The Fall of the City of Chicago

Jabba the Hutt
Recent polls show Karen Lewis, the Jabba the Hut-like leader of Chicago’s Teachers shown above the odds-on favorite to unseat Rahm Emmanuel and become the next Mayor of Chicago. And this is the reality: the old JFK bargain, where White Liberal Democratic elites govern and give out special favors to Blacks (and Hispanics) in exchange for votes is ending. Chicago’s “FIRE” interests (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) had a good long run. But demographics is everything. Why indeed should Black populations with the majority or near majority of votes and most active voters (and least vulnerable to double/triple voting prosecutions) settle for a place at the table when they can run the place? Money is not everything, and we are seeing the end of the Oligarch bargain: welfare and various privileges in exchange for votes. Instead, the South African model, of the ANC dominance and control over everything, is rapidly coming to the fore. The fate of nearly all cities in America of any real size is Black political control. And that has some interesting results.

The JFK Bargain
The recent retrospective of Garry Winogrand had had a revealing photo. The picture, above, of JFK at the 1960 Los Angeles Democratic Convention surrounded by a group of admiring Black voters and political leaders was the model for Democratic Politics up to Obama. White liberal Democrats would hand out various goodies, including special privileges under the law, welfare, and so on, and would vigorously enforce them socially as well as legally. In return, Black votes in urban centers, with the motto being “vote early and often” would put Democrats over the top.

What Obama has done is shatter the easy assumptions that the White political elite and its money and connections would be needed.
The New Face of Political Power
No longer do Blacks have to take a back seat in anything. If they can hold the Presidency (and Cory Booker, Oprah Winfrey, even Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett are better odds than Elizabeth Warren and Hillary! to succeed Obama) why not Chicago’s Mayoralty? Why not in all essentials, NYC?

Indeed, running a place like Chicago, or New York City, means not having to put up with a Rahm, or a Bloomberg, liberals but desiring to placate their FIRE friends, with limits on wilding, flash mobs, “youths,” and “teens” beating tourists, robbing stores, and ruining high-priced condo values, financial districts, expensive shopping avenues, and more. After all, look at Detroit. From a purely political perspective, it is a massive success. No matter what, it will be bailed out over and over again, by the State of Michigan and the US Federal taxpayer. Anything else would be “racist” and that’s worse than Hitler!
The Face of Wisdom in America
So Chicago like New York City, is doomed. Destined to become another Detroit, another Gary, another Baltimore.

The local politics of Chicago driving Emmanuel’s fall is the power of the Chicago Teacher’s union, nearly all Black, and Rahm’s desire to reign in the wilding and “flash mobs” of all those “teens.” Darn those “teens!” Meanwhile, Emmanuel wants the teachers to be held accountable for the failure of their students to reach federal, state and city wide standards in reading and math, which given the nature of Chicago public school students (nearly all NAM) would be impossible. Besides which, the Chicago public school system like most major urban and NAM dominated school systems exists to employ NAMs who are otherwise shut out of “professional” life. At semi-professional salaries with good to great benefits. Educating admittedly uneducable students is not on the agenda. Emmanuel is a fool enough to think that it could or should be. Emmanuel’s fall is at least as much due to his own true-believer status as anything else, though surely the success of Obama in seizing the Presidency from Hillary! made things worse for Rahm. Bill Gates can afford his idiocy, he’s just wasting pocket change from his fortune on a futile attempt to make Blacks and Hispanics score the same as White kids, let alone Asian ones.

But let us suppose that Karen Lewis succeeds in her Jabba the Hut campaign to “ho ho ho” seize control of Mos Eisly … er Chicago, and run the place according to the fine examples of say, Kwame Fitzpatrick in Detroit. What then?

