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What’s Wrong With Hollywood Part 9,453

There are many, many things wrong with Hollywood. But among them is the “diversity” aka anti-White male craze. One of the more notable things to come out of the Hollywood Reporter story on the American Humane Association covering up animal … Continue reading

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Disney, Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, and the Return of Otto von Bismarck

A recent article at the Financial Times about Disney’s Ike Perlmutter, the enormous amounts of money he makes for Disney, and the tremendous culture clash he has created got me thinking about Otto von Bismarck. Much of what went wrong … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan and Stealth White Identity Politics

One of the most remarkable things in politics has been the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan has increased his chance of success, because the Ryan pick plays out Steve Sailer’s … Continue reading

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The Battle for Anaheim is the Battle for California … and the US

The Battle for Anaheim has begun. Spurred by the recent shootings of two gang members, Manuel “Stomper” Diaz and Joel “Yogi” Acevdo, the mostly non-English speaking, crime and gang ridden population of Anaheim, a goodly portion of which is comprised … Continue reading

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Scott Adams and the Casual Disclosure of Social Change

Sometimes large cultural change is encapsulated in the most casual disclosures. Scott Adams (Dilbert) noted in a WSJ story, that he was twice turned down for promotions on the ground that he was well qualified, but a White male. Instead, … Continue reading

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