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What’s Wrong With Hollywood Part 9,453

There are many, many things wrong with Hollywood. But among them is the “diversity” aka anti-White male craze. One of the more notable things to come out of the Hollywood Reporter story on the American Humane Association covering up animal … Continue reading

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Disney, Marvel, Ike Perlmutter, and the Return of Otto von Bismarck

A recent article at the Financial Times about Disney’s Ike Perlmutter, the enormous amounts of money he makes for Disney, and the tremendous culture clash he has created got me thinking about Otto von Bismarck. Much of what went wrong … Continue reading

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Disney’s Proposal: Movies Don’t Make Much Money, But Toys Do

The LA Times (still doing occasionally interesting reporting on their website) tells us that Disney is not interested in a sequel to 2009’s “the Proposal.” Given that the movie made $314 million world-wide in box office gross revenues, this is … Continue reading

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Can Disney Grow With Boys and Men?

With the Mancession in full swing it would appear odd that Disney, along with Time-Warner, is busy restructuring itself to appeal more to men, and boys, but nevertheless, Disney is busy doing just that. Disney recently fired Disney Studios CEO … Continue reading

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Disney Buys Marvel: Superheros and Where the Boys Aren’t

Disney, desperate for growth in entertainment, has made a deal with $4 billion to buy Marvel Entertainment. As detailed by Deadline Hollywood Daily there are many entanglements to the deal, including Marvel’s licensing deals with Hasbro (which makes Marvel Comics … Continue reading

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The Ugly Side of Disney’s Pop Princess Machine

Recently, Disney pop princess Miley Cyrus performed at the Teen Choice Awards. Dlisted has a full range of pictures and video. Watching the video and looking at the pictures, makes one wonder about Disney’s formerly sure touch in manufacturing (and … Continue reading

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