Well, within five years fans will be clamoring for John Carpenter to make “Escape from Chicago.” Chicago as a serious business center will be dead. As dead in its own way as New York City is rapidly becoming. The recent jihad over a Black guy choked to death while resisting arrest for selling black market cigs, is indicative of Bill de Blasio’s desire to reign in the NYPD and allow Black and Hispanic criminals to do whatever they want, when they want, with no real effort at law enforcement. Because that is popular with his voters, and he does not need or want the money from Wall Street and real estate interests. Why would de Blasio care? He’ll get re-elected as long as he keeps the NYPD from interfering with Black and Hispanic criminals.

And this has some implications that are interesting.

Urban centers exist because time and space matter. Chicago has historically been the place in America where agricultural commodities have been traded. New York City, the place where stocks have been traded. As electronic exchanges predominated, instead of dispersal around the country, “flash trading” or High Frequency Trading meant that microsecond arbitrage, by specialist trading firms seeing orders to buy and racing ahead to other exchanges to buy up the stocks before the order completes, only further concentrated trading and hubs around regional trading centers. New Jersey for NYC, and outside Chicago for the agricultural commodities.

All the death of Chicago will do then for the commodities trading is move the firms outside Chicago proper to “straighter” fiber roads right near the electronic exchanges in the suburbs of Chicago. But the other interests may finally take advantage of the internet and disperse into cyberspace.

If one can use Skype, and email, and the phone, and a computer, do you really need to have an office in what amounts to a Nigerian War Zone and the rerun of the Biafran Revolt? Certainly not for insurance. Real Estate will of course take a loss, and the future of real estate may well look like new homes put out ever further from city centers, rather than city-funded prestige projects where much of the financial risk is shouldered by taxpayers: gone big skyscrapers, luxury condo towers with a few “affordable housing” units, big stadiums; in will be risky build it on the gamble privately financed homes out in the exurbs, cheaply priced for cash and finance strapped buyers. For finance not involved in stocks, or commodities, well there already out all over the place. In Newport Beach, California (Bond fund PIMCO), in Connecticut, in Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, in many places.

Desirable places to live, without too many NAMs or the possibility of NAMs, will predominate as the spread out business nexus but not urban centers of American life (or what passes for it in the future): Sun Valley Idaho, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Newport Beach and Torrey Pines, California, Marin County, Sanibel Island, Florida, and Martha’s Vineyard. Those will be the places where business is done, for the most part.

And this is something new, and old, in Western life. For up until the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West, cities played a vital role in European life. Up until then they were the place where bread was baked, where goods and services were traded, where most people lived. And then the Empire fell, unable to protect itself from the barbarian invaders because there simply were not enough Roman legionnaires. And until the 1100s, cities remained fragile, tiny, often wiped out, places that people avoided since there was no real money (coins stopped circulating), no real security (cities were the big target for barbarian, Muslim, and Viking raiders), and no reason to visit them much less live in them. The loss of the cities and flight into poverty in the countryside was enough of a cultural memory that Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings used that theme constantly for the cities under siege or destroyed by Sauron.

And the effect of America’s cities being turned into Detroit by Black political control, will be also powerful. It could either forge even greater PC/Diversity religious thought, with circle squared by vastly distributed and physically isolated Whites avoiding physical contact with NAMs and NAM dominated cities, or an effort to either remake new cities or reclaim old ones by asserting direct political control by new White elites self-consciously asserting a racial and ethnic identity. Whites deeply love PC and Diversity: witness the billions raked in by Oprah alone, not to mention the fortunes made by the Kardashian clan, Jay-Z, and other rappers. It might be a minstrel show, debased kind of PC/Diversity, but Whites love it nonetheless.

However, Western Europe in 500, after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, was almost entirely pagan. The population being thinner, poorer, and far less Christian than in the East. By the 900’s the great wave of conversions had already begun (in England Alfred the Great converted in the 800’s). Conversion from Paganism to Christianity had advantages: the Church provided scribes who being able to read could record who paid how much taxes. And how many men feudal lords who owed the King levies of man had actually mustered, the last time. These were not trivial things; a literate court that could track obligations outperformed one that could not.

Hopefully the conversion from PC and Diversity religion will not take as long.

The real object of interest, however, is what happens with the White elites, when they no longer rule.

