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Why Roissy is Right

A Daily Mail story about erotic fiction stimulating wealthy New York Housewives shows how Roissy is right. Recently, Roissy noted that women desire to dominated. Which is by the way, a luxury good. Domination and control was not possible in … Continue reading

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The Most Hilarious Sex Tape Ever!

From The San Francisco Chronicle comes the bizarre sex tape story of California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, his wife Nadia (an Alameda County Supervisor), and the unemployed construction worker she made a sex tape with. The website New Santa Ana … Continue reading

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Why Women Hate Nice Guys (and the Implications)

From Instapundit comes the link of 12 Reasons Women Can’t Stand Nice Guys. Well, duh, nice guys are beta males. Which is another way of saying “un-sexy.” American and Western society is completely and totally focused on providing the maximum … Continue reading

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