Mass Non White Immigration Equals Anti-Semitism

Frenchmen or Tribal Rabble?Yahoo reports that thousands are protesting Israel in London. The Jerusalem Post reports that between two and three thousand people took to the streets of New York City to protest Israel. In Paris, Haaretz reports that thousands took to the streets to give Nazi salutes and trash synagoges..

One might ask, just why has the average Londoner, Frenchmen, or Big Apple citizen changed to hate Israel so much? The answer is, they haven’t. Its just that London, Paris, and New York City are filled with Third World people. And Third World people are filled with hate for Jews in general and Israelis in particular. So more non-White immigration means the politics of Egypt or the Sudan informing the West. And just as the old saying goes, it will be the Jews first (hated for having a higher average IQ, and generally more successful, like the Chinese Diaspora), then other Whites.

They Don't Look Like Downton Abbey
Look at them. Do these women look like they could have been in Downton Abbey? Do they have any connection at all to England? Are their signs even in English? [No.] Make no mistake. The same hatred on display for Jews and Israel is also there for OTHER WHITES. Like the Irish. And the Italians. And the Poles. And the Germans. And the French. And the English. And the Dutch. And the Norwegians. And the Icelanders. And the Spanish. And the Hungarians. And the Greeks. And the Swedes. And the Finns. And the Russians. And Czechs. And the Swiss. No White will escape that hatred. And the hatred will exist because Whites will have higher IQs, and in general be more successful in life in general than Non White Blacks and Muslims. After all, their signs are not even addressed to English speaking people. Its all in squiggles. For other Arabs in other places.

Non Whites Love Hitler
Who loves Hitler? Black people do, particularly in France. Muslims love him as well. Mein Kampf is a perennial best seller in Turkey. Egypt, Lebanon, and India (among Muslims) are also places where Mein Kampf sells very well. For Blacks and Muslims, Hitler is a roadmap. First the Jews, and then … Other Whites. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Do you think it will stop with Jews?
And there is nothing Other Whites can do to avoid the hate, and the fate, should Non-Whites have power over them. Look at them, above. Do you really want these people in your cities? Whites can’t stop being smarter as a people, than Africans and North Africans and Middle Easterners. They can’t stop doing things that make them more successful: teaching their girls to read and write, do arithmetic, refraining from cutting off their clitorises, refraining from establishing hard, rigorously enforced harems and polygamy, refraining from forbidding sex to young men save with goats, sheep, camels … and young boys. Other White people cannot refrain from reading for pleasure, or from not veiling and restricting their women. And these things that Other White people do, make them more successful than your average African or Muslim, even leaving aside an intrinsic genetic advantage of IQ.

He doesn't look like a Cockney
Your Average Muslim, seen above, will be good at Chechen-y type things as Steve Sailer noted. Making bombs, suicide bombing, blowing up the odd Marathon and killing a bunch of idle spectators. But this does not produce wealth or make a people prosperous and productive. Whatever Danegeld a cowed other population can be induced to fork over, is soon squandered. On men lounging around all day not working but trying to create raider-status as the most dangerous raider of other peoples; to get an approved Wife. Or the money will be spent on Big Man harems, or terrorist raids, and other wastes of money like camel races, boy concubines, and such like.

And thus the hate will always be there. Of course, genetics inclines the stupid to stupid behavior, collectively, and the more gifted to smarter behavior. Smarter people LIKE solving puzzles, creating new technology, figuring things out, living in an abstract, non-concrete world where creating new things makes money. They don’t like endless Big Man competitions, tribal levies to fight other tribes, a life of Game of Thrones that never ends. Smarter people like safety, security, comfort, and predictability. So they can invent new and more compelling technology that ends up re-ordering their societies for the better, even if intermittent change and disruption occurs. [But never the chaos that never ends of Muslim and African societies.]

For all their faults, Western Societies are incapable of the sort of routine and never ending slaughter that you see in Iraq, or the Congo, or Uganda, or Nigeria, or Pakistan. Pakistan has been an independent country, officially at peace since the last official War of 1971 arguably, and at worst since the conflict over Kashmir ended the active fighting in 1999. That’s fifteen years of active peace, and the conflict was far less devastating than what Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Britain, or Russia suffered during the Second World War.

