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Business Gives Up on Obama

The Orange County Register has an interesting piece about business leaders blasting Obama. Of course. Most Business leaders have given up on Obama. They are poised to discreetly fund a Republican challenger. Oh, not all business people have given up … Continue reading

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End of the Empires: News Corp and Apple

Both News Corporation and Apple Computer are in the news, with News Corp. sliding downwards in stock price, and Apple share up, based on the phone hacking scandal in Britain, and increased Iphone sales for Apple, respectively. But both organizations … Continue reading

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James Cameron, 3D-TV, and Buying a Clue

James Cameron continues to show that while he’s the master of intermittent, hideously expensive movie spectacles, he’s completely clueless about the world outside of epic movies made every ten years. Cameron aims to bring 3-D content to TV, Reuters reports. … Continue reading

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Will Republicans Go After Big Media?

Republicans, taking the House, and gaining some (though not as much as they could) in the Senate, have an opportunity. To strike back at Big Media (one of their enemies) and make friends among the people. Will they take it? … Continue reading

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Crime and Currency

The Stuxnet worm is in the news. Was it the Israelis? The CIA? The Chinese? No one knows, or even what the aim was (hindering Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, industrial sabotage against Siemens by the Chinese, or simple extortion on a … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Free TV: Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes Does Not Get It

In a series of interviews, Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes declared TV is entering a new Golden Age, with its influence ever stronger on Western and indeed, global culture. Dismissing threats of cable cord cutting, and technological challenges from Amazon, Netflix, Apple, … Continue reading

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The Myth of Cable Erosion

Broadcast Executives like to tell themselves a pretty fairy story. “Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of ABC, NBC, and CBS, all was right in the land. Until wicked, wicked, cable came along and destroyed viewership, fracturing it … Continue reading

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More TV Execs Not Getting It

The Financial Times has covered both the Jeff Zucker firing from NBC (totally expected) and the recent Goldman Sachs TV conference. In both cases, you have undeniable proof that TV execs just don’t get it. They believe that their content … Continue reading

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When Did TV Get Girly?

While there can be no question as to the female-orientation of today’s broadcast TV, just examine the Emmy Nominations for “Glee,”, the question arises, when did TV get so girly? The answer is, 1978. Wikipedia has a fascinating set of … Continue reading

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Home Ownership: The End of the American Dream

When reading newspapers, magazines, and online stories, it is important to remember that journalists are mostly, lazy hacks who write whatever Journolist or other co-ordinated efforts tell them to write, often pushing the Democratic Party line of the day. Journalists … Continue reading

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