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Lifeboat Economics

All of politics can be summed up to: Its Always About the Money. Who pays, who is paid, and the mechanics of the transfer. Its all about the money. Numbers USA has a new video out describing the impact of … Continue reading

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How Assimilation Fails: Jessica Alba And A Nation of Dortmunders

No one has has more money and fame thrown at her by White fans than Jessica Alba. The daughter of a White mother, Alba herself could as easily be defined as White or Anglo, and has played roles in which … Continue reading

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Why the Culture War Has Re-ignited

The selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP choice has re-ignited the Culture Wars. During the Emmy awards, Tina Fey opined she wanted Sarah Palin to be removed from public life. Laura Linney, Howie Mandel, Jeremy Piven, Stephen Colbert, and … Continue reading

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