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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Movie Goer: Failure of the Fan-Boy Comic Movie and the Gender-Less Movie Star

Failure is more interesting, often, than success. Success can happen for many reasons. A superior plan. Violent execution of a mediocre plan. Pure luck. Pathetic opponents. But failure, and failure repeated, can teach valuable lessons about the world. About what … Continue reading

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Maxine Water’s "White Men Tax": The Outcome of Diversity

The LA Times has an article describing how the Dodd Financial Reform Bill has a requirement, inserted by Maxine Waters, the Democratic Congresswoman currently under ethics violations charges, establishing offices in each of the 30 financial regulatory agencies and departments … Continue reading

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How Female Oriented Is Network TV?

Just how female oriented is network TV? Very. Almost all shows are oriented towards women, and almost none are oriented towards men. Don’t believe me? Look below. Recently, Ed Bernero sat down for an interview with Deadline Hollywood Daily, and … Continue reading

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Comics Books Dirty Little Secret: They Don’t Make (Much) Money

Everyone is interested in Comic Book movies these days. The Batman movie’s domestic box office of $480 million dollars and rising will do that. But what people don’t understand is the dirty little secret of Comics Books. They don’t make … Continue reading

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