Michael Sam and Denzel Washington: the Gay NFL and Black Equalizer

The NFL's Role Model
TV matters. A lot. More so than movies, because there is so much of it, it reaches far more people, and has therefore more influence. [If a high-grossing movie has an opening weekend of $40 million box office, that means with an average ticket price of $12, 3.75 million people paid to see it. That’s basic cable levels of viewership. By contrast the NBC series “the Blacklist” averaged around 18 million viewers per week for new episodes last season.] Two recent developments show the bankruptcy of the basic competence of the elite and the common sense of ordinary people for the most part. In rejecting the PC idiot religion of the elites.

The NFL reportedly pressured teams to sign Michael Sam, after the Rams cut him. The Cowboys picked him up, under pressure, and team owner Jerry Jones said after questioning that “no way” was Sam able or prepared to play in the NFL. Of course, players who did not make a team even a practice squad are angry. But the sense of the ownership after listening to Sports Talk Radio is that going All Gay, all the time, is a good move because its just like Signing Jackie Robinson and they are as Brave and Far-sighted as Branch Rickey.

Coming to a TV screen near you next year: Micheal Sam leaps into the stands and kisses his boyfriend. Somewhere a father and a ten year old son are watching. “Ewwww.” They both turn off the TV in disgust. “Lets watch the hockey game later Dad.” “Sure son!” “I’m much more into Hockey Dad. Its not gay like Football.” “Me too son, me too.”

Gays are 2.6% of the population, including Lesbians. Not much to hang a sports league on. But the motivation is essentially religious. Owners care more about being seen as one of the chosen, the Saved, the special, the “good White” who gloriously saves the downtrodden non-White, or Gay, or Muslim, or what have you, and thus performs the sado-masochistic (credit the tweeter Roissy/Heartiste retweeted) rituals of recycling, yoga, tofu, vegetarianism, jogging, etc. along with “racial cuckoldry” that makes up the religion of Racial Penance and Redemption.

The good news is that though Jerry Jones had to bend over and take one for the team, so to speak, in service of the owners collective religious feelings, he’d rather win a Superbowl than be saved. His ego demands he win a Superbowl without Jimmy Johnson and so far he’s failed to do so. Michael Sam might be real good at kissing wimpy SWPL White gay guys, but as a defensive football player he’s about as good as Johnny Weir and only slightly better than Liberace. Now. This just in — gay guys are not very good at football.

The REAL Equalizer
In a similar fashion, audiences seem to have rejected in test screenings the Denzel Washington remake of the Equalizer. Edward Woodward, above right, is the Equalizer. Denzel Washington, below left, is good as corrupt and brutal Officer Rafael Perez. Washington even looks like Perez in the movie “Training Day.”
Gotta Keep It Real

The remake of the 1980’s TV series is being dumped into early September. The death slot for movies. This is a good thing.

If the test screenings had any heat and audience reaction behind them, the movie would have been released at least in August and maybe even July or June. There was not much competition for a traditional action movie, only Stallone’s Expendables 3 fit that bill, with Captain America coming out in April this year and concluding its US run by early June, and Guardians of the Galaxy being the other big Summer movie in August. The movie has been completed for some time now, maybe more than a year, and has been sitting around waiting to be dumped. Right at the time when kids are back in school, attention is red hot for football, both the NFL and College Ball variety, and Baseball is tight pennant races.

Why put the movie out now? Because it stinks.

The whole point of the Equalizer was the incongruity, of a bespectacled, mild seeming middle aged, chubby, middle class man in a suit, who is a ruthless and efficient killer and destroyer when he wants to be. A man who is dangerous because he has a brain as well as courage and will, and seems innocuous and harmless. Until Edward Woodward, a truly great actor, turns on the menace and charisma and you grasp just how dangerous the character really is.

The problem with Hollywood is that they are filled with religious dogma as much as the NFL owners. They believe that violence and action is only justified, if it is done by the religiously correct (i.e. Black) person and that the whole point of the Equalizer is a Black guy killing various (White) villains, while timing himself with a stop-watch. Yes its that bad:

Note the sub themes. Criminals are always White, Black guys don’t hold up Home Depot stores, White guys do. White women can only be protected by macho Black bald guys. Black guys are ultimate fighting machines … but for good!