The whole point of the JFK bargain, after all, was that JFK was President. What is Rahm Emmanuel if he’s not Mayor any more? If he’s merely the faded, empty, powerless aristocratic heir to an estate that does not even exist anymore? Emmanuel lacking political power is not merely a hapless Hapsburg heir, he’s more ridiculous and loser-ish than that. And the spectacle of Emmanuel being tossed will concentrate the minds wonderfully of the remaining White political (and cultural/social) elite.

What are they if they don’t rule? What is the Hollywood elite when they are all replaced by Tyler Perry’s cousins and Shonda Rhimes’s childhood friends?

John Derbyshire predicted the elites would turn racist. I think that is a fair prediction if and when the logic of demography means that elites are turfed out of politics, out of Hollywood, and out of political and social control that they have exerted since, say Bill Ayers bombed places in the 1960’s. Already you are seeing some of this pushback, tentatively and gently, from White male comedians who are stymied in career growth, opportunities being taken from them and given to women, NAMs, etc.

I once drove past a park (the corner of Carrollton and Claiborne Ave to be precise where the St. Charles Streetcar ends) in New Orleans with my brother the first night in New Orleans to move there for grad school. We went past a police scene where news reports detailed one Black man beat his friend to death (also a Black man) with a piece of iron pipe over $20 worth of crack. Would the most ardent liberal PC Hollywood producer turn into a Klan member to preserve his mansion and private schooling for his kids? Sure. He’s no different in basic human motivation than that Black guy who beat his friend to death over $20 worth of crack those years ago. The same can be said of political leaders.

One might of course, question how much the White population will have invested in a nation and the concept of the nation when within a few years, people who look like them disappear from TV, from movies, from Comic Books (the new Captain America in the Comics is Black now), and from politics. Will Whites simply withdraw, or fight, if the people running cities, states, Hollywood, and appearing in movies and TV and the ultimate reality show that is the Presidency all look like Oprah or Jay-Z?

Certainly White women love the Kardashians, rappers, Jay-Z, rap music, Obama, and Oprah like a double helping of Eat Pray Love. But White men?

Well, what’s the worst that could happen? It is not as if having a lot of White guys who are demonized and have no investment or possible investment in society could ever have any real consequences.

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44 Responses to The Fall of the City of Chicago

  1. Dell E. Cousins says:

    Gulp. Since I get wind of these developments last week, I’ve been thinking about moving out of Chicago. (Any suggestions where to go?) Anyone who thinks things are bad in the city now are really going to see the s*** hit the fan.

    Rahm! Rahm! He’s our man! I can chant it all I want, maybe it’ll even work, but the clock is winding down regardless.

    • Robert the Wise says:

      I’m moving to Belize. Please join us. For now, I live in South Dakota. The midwest, especially the colder parts, is not too bad. Hardly any NAMs where I live but they are in the process of being imported. A small town in the midwest might be your best bet.

  2. Mr. Skeptical says:

    “Black populations with the majority or near majority of votes” – that’s not the case in Chicago. The black population has been declining for over two decades. It was 40% in the 1980s, but is now down to about 32%. What’s more, it’s largely middle class blacks who are leaving, hollowing out neighborhoods on the South Side, and leaving behind a population not known for civic engagement and organization.

    There are a lot of Hispanics now, but they’ve tended to vote for the White guy.

    • Dell E. Cousins says:

      Good points, sir. However, I can’t help suspecting that a large segment of white voters will vote for Lewis specifically because she is black, just as they did for Obama. Lewis can count on a substantial number of left-leaning white women, I predict.

      • “…Lewis can count on a substantial number of left-leaning white women, I predict.”

        The vast majority of white women (who are liberal/leftist) are the “useful idiots” of politics.

    • Kgaard says:

      Yeah, the same is occurring in DC. It’s getting whiter. Cities are such nice places to live that all the lefty white women want to live there. This has the bizarre effect of pushing out blacks. I read somebody making the claim not long ago that fifty years from now we will look back in amazement that so many poor people lived on such fabulously-located real estate as, for instance, Harlem.