And yet, the slaughter never stops. Shias are cut down regularly, as are Baluchis, along with Christians and secular Sunnis. Plain old blood feuds and criminal activity create one of the world’s highest murder rates in Pakistan, leaving aside the Salafist Jihadis intent on displacing the overtly Muslim Sunni government in power.

This violence is endemic, not the least of which as Stanley Kurz wrote in the Weekly Standard, no real state can exist among Arabs (or for that matter though he does not say it, Africans). The gist of Kurz’s argument is that Arab states (he might make an exception for the better organized, higher IQ state of Malaysia which is of course, non-Arab but SE Asian) are too weak, corrupt, and inept to be trusted by anyone, least of which are their own people. And that cousin-alliances aka Tribes or the sort of society seen on Game of Thrones rules everything. That to create some sort of security people form tribal alliances. And at the same time will not give up weapons or tribal warfare because the State cannot as in Europe suppress them.

The central institution of segmentary tribes is the feud. Security depends on the willingness of every adult male in a given tribal segment to take up arms in its defense. An attack on a lineage-mate must be avenged by the entire group. Likewise, any lineage member is liable to be attacked in revenge for an offense committed by one of his relatives. One result of this system of collective responsibility is that members of Middle Eastern kin groups have a strong interest in policing the behavior of their lineage-mates, since the actions of any one person directly affect the reputation and safety of the entire group.

Universal male militarization, surprise attacks on apparent innocents based on a principle of collective guilt, and the careful group monitoring and control of personal behavior are just a few implications of a system that accounts for many aspects of Middle Eastern society without requiring any explanatory recourse to Islam. The religion itself is an overlay in partial tension with, and deeply stamped by, the dynamics of tribal life. In other words–and this is Salz-man’s central argument–the template of tribal life, with its violent and shifting balance of power between fusing and fissioning lineage segments, is the dominant theme of cultural life in the Arab Middle East (and shapes even many non-Arab Muslim populations). At its cultural core, says Salzman, even where tribal structures are attenuated, Middle Eastern society is tribal society.

Though Kurz will not say it, at least part of this is IQ. European nation-states were able to crush the tribe because they were run by higher IQ people, not just the rulers but the commanders of non-feudal levies, and critically the people themselves. Unlike other societies, Europeans could and did form national identities [Asia excepted of course.] and a strong central state because they could see the advantages: a neutral court of justice, wealth and power through trade and manufacturing (even Early Modern Manufacturing like Delft’s porcelain) and the security against your tribe, your alliance, finding the downside with few allies and thus … screwed. The King by being the King, was fair, taking allegiance from all and protecting all against tribal revenge. Kings were smart enough to emphasize this advantage, and the average soldier, leader, and nobleman was smart enough to see the advantage of giving up some freedom and power in exchange for security.

Nations and peoples who did not unite under a King and strong central government able to create mass levies of peasants using gunpowder weapons and drilled through the use of instructors reading … instruction manuals (your peasants did not need to read, but their leaders did), faired poorly. Scotland, Italy, Poland, riven by tribal feuds were the playthings of more powerful peoples, as was Ireland under the yoke of England. Tiny Netherlands, Prussia, and Switzerland showed the power of an Absolute Stadtholder, or Kaiser, or semi-federalized power structure eliminating blood feud tribes. But it takes a people smart enough to see the advantage of a King over a Tribe. And disciplined enough to make it stick overall.

One might argue that the War of the Roses was the crushing of English feudal tribes in favor of a … Tudor style nation-state complete with Absolute Monarch and a Nation not tribes.

As such the interest of the nation is … the nation. It is not riven by feudal, tribal blood feuds. It is not characterized by: universal absolute male militarization, every man under arms all the time, with surprise attacks on the innocent and collective guilt and punishment. No. It is … a rational, unified, exclusive use of force nation state. The King nor the Government allows rabbles, tribes, or mobs to mete out their own punishment. Rather it is for a neutral, unbiased, impartial Monarch or Government (at least in theory) to hand out whatever punishment cruel or gentle might be in order.