This is pretty much religious dogma of the Religion of Racial Penance and Redemption. Post Christianity taken to its logical limits.

And of course, misses the other things that made the Equalizer (the TV series) great. Woodward’s superior acting ability, the ability to play to humor, regret, nostalgia, and a hardness far exceeding that of Washington:

The character often engaged in lengthy, psychological warfare, to destroy his enemies through fear and intimidation versus the simple “beat em up” action in the Denzel Washington clip. This increased tension and showed the character to be more than just someone capable of a straight on fight, but one able to think and analyze before engaging in action. Not so coincidentally, this increased dramatic tension. One of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen was the Matrix Part Two, as none of the CGI enhanced action had any dramatic tension at all. Since even in the context of the movie the action was not real.

There are two particular scenes, I am thinking of. One, is where Robert Lansing (as Control) gets drunk with Woodward’s character after McCall has psychologically and physically killed a corrupt cop, methods including chemicals inducing fear and hallucinations. McCall is upset at his very visible talent for destruction and Control (the much missed late Robert Lansing) assures him that the talent has always been put to good use only. Its the ending part of the episode seen below:

Its a simple scene. But one that makes the Edward Woodward Robert McCall far different than the Denzel Washington version. Far more dangerous, unpredictable, smarter, more cruel, and one that has as a costar the grimy, crime ridden NYC of the 1980s and the Stewart Copeland soundtrack (perhaps his best ever).

The good news is that Season Two of the Equalizer has been released, in Region 1 (the US). Other regions have already had all four seasons released. Now if only the other remaining seasons can be released here in the US.

Does all of this matter?

Yes. It matters if the NFL, the most popular sports league, and the only one remaining mostly on free TV (for now) rather than cable and satellite, pushes the gay agenda so the owners can feel good about their religious standing. And it matters if the one ego-driven, obnoxious, rootin tootin Texan of them all had to bend over, but is now smarting from his position that he assumed. And not very happy. It matters that Hollywood can’t even remake a classic TV series with all the high points written out in huge letters:

  • Hero is unassuming, mild looking middle aged man who is “the most dangerous man I know.”
  • Hero uses psychological warfare and favor trading and all the tools of decades of an intelligence officer not just an ass-kicker to destroy his enemies
  • Hero is filled with ambivalence over his career, his isolation from his family, and the things he’s done and does, wondering if it makes him evil
  • Hero is a beloved British actor of great charisma, and fantastic acting ability

Put this all together and it spells GARY OLDMAN. Or possibly Sean Bean. Why execs did not simply remake the TV series, as a TV series, with the original soundtrack, and updated NYC locations, with either Oldman or Bean (either could do it, Oldman would be better) only religious frenzy and commitment can explain it.

Lets put it this way. The trailer has all the best moments of the film in it. And it sucks. Hit Girl is lame, who knew the Equalizer worked in Home Depot, that all dangerous criminals are White, that saviors are gritty ghettoized Black guys without major ebonics accents, or that the Equalizer dies in the end as a Christ figure? Gee no wonder people are saying no thanks.

If they had to remake it, the concept works best as a series, with about 17 hours and change available to push the story across with lots of character detail, coupled with suspense and a bit of action. The concept needs a charismatic, mild looking White British guy as the lead. Not Officer Perez from Training Day. That this act of religious devotion obviously failed is a good thing. People said no to it.

And with that I’ll take a bit of hope.

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20 Responses to Michael Sam and Denzel Washington: the Gay NFL and Black Equalizer

  1. Toddy Cat says:

    Sad to say, but “The Equalizer” probably wouldn’t be a hit today. Having a non-hot middle aged guy as the hero would turn off the women, having him be a Brit who wasn’t James Bond would turn off the “America, F*** Yeah!” demographic, having him be white would turn off the blacks, and the character’s psychological complexity would turn off the sub-100 IQ crowd, and there goes 90% of today’s audience. It just shows how things have changed since the 1980’s. 1986 wasn’t exactly the high noon of Western Civilization, but it’s looking pretty good right now.