  3. –A lot of good material to chew on here.
    The optimistic scenario, as you suggest, is that these NYC, Chicago elections are a canary in the coalmine to reactivate true “white coalition” politics.
    The crucial issue is the coalition part: is there going to be safety and prosperity for the wide swath of white voters (still the majority in America this minute!), or will the elites only engage in secret racist handshakes between themselves. Not to “YKW” bait, but obviously there’s an important segment of the elite that already has its secret handshakes. And, fair enough, the Asians on the West Coast, the Mormons, etc., have their versions of that too.
    In the long run, it’s suicidal of the elites to kick the can and make the middle class suffer Section H8, low wages, high crime, trusting to the security of their own rule from wealthy enclaves surrounded by oceans of poverty. Versailles and the Louvre didn’t provide ultimate security for Louis XVI and his court. It’s in the elites’ best interests too, to ensure a broad swath of the functioning, educable populace gets a piece of the pie.
    Rahm, like Sarkozy, has a certain trashy swagger and isn’t as big a fool as the fools he surrounds himself with, but he’s still indicative of a failing America. Chicago gangbangers (along with Somali imports) are spreading through the Heartland like a cancer. Even small town oases of peace are disappearing.

    • gkru says:

      Since Rahm’s true loyalty is to a certain Mideast enclave, as he proved during the first Gulf War, the ultimate fate of Chicago, and America, is no concern of his. Only hastening the its demise.

  4. OliverinCalifornia says:

    As a young millennial and straight white male (WASP) I am planning a withdrawal, I simply have too great of a lifespan to sit and hope it all works out for myself let alone my future children. That said I will always look for opportunity should the status quo improve rather than degenerate. So, I have a makeshift two-five year plan to leave the country, begin again, build. Among my considerations is northern japan, the island of Hokkaido which looks promising despite Japan’s various problem, population decline is a bonus! My personal opinion, a homogenous foreign culture is preferable to the multicultural disasters white nations are poised to become. In the mean time I will make annual trips to my top picks and confirm viability before I leave.

    • Kgaard says:

      Hmm … Interesting. You might consider Poland on the same thesis. Hotter women, and Europe is a very interesting place — particularly that part of it.

    • edtitan77 says:

      The Japanese are very race conscience I’m not sure they will allow to to move there permenantly.

    • Jack says:

      I envy you. For my part I am so G-damn sick of whiney blacks and social progressives that I could puke and now, thanks to the Bush and Obama administrations we are positively guaranteed a flood of diseased and criminal minded 3rd world parasites to add their specific infections and burdens to an already malignant and terminally ill U.S. society. The parasitic flood that has completely destroyed our Southern border isn’t about to stop either; and I suspect it will continue unabated until everyone from every walk of life will, eventually, resign in despair.

  5. backchecking says:

    The FDR-JFK-LBJ machine was funded by economic energies of White old men.

    That demographic is going into a sharp decline.

    I recall an interesting survey: White females vs White males in corporate America.

    The most shocking revelation was that men used far, far less corporate resources (job training, medical, on down the line) to produce the same bottom line results. The gals proved that they almost NEVER failed to tap ‘free’ corporate training. (seminars, home study, you name it) The guys rarely tapped such ‘social’ resources.

    The gals even used up far more office supplies. The more the matter was investigated, the larger the gap was found. The gals are (apparently) genetically predisposed towards milking EVERY social/ corporate resource dry.

    They were also wildly under represented in the cost savings suggestions box. Their suggestions always took the form of additional (corporate) outlays — particularly for training.

    { Perhaps it’s because such seminars harken back to their college daze. }

    They generally accumulate seminar certificates and various certifications like they’re shoes or lipstick.

    ( Of my three sisters – – they ALL fit this mold — strikingly so. )

    I’ve come to conclude that this tick is a basic sex difference.

    Women are also wildly under represented in the ranks of inventors and innovators.

