudly insists that Islam is more progressive on women’s issues than the West, etc. This reminded me of a dyke I once heard compare the US to Iran because (at that juncture) she couldn’t get “married”; and I started to wonder if I hadn’t heard another anecdote to this same effect and, in short, whether there isn’t a goshdarn stereotype of lesbian Islamophiles who proclaim the Muslim world “better” somehow for women?

        If this is so– then perhaps these lesbians really do lust for the jihad, the triumph of the righteous rapists who won’t take a shit test for an answer. Curious.

  8. Yes the Blacklist with Spader had Rosselini as a human right/trafficker. The show is wonderfully cynical about corruption in the US govt and elsewhere. Spader in a mature role exudes charisma and menace.

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  10. guest says:

    And the beat goes on…

    “CBS boss Nina Tassler revealed Thursday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour that the swan-song season of “Two and a Half Men” will see Walden and Alan tie the knot and have a baby. Yes, really.”

    Ruining the show once wasn’t enough, they will double down in the last season.
    I was hoping they would get Charlie Sheen back and kick one last time some ass…

    On another note, what’s your opinion on the whole Dinesh D’Souza America 2014 thing?
    It got a merely 9% on rotten tomatoes by it’s top critics, that’s even up from 2% at some point
    the very same critics who had no problems giving Michael Moores movies scores of 90+%!
    For example An Inconvenient Truth got 93% and Bowling for Columbine 96%, 96?!=!

    The bias out there is in the open, good thinking on Adam Carollas part to completely take himself out of his upcoming Paul Newman racing documentary, so it’s not DOA because of the critics…

    Carollas previous movie “The Hammer” got an R rating because of two “fucks”, they didn’t like him and he was even openly told so.

    Adam Carolla sounds off on the R-rating for “The Hammer” YouTube

    • oral c ummings says:

      Googled,and Walden is the Kutcher character!!!He is gonna marry Alan? How stupid–imagine if Sheen was still there and discovered Alan was gay.That would be comedy!

  11. OT but “relevant” (Whiskey did use the word “purge”) . . .
    One of the benefits of using the bing homepage is that I can get clued in to these idiot MSM memes by just reading the phrase-long “news” links at the bottom.
    A few days back there was something about some chick taking a bikini selfie with her colostomy bag.
    Then, this weekend it’s some Miss Idaho with an insulin pump (?).
    And now there’s a “show us yours”! movement to solicit more selfies/awareness/blahblah. (Or at least, the diabetic is getting support In her selfiess pride/awareness/blahblah campaign)
    I can’t believe this kind of freakshow pabulum.

  12. Macho says:

    Scandal isn’t an anti white male show. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about a black woman who has an affair with a white man. The core audience of the show is black women. You do the math.

  13. Murder in the First is also a fine example of this fantastical view of American racial demographics. The only White guys in the cast are either (a) the “flunky” mopes who sit on the edges of the precinct office, (b) the “obvious” murder suspect, (c) the slimy shyster attorney or (d) the “angry caucasian” (this rough equivalent of “magic negro”, which would bring on demands for rolling heads if included in any television show today, was a phrase that was actually in a line of dialog spoken by Diggs). The rest of the cast are female (lesbians sprinkled through the precinct, a supermodel detective, etc.), Black, Asian or Hispanic. Shockingly, the show itself is painfully cliche-ridden, utterly devoid of originality and just as self-absorbed as its main characters.

  14. sestamibi says:

    It took a while, but I finally stopped laughing. “Shonda” in Yiddish itself means scandal or embarrassment. “A shonda for the goyim”, for example, meant behavior by a Jew that would embarrass or humiliate us before gentiles, as we purportedly hold of ourselves to a higher standard.

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