  2. shartiste says:

    Slightly O/T: Jerry won with Barry Switzer. You could argue that Switzer didn’t do much, merely won with the team Jimmy Johnson put together and prepared, and that argument is probably valid.

  3. Ras Al Ghul says:

    Toddy Cat:

    The blacklist’s popularity, even Person of Interest would suggest otherwise.

    I think a tired, white guy wondering if he is evil, fighting in a civilization that at a certain level is distrusts and hates him would resonate.

    Its why Man of Steel was done the way it was last year, and why the critics hated it, but it still did well. Superman was alienated. He was wary of society and vice versa. He was the ultimate white guy and made an outsider.

    There is a hint that’s what they intend to do with Batman in the upcoming movie. Leaving aside the mistake of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. They’ve mention him being older, he’s been fighting in the shadow for a long time, he’s weary, he’s suffered painful loses and he’s still fighting and I think that’s intentional because it is resonating with the middle class.

    • whorefinder says:

      I agree. I think we’ve reached that stage in a civilization where the soldiers fighting in the army—majority white, non-Jewish, non-WASP—would no longer seriously die for the nation-state and government; instead, they would fight and die for their own interests, and might be swayed by a charismatic general to install him as the head of state. And we have a military whose racial makeup (Irish, Scots-Irish, various Southern European Catholics) is opposite of the old long time ruling elites, who hate their races and insult their culture at every turn (i.e. WASPs and Jews). Why die for people who despise you?

      Exactly what happened in the Roman Empire. The army was alienated racially from the ruling elites in the Senate and just plain old turned on them.

      Snyder has now made 3 fantastic anti-left movies that critics either hated or were “divided” on but were well-liked by audiences and are constantly re-watched: Watchmen, The 300, and Man of Steel. And he made the last one under the auspices of Christopher Nolan, whose Batman moves have been noted as having anti-leftist/Anti-democrat themes—e.g. The Dark Knight being a defense of George W. Bush’s War on Terror policies; The Dark Knight Rises being a pretty blatant critique and condemnation of Occupy Wall Streeters.

      Caesar famously was the first Roman to use a new form of propaganda as a political weapon—written history. He personally wrote the history of his Gaulish conquests contemporaneously with said conquests, publishing them as soon as he could to generate notoriety for himself and subtly “prove” that he should be given absolute power. His histories were shockingly egomaniacal for the time, but were very useful in his quest for power. In short, entertainment helped to his power grab.

      If a U.S. general were to launch a campaign to take over the U.S. government, he could do a lot worse than doing two things: 1) stoking the racial resentment of the military men against WASPs and Jews (and their criminal lackeys, blacks and illegal immigrant Mexicans); and 2) hiring Snyder/Nolan (and Pixar, which is also run by an anti-leftist) to make propaganda for him, a la Caesar writing his Gaulish history.

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  5. Cecil henry says:

    That the new version wasn’t well received is surprising, given that it seems to me there has been similar garbage put out with the same PC memes of black hero, lots of bad white guys and aren’t the real good (non-white) always just downtrodden.

    How is this one really so different. It seems to be audiences today will imbibe just about anything.

    Should this be taken as a positive, or just a miss. There’s always more of this junk in the pipeline.

  6. whorefinder says:

    I left a comment on the previous thread about my hypothesis on PC-dogma, which I’ve written about on my blog as well.

    The racial cuckoldry will be the next big Hollywood push after the current World War G and T (as Steve Sailer puts them) are concluded. Women will be openly shamed for not shacking up with Negroes. Already Hollywood has decided to make Johnny Storm in the next Fantastic Four movie a black guy, despite his being white in the comics.

    Johnny Storm is a hotshot ladies man as a character. So be prepared that he will be covered in non-black ladies who coo about how “sexy” he is and how good in bed he is. Especially blond chicks.

    Furthermore, his sister in the comics is Sue Storm, and will be played by a white actress. I’m betting adoption will be shoehorned in; in the comics, they aren’t adopted, they are born brother and sister. And be prepared for stories promoted that the two actors “hooked up” behind the scenes.

    This push is just to humiliate and denigrate Irish and other non WASP and Jew white males and exterminate the Irish-Catholic/gentile non-WASP white gene pool by miscegenation.

