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Sexual Competition in Britain: A Case Study in Sadness

The Daily Mail has another story on scantily clad, drunk, and sad women in Britain. Courtesy of Roissy/Heartiste, the pictures and comments are revealing as to what they show unrestrained sexual competition among women for the few dominant A-holes they … Continue reading

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Addendum to Whiskey’s Law

In Why The West Collapsed: Case Study Sweden, I proposed “Whiskey’s Law” which states that the degree of Multiculturalism and PC in a society is directly related to the amount of equality between men and women, and particularly between men … Continue reading

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Chicks Dig Jerks, Version 5,799

Chicks dig jerks. Sad, but true. The most beautiful women often choose the most jerky of men. Including violent, dangerous men. the Daily Mail has a story of another woman, killed by an ex-boyfriend/husband. Laura Ackerson, 27, was found dismembered … Continue reading

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Arrow of Desire: Sexy Not Dependable Men

A couple of recent articles in both Larry Auster’s site and the Wall Street Journal show how the arrow of female desire in America (and really the West) has changed over the years. Towards Sexy not Dependable men. It is … Continue reading

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NBA Groupies and the Death of the Possible Dream

GQ has a fascinating article on NBA groupies. Fascinating on several levels, not the least of which is the rather shocking point that the women interviewed are all lower middle class/blue collar Black women with “respectable” jobs and their preference … Continue reading

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The George Clooney Effect: Female Hypergamy Confirmed

In a story that might as well be titled, “Beta Males Can’t Win,” Science Daily reports on a new study of women’s mate preferences. To the utter surprise of no one, older, higher earning women don’t want beta males, or … Continue reading

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The Teen Mom Phenom

The Teen Moms are everywhere. On MTV. At the Supermarket checkout counter. On TMZ and the other gossip sites. And their popularity tells us a lot about what drives our culture, increasingly ever focused on a tiny demographic: White female … Continue reading

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Woman Marries Herself

A Taiwanese woman is marrying herself. Uninspired by the men she’s met but facing social pressure to get married, the 30-year-old Taipei office worker will hold the reception next month in honor of just one person. “Age thirty is a … Continue reading

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