Ferguson and Rotherham

News out of the UK regarding Rotherham shows things were even worse than BNP founder Nick Griffin thought: over 1,400 children raped and forced into prostitution by Muslim men, all of the children White. Many as young as age nine. People ask, “how did British men get so passive?” “How did this happen?” “Why did no one stop it?”

The answers are:

  • We live in the MOST religious age.
  • The religion is not Christianity or Islam, but “Diversity.”
  • Women are the most religious and most religious enforcing
  • This religion takes the form of as noted by a re-tweet by Heartiste: of sadomasochistic racial penance
  • Women who form the heart of this religion not only don’t care much about other women, they are in active competition with other women
  • Fears of “being called racist” are just a cultural fear of being excluded which is strong in Northern European society and always has been

And the road to Rotherham started with the UK’s own Ferguson moment. A Black “youth” dead at the hands of White British police. A religious purging of the non-PC and of “evil White males” in general from the Police, from the courts, from the prosecution for the Crown. Just as Liberals today are trying to purge White men and those in particular non-PC from the Police, Prosecutors offices, and judgeships.

To understand this, we have to look back at Western culture. Its not all the same. Just read, oh say “the Scarlett Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne and “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. Both concern Americans in America doing American things before the Civil War. But the cultures could not be more different. The Puritans of the early 1600’s, live in a self-contained world. Even in the New World their attitudes are of the old one. Hester Prynne is “shamed” by having a baby out of wedlock with the “tortured” preacher Reverend Dimmesdale. Sin and redemption are the business of the book, with the awful exclusion of society being the main punishment Hester Prynne suffers. This is not surprising. The Puritans were from East Anglia, mostly (over 85% according to “Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America” author David Hackett Fischer) and retained the strong community organization in the New World. As Fischer notes, doors were left unlocked in Puritan towns, crime was low, most women could read and write (by contrast only say 5% of women in Colonial Tidewater Virginia could read and write), good treatment of women and animals was mandated and enforced, the houses were all close together in an unbounded wilderness. And the same people hung elderly Quaker grannies for preaching a gospel they did not like. While the common people of Tidewater Virginia lived for the most part in squalor and mud and privation, there was no witch-hanging in Virginia. Quite the contrary, the hellfire Aristocrats practiced all sorts of divination themselves.

And in Twain’s “Huck Finn” you see the Backwoods Border Country people and the old Saxon Aristocracy in action. No one has the least bit of sin or worry about social exclusion. Hell the story starts off with Huck Finn faking his own murder to evade his drunken and abusive Pappy, and helping a runaway slave escape. Considered immoral, a sin, Huck Finn resolves to do it anyway. And later, light out for Indian Territory. Along the way he finds a couple of con-men, who come to a violent fate, and a man accused of murder who faces down a mob (temporarily) through his own courage, a feuding set of families with a man, Harney, who rides back for his hat to show courage.

If social cohesion in service of religion is the underlying current of Hawthorne’s Scarlett Letter, courage in in the service of the individual is the current of Twain’s fictional Mississippi river. Courage is something prized, because life was uncertain, violent, and no real social cohesion was even possible. Not even between people of the same class, background, and religion.

The triumph of Rotherham (and it can only be seen as such, as the deliberate outcome of the English/British elite) comes after nearly two centuries of English reformers waging war on the attitudes of Huck Finn, to create Reverend Dimmesdales.

Rotherham happened because White English men trusted the police, even after nearly all the White un-PC police had been purged in the Labor-dominated 1990s. Rotherham happened because for all the yobbishness of the media portrayal of White working and underclass men in the UK, they have been pacified by the media, and have largely adopted the religion of women and elites: what Heartiste re-tweeted as a religion of yoga, vegetarianism, jogging, tofu, and racial cuckoldry. Racial penance to find salvation.

Is this really any different from those fanatical Christians who flogged themselves? Those cold-eyed Puritans (of popular depiction, in reality they liked their drink and food) who preached a life of cold water and plain living?

