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Why Women Are Not At The Top (of Politics, Business, and Culture)

Women have more freedom, power, and control over their lives in the West than any group of women ever, before. Women today have more wealth, freedom, comfort, and stability than any other group of women before. And yet, still they … Continue reading

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The End of Female Advancement

Women long for Alpha Males. Well, file that under “duh.” Alpha males, those possessing higher amounts of social dominance, power, charisma, and attractiveness, than the women around them, are irresistible. They come in many different varieties: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Obama’s Advantage: White Women

No matter how bad the economy, with gas possibly at $10 a gallon next Summer, unemployment officially north of 18% then, and widespread riots and shortages, Obama has one secret advantage. Most White women love him. Sarah Silverman recently noted … Continue reading

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The Fix for Alpha Girls and Man-Child Men

Per Rich Lowry and Kay Hymowitz’s lament about Alpha Girls and “Man Child Men,” the only “fix” for that problem is nothing less than the destruction of women’s equal status among their peers, or often superior status, by the destruction … Continue reading

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Rich Lowry: Alpha Girls and Child Men

Rich Lowry’s latest post on Kay Hymowitz’s “Manning Up” book demonstrates absolutely and completely how most conservatives don’t have a clue about what is reshaping our society: the female preference for sexy over reliable men. It really is that simple. … Continue reading

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Julian Assange Is An Alpha Male

Two new stories about Julian Assange confirm he is an Alpha Male. And just how the the nexus of celebrity and fame operate to create, Alpha Male winners, and losers (Beta Males). That, moreover, women’s preference for Alpha Males exists … Continue reading

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Beta Males and Inferior Men

Comedy writer and former “Upright Citizens Brigade” performer Julie Klausner has a new book out. Called: “I Don’t Care About Your Band: What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Faux Sensitive Hipsters, Felons and Others,” it contains her … Continue reading

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Sandra Tsing Loh and The State of Marriage

In my previous post, How Many (White) Men Are Getting Married I noted that there was a definite trend for White Men, between ages 35-40, to be unmarried. Using the GSS Data, the increase was from 5% in 1972 to … Continue reading

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The Secret of Superhero Movies

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing Warner Brother’s new strategy for Superhero movies. Make them dark, “just like Batman.” More proof if any was needed that Hollywood lives in a bubble and just does not understand their … Continue reading

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Why the Beta Male Exists

Evolutionary Biologists and lay people like Neil Strauss (“the Game”) and VH1’s “Mystery” are always talking about the Alpha Male. How and why women prefer him, his role in society, how his presence is needed to defend society (Lee Harris, … Continue reading

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