And secondarily, this is why Non-White immigration to Western countries is a horror. The entire hard-won Western way of life moving from Game of Thrones and Red Weddings to a place where every male does not have to be armed all the time, where surprise attacks on innocents are not part of the way of life, where collective guilt and punishment are not on the agenda, is at risk when you import tribesmen who because of their low IQ and blood ties cannot and will not abandon their way of life. And instead, wreck the Western one. And give us:

  • A Red Wedding at every opportunity
  • Your life determined by which Tribe you were born to
  • A constant look-out for attack and betrayal
  • Violence without end or resolution

Look at these people. Can anyone say they are Frenchmen? Or Londoners? Or Gothamites? None of these people belong in the West. If they and their descendants stayed five hundred years, they would not belong in the West. This is as true of Africans by the way as Middle Easterners.

Does it matter to the US, or France, or Britain if a few thousand Gazans are killed in response to constant rocket attacks by Israel? No. It does not matter to Egypt, or at least their rulers, and the Assads and ISIS would call a few thousand dead a day’s work. Those two have butchered hundreds of thousands, and promise more blood. Gaza? An irrelevant side show. Someone with a deep, national attachment to their country, would not care if they were British, or American, or French. You don’t see, for example, that sort of thing directed at Putin and Russia. Even in Holland where many of the dead in the down Malaysian Airliner came from, there are no screaming demonstrations and trashing of Russian people, shops, embassies, etc. This is a tribal reaction with tribal flags, and tribal hatred of other people, at work.

To sum up:

Africans and Muslims love Hitler.
They are tribal and HATE HATE HATE Jews and Israel.
Their HATE HATE HATE of Jews and Israel be assured extends to OTHER WHITE PEOPLE.
They are incapable of being Frenchmen, or Englishmen, or Americans.
They should not be let into the West, particularly Europe and America.
Those here should be deported. To tribal countries more suited for their tribal ways.

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20 Responses to Mass Non White Immigration Equals Anti-Semitism

  1. WarBlogger says:

    As I’m watching the situation unfold from within Germany it becomes clear how much of a conundrum this is for the multiculturalists here. You get reports of anti-Jewish demostrations where “Death to Israel” and “Jews Into the Gas” are chanted, but from the news reports on the radio or in most newspapers you wouldn’t have the _slightest_ idea that 95% of those protesting are imported Muslims. But that can’t be mentioned in any great detail as that would completely undermine two core tenets of German cultural marxists: all immigration is good, and anti-semitism is solely and overwhelmingly the domain of ethnic Germans.

  2. JackBlack23 says:

    What about the prominent role of Jews in promoting immigration/diversity/multiculturalism? Or is it “anti-Semitic” to even ask the question?

    • Rotten says:

      No kidding. Jews seem to believe in mass immigration/open borders as a part of their religion. Whenever a Jewish person gets power over immigration, the borders open, even in places like Ireland or Norway.

      When I was a kid/teenager, the Jewish kids were repeatedly taken aside and sent to lectures where, invariably, some Holocaust survivor would tell them about all of the Jewish people who died because there weren’t open borders in 1938. This was drilled into them. Hell, it was drilled into me. It may not be part of the Talmud, but open borders as far as I’m concerned, is a part of the religion. Opposing open borders puts you into direct conflict with people who are pro open borders for religious reasons.

    • WarBlogger says:

      No, it’s a prudent question, and despite my like for Israel as a Jewish state Jewish communities abroad really are doing their best to promote the dissolution of the traditional European ethnic majority nation state. Germany, probably more so than most others due to the “special” history between Jews and Germans, has been in that special position between a rock and a hard place in that regard. It’s necessary to re-assert a German identity and common values to at least try and cope with mass immigration (because lets be honest here: no hardcore Kemalist Turk is going to emotionally attach himself to a nation whose public image is dominated by self-flagellatory leftists who cringe even at the sight of the national flag), but whenever even the idea of such values is discussed the ZDJ (Central Council of Jews) throws as hissy fit, resulting in media outlets lending their support and politicians shitting their pants, thus killing any such initiative in its fetal state.