Modern Liberalism is a religion. In this, the most religious of ages. It has its prophets and martyrs: Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, JFK; its religious leaders: Obama, Al Gore, Madonna, Kim Kardashian; its forms of penance: White hating sentiment publicly expressed, “green” recycling and confession, reusable plastic bags; and salvation: endorsement by a famous Black person such as Oprah or Obama or Kanye West.

At least in part, this religion is aimed at ending or eroding the violent self-reliance that characterized the Southern and Western men, and those of the North of England and Scotland who found little law and much need for personal courage and physical fighting.

You can see this in how movies and television changed from say, celebrating physically courageous men like Gary Cooper in High Noon or Chuck Connors in the Rifleman to … politically correct enforcers out to scourge the past in shows like “Life on Mars” (both the US and UK versions) and the various Law and Order-en and CSI-en and NCIS-en who do so in the present. Even the premises change. In High Noon and the Rifleman, the law and justice and right IS the hero. There is no one else. No “authorities” and power and order save for that given by the hero in the absolute present. In today’s procedurals, its all about finding the Witch, er non-PC White villainous bad guy who is bad because he’s non-PC.

Britain too went from celebrating rakish or slow burning men like Roger Moore in the Saint and Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man to … a fey, PC-driven Dr. Who and various remakes of Robin Hood and King Arthur featuring among other things, a Black Guinevere. With PC enforcement the main thing.

And the thing is, the only reason for Rotherham is that for nearly two centuries, reformers DID produce a fairly honest, non-corrupt, efficient, and crime free UK. As Mark Steyn notes, a gentlemen on Jane Austen’s day would think of nothing of stepping over the sleeping form of a twelve year old prostitute in London in the early morning. Drunkeness, child prostitution, awful violence, was expected and found daily. In the city, and in the countryside. The English and Scots and Welsh and Irish were wild. Considered a bunch of drunken louts capable of anything by Continentals, it was an accurate picture. And much like Bismarck created the modern welfare state to legitimize Prussia’s annexation by force of the rest of Germany, much of which was Catholic or if Protestant violently opposed to Prussian rule, Victorian reformers aimed to provide a better life for Britain’s working and middle class.

If Bismarck replaced the myriad and totally corrupt officialdom of Germany’s many princedoms with an efficient, non-corrupt Germany that not only got sons killed in futile wars which princes lost, and then came back with ruinous demands for bribes and taxes, with a Germany that gave people money for old age pensions and medical expenses; Victorian reformers gave the poor lower alcohol beer in strictly regulated drinking hours (“time Gentlemen!”) and a good heaping dose of semi-Puritan morality and social cohesion to replace child prostitution and criminal gangs like that of Charlie Peace and Jonathon Wild to the pleasures of hearth and home and Church.

From around the 1850’s until say, the 1970’s, over 120 years, Britain was a relatively safe, sedate, non-violent place where murders were few, crime was rare, and people were safe and secure and trusted each other. Just as Germany from say, 1870 to 1933 was a place where the government was non-corrupt, run by sane people, who acted to create social consensus by giving ordinary people a good life and stake in the government. If the Juncker class forestalled 19th Century revolution by handing out money to everyone and keeping officials honest and efficient, the Victorian moralists put the prostitutes in Christian reformatories, the poor in workhouses, booted gin out of the cities and countryside, and produced more wholesome entertainment: public sporting events, Christian society, and reading libraries to replace the old dark and wild culture.

In other words, the Celtic emphasis on personal courage in the face of constant danger and no real authorities to help anyone were replaced with an efficient police force backed up by public morality and cohesion.

This religion did not go away. Churchgoing Christian women did not have daughters who simply abandoned God and religion. They just switched their religion to a new God: Multiculturalism.

Ask how Rotherham happened? After nearly 120 years of unabated success in making Britain a peaceful place, religious reformers went too far. And created the Racial Penance religion to replace the bothersome Christianity with the limits on male Alpha and female sexuality (which will never do for women).

