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Nike vs. the Urban League

There is no shame in America. Not any more. Failed Mayor of New Orleans and National Urban League President Marc Morial is calling upon Nike to cancel sales of the LeBron James X sneakers. The reason: young Black men will … Continue reading

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The Fall of the Colors of Benetton

The Financial Times reports that Italian fashion house Benetton will be going private, amidst a spectacular failure of its latest shock advertising campaign. Investors are not particularly enthused about the once high-flying fashion house, and the shock advertising campaigns have … Continue reading

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Boycott the Boycotters: the Culture War

For Liberals, everything is the political. Even the personal. In a an attack ginned up by the Obama Administration, the culture war over Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has resulted in over 140 companies currently pulling advertising on the Rush … Continue reading

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TV Ad Market Forecasts Continued Economic Gloom

Recent reports by Comcast/NBCU and CBS show continued economic gloom. Comcast showed an increase in profit of 26%, due to improved results for cable and the inclusion of NBCUniversal’s entertainment business. Growth in broadband and business services was matched by … Continue reading

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The Modern View of Marriage

A recent Citibank commercial exhibits the modern view of marriage found in the young, White professional women who are the target of Citbank’s rewards program. The commercial features an attractive, athletic woman who says, “My boyfriend and I were going … Continue reading

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A Christmas Commercial

A particular Christmas Commercial caught my eye: The above Star Trek scene was considered controversial (the first inter-racial kiss on TV) in the 1960’s when it aired. The sad thing is, the same pairing would be considered controversial today, which … Continue reading

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Advertising: Get the Man Out!

Advertising forms the basis for much of what is deemed mainstream and acceptable culture in Western society. Advertising is everywhere, all the time. Drive down the road and you’ll see billboards. Listen to the radio and you’ll hear ads. Watch … Continue reading

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Feminized TV: How PC Kills Revenue

The plot should be a no-brainer. TV Broadcast networks, free to anyone with a TV antenna, ought to be reaping recessionary rewards as people cut the cable or satellite payments and surf online and over-the-air. But TV Broadcast networks are … Continue reading

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Mad Men: The Most Feminine (and Revealing) Show on Cable TV

A recent (Friday, August 7, 2009, Weekend Journal, P1) article in the Wall Street Journal contained a few odd hints about the future of cable Televsion. First, it’s very girly. The AMC series “Mad Men” may be the most profoundly … Continue reading

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Advertising’s View of Husbands

Advertising today has a definite view of husbands. Witness the ad below for “Jackpot.” Increasingly, men are as objectified to women in advertising, as women are to men in pornography. This is not a healthy environment for formation of … Continue reading

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