    • No it is not anti-Semitic to ask the question. However Jews in the US are no different than the Irish (I’ve had Irish people I know repeat the canard no Dogs/Irish allowed). My Maternal Grandfather’s father jumped ship in Philly in the 1880’s. He could neither read nor write nor speak English (only Gaelic). According to Census records (my mother was trying to get an Irish passport at the time).

      I could care less however about Open Borders. It profits me not to destroy my country for original sin; and a few extra Irish here when flooded with half the third world is no bargain.

      But its a religion. Beats the actual obligations of Christianity or Judaism (which is even more difficult to keep with dietary stuff and all). You would see that stuff go away fast if people had to put up refugees in their house.

  3. Ras Al Ghul says:

    I think Whiskey that mass immigration equals stick it to whitey.

    The Jews should be in their homeland. Who controls the central bank and wall street? Controls Hollywood? The vast majority of the media? And who has been promoting an anti-white male (especially anti WASP) agenda.

    Who has been promoting immigration?

    So I feel no sympathy for them at all.

    Being called a racist, a sexist, and anti-semite doesn’t mean anything to me, because they’ve made it definitionally that I am one for virtue of my birth.

    If I am going to be labeled it anyway I might as well embrace it. They want to cow people, humble them make them docile by calling them monsters and having people try and deny it.

    Why deny it?

  4. Cecil henry says:

    Mass non-white immigration equals anti-white Genocide.

    What is good for Jews is NOT the point, except of course to Jews who have only ONE concern –themselves.

    The title and line of reasoning of this article is completely backwards. White Genocide and the mass immigration is a crime against Whites. What it does to Jews is beside the point and disdains a whole race. Enough with that.

    • You are missing the Central Point. First the Jews. Then OTHER WHITES. That is the whole point. Since I am an OTHER WHITE I want mass non-White immigration stopped. I might escape the first round, being non-Jewish. I won’t escape the second.

      And I don’t want to leave my home either.

      • That may be a colorable argument about Europe, which doesn’t have an ex-slave caste and where the immigrants are North African and Middle Eastern Muslims. In the US, it’s not how things are playing out at all.

        Immigration, feminism, Marxism, civil rights, homosexual rights, Jews have been in the vanguard of all these movements, with the explicit agenda of breaking the WASP hegemony. So as far as the US is concerned, no, we are in fact NOT in this together.

      • Anonymous says:

        Without enforced multiculturalism (enforced largely by…) I think whites would easily defeat this “second round”.

  5. Andrew says:

    I do not support multiculturalism in any way and I agree with immigration restrictionists about the things that can go wrong with open borders. However, there is one topic related to this issue that nobody wants to address–how the ever-more-onerous documentation requirements hurt ordinary citizens looking for a job. I was unemployed for six month due to the inability to get a birth certificate–and this was before 911.

    I have never been hurt by illegal immigrants; I have been hurt by the immigration enforcement mechanism, and I am certainly not the only one. How many people, Americans, in this age of terrorism are unable to work due to the ever-increasing reams of paperwork they must provide to get a job. Even with all the things wrong with open borders, from my perspective, enforcing the immigration laws is worse. At the very least, the burden of proof should be on the government to establish you are in fact an illegal alien. The onus should be neither on job-seekers or employers to prove otherwise.

    Please don’t flame me too much. This is a serious discussion that conservatives and libertarians who support free enterprise and limited government but not open need to have.

    • Eliminate welfare and title VII and alot of externalities relating to immigration disappear. But that’s hard to do when the welfare state gets to import its own constituency.

  6. backchecking says:

    9 minutes show the actual trend…
    and Beck entirely omits illegal immigrants in his presentation.


    As for the Jewish angle: they are not holding their own in our society — at all. Their TFR is around 1.1 — and that’s including the ultra-orthodox. Otherwise their TFR would be around 0.8.

    In sum, railing at American Jews, per se, is totally wasted effort.

    BTW, many, many DWLs also carry the torch for open borders.
    The SINGLE biggest agent is the Catholic Church, not Jewry.
    As ever, the Catholic Church is anti-economic — and anti-Protestant.

    THAT’S the fault line.