  7. ” The whole point of the Equalizer was the incongruity, of a bespectacled, mild seeming middle aged, chubby, middle class man in a suit, who is a ruthless and efficient killer and destroyer when he wants to be. A man who is dangerous because he has a brain as well as courage and will, and seems innocuous and harmless.”

    That’s a lesson that Hollywood has forgotten and has seemed unwilling to relearn. As a kid, I was a fan of the “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” TV show. It was one of the few horror TV shows that actually had real scary moments in it. So when I heard they were remaking it, I was excited…until I actually saw it. Robert Townsend played Kolchak. Instead of middle aged, out of shape, misanthrope who was at the bottom of his field, the character was a good looking guy living in a fabulous home, wealthy…basically there was no relation. The charm of Kolchak was that he was no superhero, he was an everyman, and one who actually got frightened of the monsters he faced, not a superhero type. I think it would be impossible to make a show like the original Kolchak now. No parts for old, not attractive men.

  8. dsgntd_plyr says:

    Speaking of the PC religion and sports. An NBA owner is selling his stake in the Atlanta Hawks because of a “racist” email. It’s racist because he discussed how the team marketed to blacks (while ignoring whites) so they should reach out to whites to fill empty seats:


    • whorefinder says:

      He self -reported. That’s right, he turned himself in. There a 3 possibilities:

      1. Someone threatened to expose this email, so he jumped the gun and did it himself.

      2. He really is that kind of supplicating beta male.

      3. He’s secretly using the Donald Sterling matter as cover to get out of owning the franchise.

      #1 is unlikely, since he’s selling anyway. #2 makes no sense, since he’s a billionaire Jewish man, who have no problem with their egos and do not supplicate without reason.

      that leaves #3, which seems likely; he’s basically forcing the NBA/media to find him a buyer, quick, to get his “evil racist” ass out of the league. Now the NBA and the media are his brokers, which means they’ll put pressure on an anti-racist–perhaps even a rich black guy—to “save” the franchise from this “evil Southern whitey.”

      So Levenson will get out of a bad business deal more quickly, perhaps for a better price, and get some martyr-schmuck to take over, and yet face the same problems Levenson currently does–that nobody’s coming to the games, revenues are down because whitey don’t come, and blacks aren’t a reliable, cost-effective fan base.

      Bill Simmons, for all his PC-shittery, predicted this when he wrote a column way back when the 2007-08 crash happened. He quoted inside sources saying that the NBA was actually in real trouble, despite their apparent success and visibility, and said that about 1/2 the owners/clubs were in deep financial trouble if there were even a slight downturn. Basically, the NBA was way over-extended in terms of number of teams (way too much expansion), and that non-national teams couldn’t draw enough eyeballs to justify NBA salaries, despite the salary cap and revenue sharing. Not to mention that players themselves were famously living paycheck to paycheck (except the white ones and few asian ones, of course).

      NBA teams, like NHL teams, have always been more minor league than NFL and MLB teams; for all the flash the NBA gets and ESPN highlight reels, football and baseball beat it financially and fan-wise. I

      The NBA should contract about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of their league (Memphis, anyone?) to save money. It would also improve the quality of play and increase scoring (expansion in the NBA, like in the NFL, reduces scoring, so contraction should do the opposite). Furthermore, it would probably allow owners to reign in public Bad Black Behavior (BBB) as the BBB’s could now be threatened with being replaced with one of the many now-jobless former NBA players who are slightly worse than the average BBB but would be more fan-friendly.

      • no mo uro says:

        The NBA is finished. With a leftist, PC-marinated beta self-hating white metrosexual guy “leading” it, and a “market” of one minority whose size, power, wealth, and influence is waning with respect to Latinos, and a push to ignore and even denigrate those whites who would actually spend money watching games, it is on its way out.

        The NFL, for all it’s supposed machismo, will follow in ten or so years. For largely the same reasons, plus worries of short haired, fat assed suburban mommies who don’t want their special snowflake to get a concussion..

        Baseball is dying, albeit more slowly. Not because of demographics but because of lacrosse, which is most like hockey…


      • dsgntd_plyr says:

        100% agree on contraction. 20-24 teams in NBA 1st Division, with a lower league of equal size. Then adopt promotion and relegation system.