    When the worm turns, the collapse tends to be abrupt.

    Just ask Maliki. He hollowed out his army — which then went AWOL — en masse — once he needed them to put down their self interests. (His northern formations were loaded with Kurds and Sunnis who just walked off. Shortly thereafter the Shi’ites fled back south.

    (BTW, a lot of the lost Iraqi (heavy) equipment moved into Kurdistan — not ISIS.)

    • This “on tap” mentality which you describe with an abundance of pointed and hilarious details is very true.

      It’s astonishing that creatures that can read, write, etc. can be so oblivious to the createdness of institutional resources. They think they’re just “there”, a given.

      Note the possessive certitude with which women speak of their “career”. It’s as if, to them, career is an assignment in a feudal order, an immutable. As if they couldn’t lose their job! As if they have no care in the world!

      Career women are just little children playing Office, forever.

  6. JB says:

    John Derbyshire predicted the elites would turn racist.

    You haven’t got a clue. They’d literally rather die than do this, particularly the convinced liberals*. Besides, the history of the last 50 years is the history of these elites avoiding the consequences of multi-racialism and multiculturalism. That’s going to continue even if we become as non-white as Brazil. And if all else fails they can just move to another country. Better to not rule in hell rather than serve the white lower classes.

    • What s Rahm Emmanuel if not Mayor? What is Hillary if not President? The desire for power, and the comparitively small fortunes of elites, only $200 million forBillary, which is big to ordinary people but buys little in protection in Brazil, means they have no other choice.

      They’d rather die than be … ordinary.

    • Rotten says:

      The elites ARE racist right now. Whenever you hear them talk about white men, they are about to do something racist.

      Look at Mike bloomberg, banned the ingredients in black food, banned sodas that blacks drink while making exceptions for the Starbucks that they don’t drink, instituted stop & frisk, aggressively penalized ‘loitering,’ tried to drive up housing prices by restricting supply… At every step he blamed whites, white men, prole whites, or Southerners, but Basically he took every crude stereotype about black people and tried to ban those in the hopes that he’d drive away the people.

      Chicago’s leadership for the past 2 decades is trying to solve their problem with a racist solution: drive black people out by bulldozing their neighborhoods, and invite Mexicans in to displace them. It worked in South Central, so Chicago is adopting the trend.

    • R Daneel says:

      JB says: “They’d literally rather die than do this…”

      Prophetic. And die they will, in droves.

      The game will be “White Elephant Hunting”.

  7. Oswald Spengler says:

    Chicago and Karen Lewis deserve each other.

  8. gkru says:

    So are we supposed to forgive and forget when the White liberal elitists who voted against our interests, destroyed our cities, mocked and reviled us, encouraged our women to breed with blacks, ignored and downplayed crimes against us, cheered our dispossession and even extinction, suddenly realize the morlocks no longer need or want them? Are we supposed to trust them? Do they think there will be no consequences or payback?

    • Whiskey says:

      I wish to neither forgive nor forget. But I’d rather have Hillary! realizing that she has no real future without a White majority than delusional that she will be say, that Dragon Chick on Game of Thrones basking in the adulation of Black people.

      The single worst thing about the Post War period was that America’s Elite had directly opposed interests from America’s Historic Population, i.e. average Whites. The JFK formula, building on that of FDR, was poisonous. I would like it to end now. And the only way realistically it ends is if elites realize, that without people like us they are reduced to Hapsburg princesses waiting tables. To avoid THAT fate they’ll do anything.

      A great deal of badness is that elites don’t have non-mobile factories inside the US, rather relatively small but potent in power, sinecures from various crony government operations. A guy like John D. Rockefeller would have scoffed at the puny size of Hillary!’s fortune, and its inability to grow organically from simply existing. And a guy like Rockefeller for all his inequality was far less dangerous, because he like Donald Trump was INVESTED in America. He could not simply run the place down without losing money himself. And money for guys like that is about … keeping score and winning more than anything.

