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Civil War: the Uber Middle and the Rest of the Near-Elite

The Financial Times (if you are not reading it you should be, it is while a liberal newspaper far better than the WSJ or NYT, admittedly a low bar) had last week a series of articles illustrating the growing civil … Continue reading

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America’s Gun Culture and Anarcho Tyranny

The late Sam Francis defined anarcho-tyranny as the State punishing and micro-managing in a tyrannical way, the life of ordinary (White) middle and working class people, while enabling the anarchy of violent, dangerous criminals (often though not exclusively Black and … Continue reading

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Standard Chartered and the Fall of the West

Standard Chartered Bank, based in London, has been charged with laundering $250 billion of transactions for Iran, in violation of US and NY State law. The NY State Dept of Financial Services is quoted as saying: The New York State … Continue reading

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Charles Murray and the White Class Divide

Charles Murray has an article in the WSJ outlining America’s class divide. Murray notes the emergence of the “Super Zip Codes” that all go to the same elite schools, hold the same elite jobs, live in a very few elite … Continue reading

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End of the Empires: News Corp and Apple

Both News Corporation and Apple Computer are in the news, with News Corp. sliding downwards in stock price, and Apple share up, based on the phone hacking scandal in Britain, and increased Iphone sales for Apple, respectively. But both organizations … Continue reading

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Sleazy I-Banks and the End of Nationalism Among Elites

The Wall Street Journal is reporting (link through financialbin, WSJ behind the paywall) in their dead tree July 5th edition, that big Wall Street Investment banks and commodity firms are snapping up metals warehouses. In turn, their business practices are … Continue reading

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Why Selling New York Is Important

Sometimes reality TV can be simply silly. A diversion of no consequence. History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers” or “Axe Men” fall into that category. Shows of interest mainly to a male audience, that has entertainment value only. No lasting cultural … Continue reading

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The Elites Are Not The Elite: Harvard, Yale, Caltech, and Harvey Mudd

Clueless Anne Applebaum, at the Washington Post, writes the usual Liberal diatribe about how the lumpenproletariat don’t know their place, and the wonderful leadership provided by the much smarter Ivy League people like Barack and Michelle Obama. Applebaum’s argument, such … Continue reading

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UCLA Goes Private: The Start of the Higher Ed Bubble Popping?

UCLA is Going Private. Akin to the scene in “Robocop” where a character shouts excitedly, “We’re taking this city private!” UCLA’s Anderson School of Business wants to give up state funding and rely on private donors. This just might be … Continue reading

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Michael Ledeen on Obama: Likes Tyrants, Dislikes America

Michael Ledeen at National Review Online notes that Obama follows a pattern of elites. Who dislike freedom for the masses, and worship foreign tyrants. I think that he rather likes tyrants and dislikes America. I think he’d like to be … Continue reading

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