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Paul Ryan and Stealth White Identity Politics

One of the most remarkable things in politics has been the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan has increased his chance of success, because the Ryan pick plays out Steve Sailer’s … Continue reading

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The Silverado Moment

In the movie “Silverado,” the character played by Kevin Kline has an awakening. His friend, played by Linda Hunt, is threatened with death by the evil sheriff, played by Brian Dennehy. Hunt points out the obvious to the gambler and … Continue reading

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Where Does Wikileaks Money Come From?

The biggest mystery about Wikileaks is where its money comes from. Running Wikileaks is not cheap. Reports indicate a staff of about 20, multiple servers in multiple countries, with fairly large bandwidth charges, plus frequent moves to different hosting providers … Continue reading

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Lifeboat Economics

All of politics can be summed up to: Its Always About the Money. Who pays, who is paid, and the mechanics of the transfer. Its all about the money. Numbers USA has a new video out describing the impact of … Continue reading

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Agflation and the Cross of Gold

Updated Some things never change. American and European history remain “deep,” that is dominated by long cycles of debate over fundamental questions, that are never really resolved one way or another. The desire for elites (mostly but not exclusively in … Continue reading

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Tim Wise Calls for the End of Whites in America

Like Harold Myerson before him, Tim Wise has called for the end of Whites in America. Of course, he himself is White, but the internet is a glorious thing, not the least of which is that it collapses Wise’s world … Continue reading

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Boehner vs Obama

Rarely do events throw up two antagonists who are direct and total opposites of each other. With the House now moving Republican, a show-down between John Boehner and Barack Obama, both total unknowns four years ago, seems certain. And for … Continue reading

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France 1, Roma 0, EU Nothing

For those keeping score at home, the EU dropped threatened legal action against France for deporting Gypsies. Meaningless weasel words were added to regulations deporting the Gypsies, also called Roma. Meanwhile, the deportations continue. Because at the bottom, France cannot … Continue reading

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