        The league would be awesome.

  9. Yes the NBA is dying. Levenson self-reported which means he wants OUT and will get out. An all Black fanbase and player base means ever lower TV revenue (the main driver) as the Sports on Cable bubble bursts. Meanwhile Hockey will draw more TV revenue (White players appealing to a demo with money) and yes the NFL going all Ray Rice, all the time, will circle the drain just a few years after the NBA.

    Sure the NFL suspended Ray Rice after the video showing the one punch that knocked out his then fiance now wife surfaced, and the Ravens released him. But that’s just a Black man keeping it real. Behavior seen everyday among Black men and common among Black athletes. The Union will go to bat for Rice, and someone will sign him. Ray Rice will keep it real just like Ray Lewis did. With an extra helping of Michael Sam smooching his boyfriend on TV during a game.

    Lean and hungry leagues (the NHL, MLB) do better than fat and happy ones marinating in PC. All of the leagues depend on big tv contracts and the NBA and NFL are dependent more than the others on ever increasing TV money when the likely bet is ever decreasing TV money as the nation becomes more Latino and poorer. And less likely to engage in Black male worship than emasculated White guys removed from actual real Black guys in daily life.

    • whorefinder says:

      I wouldn’t call the NHL lean or hungry. It has far too many teams. It has been run into the ground for 20 years by Gary Bettman, it’s commissioner, a former-NBA honcho. It followed the NBA model of ruthless over-expansion to garner quick easy money from logo/merchandise/first-time season ticket holder sales (think Charlotte Hornets, Columbus Blue Jackets) only to lose steam once the novelty wore off.

      The NHL did it much worse, however, since it 1) didn’t have Michael Jordan in the 1990s to keep it afloat; 2) does not appeal to the sports-media complex’s love of black athletes; 3) failed to focus on Canada, where the majority of rabid hockey fans come from, instead focused on lukewarm (literally) markets like Florida and Los Angeles; 4) tried to stop fighting, one of the main highlight-reel draws; it would be like the NBA banning slam dunks; 5) allowed the ultra-boring trap-game system to come into effect (NJ Devils) for years without stopping it; and 6) allowed vicious but sneaky scumbag players such as Ulf Samuelson and Claude Lemeuix play for years and end careers and injure true star players (Ulf ended Cam Neely’s career with a cheap shot hit to the knee and was never punished for it; Neely was a 5-tool NH superstar in the Gordie Howe mode who could have been a face for hockey in the 1990s).

      Not to mention refusing to renew an ESPN contract but failing to launch any meaningful hockey network for years afterwards, allowing the NBA to dominate the winter highlight reels unchecked.

      We tend to forget that, despite the Bird-Magic 1980s, the NBA and NHL were neck-and-neck popularity wise in the U.S. in the early 1990s. All theses mistakes dropped the NHL behind the NBA, and even, for a time, below NASCAR.

      The NHL also started “protecting” one-tool scorers, making any hit on them illegal. Hockey went from an image of the 5-tool tough guy player (Gordie Howe) to the one-dimensional scoring wuss (Gretzky) and his bodyguards who would cheap shot you. Increasing scoring was one thing, but trying to tone down hockey’s rough-and-tumble image was a very bad move.

      • Patrick Henry says:

        Interesting you mention NASCAR, now gone from from the free-TV universe. Pretty much the whitest sport in the US, they’ve done exactly as you described above with expansion into ‘markets’ where people ride buses and trains (Chicago?) or sports deserts like LA that can’t even keep a NFL team. This while hosing its core Southern demographic. Gimmicks like ‘the Chase’ make the regular season almost meaningless. Fans are checking out in droves.

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  11. D S Craft says:

    I just did a google search for The Equalizer (2014). It’s scoring 82% on IMDB and 68% on Rotten Tomatoes. How is that a rejection of the movie?

  12. bronzethinker says:

    Note that Whiskey doesn’t name the tweeter that Heartiste/Roissy retweeted, whose idea about the character of PC religion is behind this entire post! This is Bronze Age Pervert. Everyone quotes him, everyone takes his ideas, no one gives credit and names him. Why? Are you embarrassed of such a name.

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