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Why Africa Is A Failure

The LA Times had an article recently about Ghana’s Witchcraft camps, where women may spend their entire lives in detention centers (concentration camps, really) after being accused of “witchcraft.” Fair use quote: Northern Ghana has six witch camps that have … Continue reading

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TV Ad Market Forecasts Continued Economic Gloom

Recent reports by Comcast/NBCU and CBS show continued economic gloom. Comcast showed an increase in profit of 26%, due to improved results for cable and the inclusion of NBCUniversal’s entertainment business. Growth in broadband and business services was matched by … Continue reading

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It Won’t Be a Taxi Driver Summer

One of the seminal films of the 20th Century was Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver.” A story of a troubled man (a Vietnam Vet) quite literally driven insane by the insane city around him. The current unrest of a “Long Hot … Continue reading

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Will K-12 H1-Bs Peel Off Obama’s Support?

As noted here, Obama still has some core White support: College Educated White women. Who alone benefit from Affirmative Action (non-College White women have the highest disapproval rates for all Whites). And are a good cultural fit for Obama as … Continue reading

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Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reflects the reality of White ethnic cleansing in California. Whites went from over 80% of the population in California in 1960, to 40.1% in 2010. Over fifty years, Whites have been effectively … Continue reading

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It’s Basically Over For Anglos

The Houston Chronicle quotes a demographer, Steve Murdock, who notes looking at population projections for Texas, “It’s basically over for Anglos.” The story reports that two out of every three Texas children are non-Anglo (almost all Mexican origin) and that … Continue reading

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Why 2011 is not 1995

The April 19, 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing is thought by many Liberals and the Media (the two are interchangeable, for all practical purposes) to mark the beginning of President Clinton’s comeback after Republicans retook the House in the 1994 midterm … Continue reading

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Obama’s Coalition: The Patronage, Stupid!

A fascinating article by National Journal shows how politics in America reflect the patronage that the Democratic (and Republican) party distributes. Whites, except college educated White women, have turned away from Obama, his policies, and Democrats. Meanwhile both Obama and … Continue reading

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The George Clooney Effect: Female Hypergamy Confirmed

In a story that might as well be titled, “Beta Males Can’t Win,” Science Daily reports on a new study of women’s mate preferences. To the utter surprise of no one, older, higher earning women don’t want beta males, or … Continue reading

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Netflix’s Choice and the Return of Louis B. Mayer

The usually reliable Edward Jay Epstein has a new column up at the Wrap detailing the transition Netflix is undergoing. Netflix currently spends around $500 million a year in postage mailing out DVDs and receiving them back. This also requires … Continue reading

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