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Called It: Anaheim Mayor to Propose District Elections

Sure looks like I called it. Anaheim’s Mayor is calling for District Elections. Mayor Tom Tait said he also plans to call for a council vote that night to place a measure on the November ballot for electing council members … Continue reading

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The Battle for Anaheim is the Battle for California … and the US

The Battle for Anaheim has begun. Spurred by the recent shootings of two gang members, Manuel “Stomper” Diaz and Joel “Yogi” Acevdo, the mostly non-English speaking, crime and gang ridden population of Anaheim, a goodly portion of which is comprised … Continue reading

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The Silverado Moment

In the movie “Silverado,” the character played by Kevin Kline has an awakening. His friend, played by Linda Hunt, is threatened with death by the evil sheriff, played by Brian Dennehy. Hunt points out the obvious to the gambler and … Continue reading

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Will LA Have Another Riot?

The recent shooting of an illegal alien, a Guatemalan day laborer, who menaced passers-by (mostly women and children) with a knife while drunk, and got shot when he attacked a police officer, has drawn protests and violent skirmishes. The question … Continue reading

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Illegal Alien Protests in LA: Here to Take Over

In National Geographic’s “Dog Whisperer,” star Cesar Milan deals with unruly dogs with simple body language of domination. His message: “I’m here to take over.” It is that simple. He does take over. By simple domination. The recent illegal alien … Continue reading

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