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18 Responses to About

  1. sukmydikbitch says:

    You are a sorry cuckold faggot and ought to kill yourself.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey, lots of respect from someone who also inhabits your neck of the woods.

  3. fakeemail says:

    hey whiskey, i’d love to see an article with your thoughts on the wisdom (or folly) of perfectly fine beta white guys who have decided to date/marry Asian women. Good idea or bad idea? Are they losers? Or are they the sane ones reacting against the insane losers?

  4. Justin Beck says:

    You ripped off the look of my site. And that 50 Shades of Grey Book sucks. All colors are just plain dumb.

  5. nice guy says:

    Hi, Could you please talk to me about how toys are making more money than movies? My cell number is three 1 zero seven 03 3 three five five. I’m in Los Angeles

    • Thinker says:

      Why do awful people like you exist in this world? What is your purpose? So much awfulness and toxicity. Are you truly happy or just twisted with bitterness, hatred and confusion?

  6. nice guy says:

    or you could just email me – thanks

  7. fakeemail says:

    Whiskey, where are you? You haven’t posted in ages. You do have fans who check your page so it would be nice if you put an update out if you’re still alive!

  8. Bob Roberts says:

    Whiskey, its almost fall tv time, please come back and write about it!

  9. Dana says:

    Whiskey, In keeping with your theme that, I think, is ‘women go with the powerful men and desert the nice guys’ you should check out the book “Savage Continent” pages 164-166. The book is about Europe right after WW2 ended, all the ethnic recriminations, revenge killings, and women shearing. But two or three pages, 164-166 are about the loyalties of women during the war.
    Here are some quotes “The number of sexual relationships that took place between European women and Germans during the war is quite staggering. In Norway as many as 10 per cent of women aged between fifteen and thirty had German boyfriends during the war” p.164
    “On the whole European women slept with Germans not because they were forced to, or because their own men were absent or because they need money or food- but simply because they found the strong, “knightly’ image of the German soldiers intensely attractive, especially compared to the weakened impression they had of their own menfolk. In Denmark, for example, wartime pollsters were shocked to discover that 51 per cent of Danish women openly admitted to finding German men more attractive than their own compatriots.” p. 165-66

  10. Rurik says:

    Whiskey, I’m glad to see you still live, and are occasionally active. I remember you from older days and Belmont Club. If you have not discovered http://takimag.com/ you need to come on by; I think some of your perspective would be appreciated there .

  11. DeepThought says:

    What happened to this site?

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