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Netflix’s Choice and the Return of Louis B. Mayer

The usually reliable Edward Jay Epstein has a new column up at the Wrap detailing the transition Netflix is undergoing. Netflix currently spends around $500 million a year in postage mailing out DVDs and receiving them back. This also requires … Continue reading

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Why Dollhouse is a Flop and What It Means for Popular Culture

For those who care, and judging by the ratings, most don’t, the latest TV series from Joss Whedon, “Dollhouse,” is a flop. Judging by reviews, the series and lead actress (Eliza Dushku), have performed “below expectations” and even Television Without … Continue reading

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Death of the Niche Market

The death of the niche market is upon us. This has profound implications for our cultural life, which had been on a twenty year slide towards ever-greater fragmentation. First, the background. Ever since the 1980’s, American cultural life has been … Continue reading

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