  9. Uncle Kenny says:

    The transition from (as the kids at SBPDL say) BRA to ABRA is always a precursor to total civic meltdown. It does not really matter what the starting percentage demographics are, it matters who is in charge. Consider Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and coming soon … Indianapolis and Chicago. There may be a swing back in 50 or 100 years as other commentators suggest, but in the mean time, oh baby.

    BRA: Black Run America, America run for the benefit of black people … JFK style.
    ABRA: Actual Black Run America, America run by black people themselves … Coleman Young style.

    • Mr. Skeptical says:

      Chicago already had ABRA, under Harold Washington in the 80s. Somehow it survived it, at a time when the black population was larger and more organized politically. The mayor has been white since 1989.

      • Uncle Kenny says:

        Washington did not (was not allowed to?) replace the still functioning Daley era machine with ABRA folks. That kind of thing takes time and hard work. It took Coleman Young in Detroit 20 years to turn it into Lusaka. I hope it doesn’t happen in Chicago. My ancestors helped settle the place almost 200 years ago. I watch its decline with nothing but sorrow.

  10. edtitan77 says:

    The fairer sex should never have been allowed to vote.

    Good point about Rahm. Through his own devious machinations he has destroyed his political future.

    • oralc says:

      Rahm will most likely be re-elected.I was dead wrong about Toni Preckwinkle-a sort of higher class black running-so grain of salt but methinks the Little Big Jew will win. He was right to close the near empty blackie schools,the biggest rap on him.And even fag WHITE boys and their nitwit WHITE bishes don’t care about empty schools.Much.Rahms people despise us but should he lose he’d go running back to the Whiteboys.

  11. John Pennell says:

    As to your points about traders being able to relocate, CME was/is? actively considering moving lock, stock and barrel to Dallas. Welcome to Texas says I

  12. Jack says:

    I knew this was gonna happen when they started all of that bussing.

  13. coolhandle says:

    What’s with the exclamation point after Hillary!?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Soon to be renamed Detroit-South…

  15. Rotten says:

    Chicago is ok for now: there exists safe Chicago and war zone Chicago. Although only blocks apart, safe Chicago exists today because of strong pro segregation laws.

    That wolnt change unless political leadership changes. Existing leadership is fine with importing the LA model of importing Mexicans to violently displace blacks. Existing leadership is best personified by Barak Obama: he voted to bulldoze and replace his own constituents in exchange for allowing his contributors to get a share of the bulldozing business.

    As for Rahm, he wants the presidency. Hillary is not an inevitable consensus choice for Democrats: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, & Rahm are just three challengers who want o take over when the nation tires of hearing about Hillary.

    • Jack says:

      No matter how you slice it, it is a first class, depressing shitshow. I’m still 100% in favor of succession by all states that don’t want this in their back yards.

  16. IA says:

    Whiskey, another fine article. While I do agree things look dire for white men these days and their cities in particular I don’t think its so cut and dried.

    I focus on Wasington, DC. There you see the whites moving into black neighborhoods. They are all self-designated middle class liberals – gay marriage, big gov, feminists, gun control, bicycle riders, yoga, etc. but they loathe blacks. Just loathe them. And vice versa. Two alien cultures, pretending to like one another in order to get more from the squares. I follow this phenomenon as an interested observer, as an anthropologist would study two tribes in New Guinea. And while the blacks are putting up a ferocious fight they are losing. And losing because the queers and feminists out flank them and are smarter. They beat them at their own game. Whenever a black behaves badly they go into victim mode. They whine and squeal. But they also build and manage offices, restaurants, stores, etc. ( I knew a Romanian in DC years ago who once who turned to me and said, these black people don’t do too much do they? sing a little, dance a little, fuck a little – and laughed.)

    Plus, the developers are making money. The politicians (for the first time ever there is a majority of whites on the city council) want more taxes. The only fly in the ointment that I can see is if the country goes broke passing out the free stuff. But, even then, the blacks will lose more. When push comes to shove the whites will do what they’ve always done, crush the other races. They will do this because they don’t really believe in liberalism anymore. Its all posturing and status marking. All of it.