    Kennedly (Ted) wanted wide open immigration for Catholics.

    Barry wants wide open immigration for Muslims. At this time, it must surely be the case that no end of Muslim fanatics are flowing in during Barry’s operation “Orphan Grinder.”

    Suxnet is sure to trigger blow-back: Iran is going to hack our power distribution grid. It’s WIDE OPEN for hackers even now. That industry roled out digital power usage meters that have NO cybersecurity. They can be hacked with an iPhone app. That’s not a joke.

    This folly exists up and down the scale…. and Bruce Willis won’t be able to save us.

  7. Stalin thought that Christianity was the Grandfather of Communism. Sergey Nechayev whose fictional memoirs are a plot point in the last novel, “Care of Time” by Eric Ambler, is a good example. Russia was choc-a-bloc with these guys, they were literally all over the place and styled themselves like Nechayev as “Holy Monks for Terror.”

    One of Stalin’s motivations for destroying Christianity in Russia and other parts of the Soviet Union was his experience with his fellow revolutionaries. All of whom were deeply influenced by Christianity and most of whom were fallen Christians who found a “better” version of Christianity in Messianic Communism. Being the New Czar he did not wish to befall the fate of the Old one.

    The problem has never been Jews. Jews indeed who care about being Jewish are either ultra-Orthodox, or resemble Bibi Netanyahu or Ehud Barak (two vastly different people politically but one was a Mossad hitman and the other a paratrooper). [Barak was the Mossad guy.] Neither type, the paratrooper/Mossad Man of Action; nor the Jewish Amish, are even attracted to multiculturalism much less agents of it.

    The problem has ALWAYS BEEN Christianity. Messianic? Universalist? One World? Kahdr “is your brother?” Check. The POPE demands Europe take in all the world’s poor, and the US all of Central and Latin America. Judaism by its nature is separatist. Its either Amish-like isolationist or Men of Action type jumping out of airplanes or dressed as an ugly woman waiting to kill a PLA assassin from Munich on the Beirut seashore. Jews who get into Multiculturalism are merely converting to Post-Christianity. Judaism by its nature doesn’t care what us Gentiles get up to, one way or the other. But Post Christianity being Messianic, Utopian, Universalist, well that’s the wellspring of Multiculturalism and PC.

    Look at what Nechayev wrote: the CATECHISM OF A REVOLUTIONARY:
    “A revolutionary is a doomed man. He has no private interests, no affairs, sentiments, ties, property nor even a name of his own. His entire being is devoured by one purpose, one thought, one passion – the revolution. Heart and soul, not merely by word but by deed, he has severed every link with the social order and with the entire civilized world; with the laws, good manners, conventions, and morality of that world. He is its merciless enemy and continues to inhabit it with only one purpose – to destroy it.

    A revolutionary “must infiltrate all social formations including the police. He must exploit rich and influential people, subordinating them to himself. He must aggravate the miseries of the common people, so as to exhaust their patience and incite them to rebel. And, finally, he must ally himself with the savage word of the violent criminal, the only true revolutionary in Russia”.

    • IA says:

      Whiskey, you forget the Crusades, Poitiers, Vienna, Spain, the Inquisition, and a few thousand other instances in western history. You are succumbing to gnosticism, a recurring theme in western culture most likely predating christianity – which has gained prestige since the time of the Marquis de Sade. Essentially, its Promethean, “I hate the gods.” Admirable in many ways but ultimately self-destructive. The problem has not “always” been christianity. Far from it.

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  9. feeblemind says:

    Study Finds That Men Like Nice Women, But Not the Other Way Around

  10. Allen says:


    Do you support the right of gentile groups to form Jew-free ethnostates?

  11. Gurney Halleck says:

    Haha, Allen.

    Whiskey, why don’t you just come out as a Zionist Jew?

  12. Gurney Halleck says:

    You know that Whiskey is a Zionist Jew because of the way he is absolutely reluctant to tie the actions of the Muslim protesters to the actions that Israel took against the people of Gaza in the last few weeks. Whiskey is only concerned about Muslim immigration into Europe insofar as, from his perspective, that would be bad for Israel/zionists.

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