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Can We Have a Law … to Ban Rap Videos?

Recently, University of Alabama Sorority Girls posted a recruitment video on Youtube, singing a Chris Brown rap song (with different lyrics) and Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Give boys a video camera and they’re re-enact Jackass endlessly. Give girls a video camera, … Continue reading

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NBC bets on Cable: Hollywood’s Detroit Rock City

The Wall Street Journal reports that NBC has elevated Jeff Glaspin to chair it’s entertainment television business. Glaspin’s background is in cable TV, being most noted for running NBC’s cable channels including USA and Bravo. Glaspin is associated with “Queer … Continue reading

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Rock is Dead: Rolling Stone and the Lack of Young People

Rock is dead. Or, more to the point, the youth culture that created rock music is dead. Because we don’t have enough young people. Not enough at any rate to create the kind of robust, competitive, and creative youth market … Continue reading

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Why Is It Always 1968? Part 2

In my prior post, Why Is It Always 1968 Part 1 I discussed some of the factors accounting for the astonishing fact that culturally, from music, to food, to dress, to politics, to entertainment (with some exceptions), twenty year olds … Continue reading

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Why Is It Always 1968? Part 1

Recently , Ed Driscoll linked to my post, Comic Books Dirty Little Secret, noting that: Much has been made by any number of commenters, from Steve Sailer, to John Derbyshire, to Spengler, to Mark Steyn, to in particular, Ed Driscoll, … Continue reading

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Death of the Niche Market

The death of the niche market is upon us. This has profound implications for our cultural life, which had been on a twenty year slide towards ever-greater fragmentation. First, the background. Ever since the 1980’s, American cultural life has been … Continue reading

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