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How NBC Can Save Itself

NBC garnered around 111 million viewers for the Superbowl. They have the London 2012 Olympics, sure to draw record viewership. They should be sitting pretty, right? Not really. NBC is mired in last place, often falling below Univision in the … Continue reading

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NBC’s Bet on Chelsea Handler: The New Supertrain, or Pink Lady and Jeff?

NBC seems betting big on “Girl in the City” type sitcoms, along with Fox (the New Girl with now newly divorced Zoey Deschanel, sister to Bone’s Emily Deschanel, and yes daughter of famous cinematographer and director Caleb Deschanel), and CBS … Continue reading

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NBC’s Diversity Bet Fails

[Editor’s note: work/family issues required a break from blogging. Hence the lengthy hiatus.] NBC’s past season, from Fall 2010 to Spring 2011, was a massive bust. NBC’s big bet on diversity failed. Gone, was “Undercovers” (a glamorous Black couple running … Continue reading

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NBC’s Fall Schedule: the Fantasy Failure

NBC’s Fall Schedule is doomed to failure. Doomed because it pushes fantasies that even the mostly female audience of NBC knows are wrong, and isn’t interested in anyway. The fantasies are that women can kick ass BETTER than men, that … Continue reading

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NBC’s Leno Gamble: The Revenge of the Audience

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on NBC’s big gamble on Jay Leno. Leno’s new show, debuting Monday, at 10 PM (Eastern-Pacific) and running from Monday through Friday, will have substantially lower ad rates. From $137,000 per 30 … Continue reading

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NBC Continues the Idiocy: Steve Carrell’s Production Company to Remake Rockford Files

File this under stupidity. NBC will remake the Rockford Files. Set to run the show is “House” co-creator David Shore (“Law and Order,” “Family Law”). NBC has no clue. A remake, destined to fail, of one of the all-time great … Continue reading

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NBC bets on Cable: Hollywood’s Detroit Rock City

The Wall Street Journal reports that NBC has elevated Jeff Glaspin to chair it’s entertainment television business. Glaspin’s background is in cable TV, being most noted for running NBC’s cable channels including USA and Bravo. Glaspin is associated with “Queer … Continue reading

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The Future of TV is on the Internet

One of the interesting things about watching the big four networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) fall into oblivion is how reminiscent they are of GM, Chrysler, and Ford falling into irrelevance (though to be fair, Ford Motor Company’s new … Continue reading

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NBC’s: Mercy: Women’s Shifting Attitudes Towards Love and Marriage

NBC announced a new hour-long drama, recently, for their Fall 2009 Schedule. Among the pick-ups was the show “Mercy” an amalgam of various other female oriented doctor shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice.” This time of course focusing on … Continue reading

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