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How Sustainable is the New Girl Order?

The Wall Street Journal on Saturday, August 22, 2009 ran a story “They Know What She Wore Last Night,” about the website (and book), that allows young fashionistas to find out what designer a starlet wore to some event. … Continue reading

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Obama’s Economy: Men, Women, and the Welfare State

Recently, Business Week had a story on how Male Unemployment has reached post-War highs. Richard Florida (the “creative class” writer) has written about the subject also in the Atlantic. Both Business Week and Richard Florida wondered about the policy challenges … Continue reading

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Return of the 1970s

While “that 70’s Show” has long since ended it’s run, the 1970’s in America’s cultural and political life never ends. In my post Obama’s America: Is it Jonestown? I explored one aspect of the return of the 1970’s, the eerie … Continue reading

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