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Yes Way Out: Survivor Economics

Recently, Veronique De Rugy at National Review Online noted that Bill Gross of Pimco (who recently dumped all holdings of US Government debt) believes that there is no way out for US deficit spending. The amount of money needed to … Continue reading

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Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reflects the reality of White ethnic cleansing in California. Whites went from over 80% of the population in California in 1960, to 40.1% in 2010. Over fifty years, Whites have been effectively … Continue reading

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Why 2011 is not 1995

The April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing is thought by many Liberals and the Media (the two are interchangeable, for all practical purposes) to mark the beginning of President Clinton’s comeback after Republicans retook the House in the 1994 midterm … Continue reading

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Lifeboat Economics

All of politics can be summed up to: Its Always About the Money. Who pays, who is paid, and the mechanics of the transfer. Its all about the money. Numbers USA has a new video out describing the impact of … Continue reading

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Illegal Alien Protests in LA: Here to Take Over

In National Geographic’s “Dog Whisperer,” star Cesar Milan deals with unruly dogs with simple body language of domination. His message: “I’m here to take over.” It is that simple. He does take over. By simple domination. The recent illegal alien … Continue reading

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Life on the Blue Line

Sometimes, the LA Times does good reporting. In early June, the LAT did just such a job. In the June 9 story on the Blue Line and the people who ride it, the LAT showed the “vibrant, multicultural future” in … Continue reading

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Gossip Girl’s Threesome A Dud and Dollhouse’s Cancellation

Monday Night’s “Threesome” episode of CW Network’s “Gossip Girl” was a dud. Heavily hyped and promoted, the increased viewers only 20%, from 1.95 million viewers to 2.4 million viewers. By contrast, in the same week. NCIS did 20.9 million viewers. … Continue reading

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