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The Chuck Finale: What Network TV Tells Us About Love and Marriage

Most people don’t go to church anymore. Charles Murray notes that regular religious attendance is pretty restricted to the White Upper Class. But people, still, even with network audience erosion, park themselves in front of the TV every day. Television, … Continue reading

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House Hunters International Egypt and the Romance of the Third World

Anyone watching “high end” reality TV, the “upscale” stuff designed to appeal to upper income viewers such as pretty much anything on Home and Garden TV or Food Network knows that the programming, aimed at a mostly female audience (just … Continue reading

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The Teen Mom Phenom

The Teen Moms are everywhere. On MTV. At the Supermarket checkout counter. On TMZ and the other gossip sites. And their popularity tells us a lot about what drives our culture, increasingly ever focused on a tiny demographic: White female … Continue reading

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Casey Stengel Was Right: FX Develops Illegal Alien PI Series

Casey Stengel was right. Nobody can play the game. FX has announced it is developing an Illegal Alien Private Investigator Series. This is probably the stupidest TV move I’ve seen in decades. Worse than the now canceled Undercovers, or Chase, … Continue reading

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