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Some Laughs from FW de Klerk

FW de Klerk, Apartheid-era South Africa’s last Prime Minister, recently gave one of the all-time stupid speeches by a former leader. In the speech he called for a non-racial approach to politics in South Africa. That de Klerk, always good … Continue reading

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Unaffordable Family Formation

Regular readers of Steve Sailer know his “affordable family formation” theory very well. Which amounts to Whites having kids when they can afford them. When land is cheap, suburbs all around, and the cost of living is relatively low. But … Continue reading

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The New Imperialism?

Contrary to popular notions, the world does not run on rainbows, unicorns, and skittles. Modern industrial economies need in particular, oil and gas and coal. With the earthquake in Japan turning Western nations against nuclear power (because of perceived risk), … Continue reading

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Let The Eat Ipad

Seeking Alpha reports that: When NY Fed’s Bill Dudley was pressed by a working-class audience about how he can view inflation as low when grocery prices keep rising, his response: “You can buy an iPad2 that costs the same as … Continue reading

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Wisconsin and the Wages of Diversity

The mini-riots, union buffoonery, and run-away tactics in Wisconsin, Indiana, and now reportedly Ohio, in response to austerity budgets and restrictions on Union bargaining for things other than wages/benefits, obscures the reality. Diversity means States (and the Federal government) can … Continue reading

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Oil Prices Enter the Danger Zone

The Financial Times has a scary article detailing how oil prices are entering the Danger Zone. As the graphic shows, OECD countries are shifting from an average of around 1.4% of GDP for the US (oil import expenditure), 1.0% of … Continue reading

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The LA Times and Green Jobs: Stupid, Lazy, or Politically Correct?

The LA Times on its home page had this story, by, with the headline “Job growth in California is going green” and the subhead “From January 2007 to January 2008 green jobs increased 5% while total jobs declined 1%.” … Continue reading

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How Sustainable is the New Girl Order?

The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, August 22, 2009 ran a story “They Know What She Wore Last Night,” about the website (and book), that allows young fashionistas to find out what designer a starlet wore to some event. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Economy: Men, Women, and the Welfare State

Recently, Business Week had a story on how Male Unemployment has reached post-War highs. Richard Florida (the “creative class” writer) has written about the subject also in the Atlantic. Both Business Week and Richard Florida wondered about the policy challenges … Continue reading

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Return of the 1970s

While “that 70’s Show” has long since ended it’s run, the 1970’s in America’s cultural and political life never ends. In my post Obama’s America: Is it Jonestown? I explored one aspect of the return of the 1970’s, the eerie … Continue reading

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