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Hollywood: Don’t Make the Villain Cooler than the Hero (Crazies Are Watching)

Crazy people are with us, always. For a few people, brain chemistry changes, as yet understood, happens mostly around late adolescence and early adulthood, and makes them see things that are not there, in reality. Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Rises Movie Shooting: Healthy and Unhealthy Fantasies

Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises” was set to be a triumphant success. The last in his three series of movies about Batman, and clocking in at nearly three hours long, the movie premiered at Midnight Friday all across America, in … Continue reading

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Anders Breivik: Beta Male Rampage

Commenters on the Left are gleefully asserting that Norway Bomber/Shooter Anders Breivik, who claims to have acted alone, and plotted for nine years, is a “conservative” thinker given how he has cited writings by prominent anti-Jihad bloggers, such as Fjordman, … Continue reading

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