    • Anonymous says:

      There’s no such thing as “the whites” though. The DC liberals see themselves as a seperate and better race than, well, whites. They are already attempting to crush us.

      • IA says:

        It appears to me that the hetero whites in dc behave exactly like establishment traditionalists. They want quality of life, low crime, and good schools (non-black). They actually raise kids there. True, the men are very female dominated, but isn’t everyone? The gays are changing tactics because they are hopelessly outnumbered now. No longer gay pride, just pride. So, mostly the status marking is mere rhetoric. They use racially aware and public relations inept whites as foils in dealing with blacks, as in, aren’t you lucky we’re not Sarah Palin and those other racist scum? They periodically target one for ritual public flogging. Then proceed to systematically upend the black power structure one piece at a time, using therapeutic “we care!” rhetoric as a cover. Its quite a show.

        These whites have learned how to use the system by forming an alliance with gays. We’ll probably have gay marriage for a long time. Also, state sponsored birth control. They don’t seem to me terribly hostile to trad christians, considering most are feminists. A rumor that Chick-Fil-A will open a place in a “transitioning” neighborhood has been received well, even though attempts by gays to boycott are known. These hetero feminists don’t give a damn.

      • IA says:

        So, in conclusion I don’t believe these whites are trying to crush us. We are symbolically portrayed as taboo-breakers and squares in a vicious power struggle. This power struggle is part sexual and part racial. Smart whites will always win the race war. Sexually, its tougher for guys since women are competing against them economically and this will go on for a long time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey, this is nonsense

    Karen Lewis would be just like Obama. A black face out front while the same old rich and connected “elite” White and jewish continue to run the show in their own interests ie steal everything they can. Small amounts of what you’re talking about will happen at margins. Somewhat looser enforcement against black crime is likely, and there will be even more handouts and set asides for black “businesses” and community organizer shakedowns) but Chicago as a whole is not turning into Detroit.

    • Why wouldn’t it? Detroit, Gary, Baltimore, Cleveland, arguably NYC under de Blasio, Birmingham, Kansas City, Newark, they all went the same way. Their elites thought as you did, that they would maintain control in the background.

      The difference between Clinton and Obama, is the former knew he had to have people generating wealth and the latter think it magically happens because of “White racism.”

      We’ll see but I’d say the smart money is on Chicago going the full Baltimore route, versus anything else. Only Boston has remained under White control in cities east of the Rockies so to speak.

  18. virgil xenophon says:

    Well, thanks to Katrina, New Orleans has a white Mayor now, maj white city council, and a white DA and things are on the upswing (marginally) The true test will come when Mayor Mitch Landrieu steps down. The basics (economic and social) haven’t changed much, however. Crime is still rampant and the white Police Chief is more adept at papering over the statistics than anything else. And Blacks are salivating to reclaim what is “rightfully” theirs. The few white “hipster” “entrepreneurs” from out-of-state who settled in Treme “back of the Quarter” and gave the city a semi shot in the financial arm and white majority will be in for a shock come the next election. Too many white “silk-stocking” liberals uptown still pine to prove their liberal bona fides by voting for a black Mayor again for anyone to be safe.

    • IA says:

      Surely NO has a substantial gay population that can apply pressure for “hate crime” laws and special police task force. If assaulted/threatened holding hands (wink wink), hate crime. Lesbians sexually approached, hate crime. This can extended to all women catcalled. Blacks can’t respond since this would jeopardize their own civil rights industry.

      Once in Washington, DC, a gay couple were slightly mocked by a black female cashier at a supermarket. They actually went back and made her apologize on camera or else they’d tell her boss and then posted it at a local real estate/civic booster blog run by a hetero white guy. The horror. Whites piled on in the comments like flys on shit. Blacks tried to play it down as, you know, nuffin’. But, they were overwhelmed by whites with a lot of diversity and vibrancy experiences of their own. And these were hetero-liberals no less.

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