And so what was left for the men who remained in Rotherham, White, alone, with no habit of courage and violence? There was no retaliation, as there would have been 150 years ago from the same genetic stock of the people living there. How could there be? A lone man against what, 100s or more of Muslim men, all given absolute sanction by the State, which is to say women? After all, the vast majority of Converts to Islam are women, and as Heartiste notes, women will follow Alpha males to heaven, or the gates of Hell. And they don’t much care which it is. Just as long as the men are Alpha. Pravda notes Sex Jihad among White UK women is running rampant. Sally Jones might be an outlier, as a middle aged mother of two on benefits all her life traveling to Iraq as a Muslim convert to behead Christians, but that’s entirely in the keeping of the general frame of today’s PC/Diversity religion.

It is ironic that the Universal Utopianism of Christianity preached by the women’s grandfathers and grandmothers is now being used against Christians, as a Racial Penance bondage religion induces if not actual Sex Jihad or traveling to Iraq to behead Christians, at least allowing Muslim men to rape and prostitute (White) girls as young as nine in service of anti-Racism (read: Anti-White religious fervor).

Nope, “the Jews” were not behind this. Neither were what the late Andrew Breitbart in an Adam Carolla podcast termed “the Frankfurt School” responsible either. This effect is too deep, too broad, to spread out among the UK, France, Germany, the Scandinavian nations, and other places to be the work of conspirators Jewish or Frankfurt School schemers. And it is interesting to see where this stuff died after a promising start, and where it is being rejected.

The Northern Irish have, in all their Ulsterman glory, given a beating to several Muslim families in Ulster, after said Muslims riled a

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17 Responses to Ferguson and Rotherham

  1. Angry says:

    The one thing to understand about Rotherham is that it is a majority Labourite enclave. Furthermore, most of those girls were probably the children of single mothers who were probably Labour Party voters anyway. Remember, though the girls were “White”, they were really “PC-White.” “PC-White” is and always will be an enemy. The bad things that happen to “PC-White” don’t count and don’t deserve any sympathy.

    As for the White men of Rotherham? Why should they put themselves on the line to defend women that are not their own. The PC, Labourite-voting broad run to Tony Blair for safety and security.

  2. enemylimes says:

    That is a great analysis. In Australia there has been a huge crackdown on motorcycle gangs (mostly white memberships) over the last 18 months. The authorities hate the idea of tough Aussie blokes banding together. Meanwhile, multicultural hell a.k.a Western Sydney suffers from Muslim violence in the form of burglaries, arson, drive-bys, rapes, murders etc. No focused crackdown on that shit.

    But the effect has been questionable. While gang members can’t wear their patches in public, it’s business as usual. Police target anyone on a bike, so regular riders are getting pissed off. More young guys than ever are looking to join clubs. Steroid use and mma training are insanely popular in Australia at the moment.

    Whilst we still have many of the same problems as the UK, our convict blood might just save us.

    Also, Sons of Anarchy is good for the first ~ 3 seasons. I stopped watching during the fourth as it had degenerated into a chick-drama.

    • A.B Prosper says:

      I’ve read that the bikers now routinely make pretty decent suppressed automatic weapons in home shops as well. I don’t think they’ll go out too easy.

  3. Gray Liddell says:

    What about the Ulsterman? The post ends abruptly.
    My wife’s family is from there.
    One of the Ulsterman’s songs I have read is titled,”You don’t like us? We Don’t care”
    Nominally WASP but uncharacteristically for WASPS, the last WASP TRIBE left on earth. They act tribal and do not give a shit what the NYTimes thinks.

  4. I do find it odd and difficult to comprehend that the fathers of all those daughters… did nothing. It seems inconceivable to me any father would just let his daughters go off to be raped by adult men. That must be the full blown PC that has almost but not quite hit US shores yet. I can’t imagine such pacificity from fathers in the south or midwest (can’t speak for blue enclaves).

