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Will Obama Stage a Self-Coup?

Barack Obama is unlike any other President. As the American Thinker points out, Obama’s main desire is to get approval from Chicago’s Black Ascendancy. He does not care much about anything else. And only listens to his harridan wife, and … Continue reading

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The Ground Zero Victory Mosque: Obama’s Extended Middle Finger to America

With Obama strongly backing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque celebrating 9/11, he has raised a middle finger to America. This is not surprising, Obama was born, and raised a Muslim, to a Muslim father, grandfather, and step-father. He’s celebrated one … Continue reading

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Obama’s America: Is it Jonestown?

On Nov 17, 1978, Congressman Leo Ryan, and several members of his party were shot to death in a Guyana airstrip, by members of Jim Jones “People’s Temple” security force, before they could leave in several planes. Also killed with … Continue reading

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