    • reakcionar says:

      Totalitarian regimes produce a kind of castration, probably unthinkable to the average American. Every day men are exposed to situations where they have to inhibit all of their male instincts, suffer humiliation and fear and completely forget about acting in ones own defense. Every day you go to work knowing that a wrong look, a wrong word, or even just an accusation might cost you your job, freedom, family – everything. You become a sheep, and everyone close to you warns you to cut off your fangs if they see them growing, because the system does not tolerate wolves. The very idea of individual action triggers visions of losing everything.

      England has not gone as far as USSR, but it certainly has aspects of totalitarianism. My parents and a lot of their friends, who all grew up in Yugoslavia during communism, react with complete horror and confusion to the idea of self defense and individual action when it comes to things like this. They are law abiding church going folks, educated and smart, and the thought that they should take guns and defend their families is completely strange to them. “The Police must do their job!!!” they yell. On the other hand, I have some friends from mountainous regions of Croatia, rough guys who communicate equally with language and fist. Where they come from it is completely impossible for a Roterham scenario to take place, because not only everyone is illegally armed, but everyone also has cousins and brothers, and is not too afraid of jail time.

      So, if parents of those girls were not football hooligans who have no fear of losing their job, family and liberty, they were most likely a bunch of castrated men, educated and trained not to take action and not to sin against the almighty god Progress.

      • Cecil henry says:

        You are very right about having to watch what you say at work and be careful of the PC police. But I think people miss the dynamic here, and what makes it so immoral and contemptible.

        Most people don’t believe the PC rhetoric, or have never given it any thought. BUT, if someone else violates the PC edict it provides a perfect and cost free opportunity to gain status by destroying someone else— even if this acts against your long term interests.

        I watch people actively wait for a chance to display their PC credentials and put down others–unless an aggressive attack is mounted to challenge these assumptions they win by sheer inertia. But when attacked they cower—easy victory at someone expense (like a parasite)is what they are after..

        POINT THIS OUT TO THEM and to others.

        This goes on at work and in government especially, where most petty regulations serve more as a means to control citizens than provide any value. You’re always in violation of something, and so the coercion can continue at their discretion. Totalitarian terror.

      • Angry says:

        Rotherham is a Labourite town. Almost everyone there was a Labour voter and a liberal p*ssy. It is a fitting event to have Labour’s daughters turned into whores.

      • Angry says:

        You can have a lot of fun with this.
        The best way to discipline yourself is to wear a body recorder, some kind of pinhole camera that records both audio and video. The goal is to discipline what you say by imagining (literally) that you are being recorded. This also has the added benefit of documenting all of your interactions with co-workers so you maintain a running log of what was said, by whom and when.

        PC idiots are very stupid. They often say and do things that are detrimental to a firm that, when properly documented, will get them into trouble.

        You should also be very familiar with your companies internal HR policies. These are usually given to an employee if the firm is big enough.

        In the end, the workplace, like the street, is a hostile entity and your co-workers are an enemy. Treat them as such.

      • reakcionar says:

        Guys, you’re talking about tactics against PC persecution in today’s office environment. That may work very well there, it may not, I don’t know (though, I wouldn’t bet on it), but that’s not the real point here.

        Forget about fancy office jobs and angry feminists/antiracists. The real question is why doesn’t some plumber Joe whose daughter was molested by Paki thugs take his wrench and destroys someones face. In my opinion, the fear of not only the demise of the thugs, but also the legal persecution has reached the point that it’s unthinkable for a guy who is not a naturally violent person.

        In other words, fear of attacking thugs now incorporates a Kafkian fear of attacking the system, which will crush every prospect for a happy future life for you.

    • HerewardMW says:

      In many cases there WERE no fathers. Most of these girls were in care or the children of single mothers. In the few cases where fathers actually attempted to do something they themselves were arrested.

  5. jp says:

    Lol sounds like…… KARMA …..the white society that raped and pillaged other societies and cultures got rich off slavery is a getting a bit of their own medicine ….i am not the least bit surprised.

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