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The Strange Politics of TV’s Alcatraz and Person of Interest

There is only one institution in America with any reach. Only one that really shapes culture. Only one that reflects, and changes it. No, its not churches. Hardly anyone goes to Church any more. Nor is it politics, unaffiliated people … Continue reading

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Why The West Collapsed: Case Study Sweden

The case study method has much to recommend it. There are many theories as to why the West has collapsed, into Multicultural, PC-driven weakness. But no Western nation has collapsed as quickly, and as completely, as Sweden. As the above … Continue reading

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England Falls

England has fallen. Quicker than I would have thought. Home Secretary Theresa May rules out use of the Army, Water Cannons. The situation is spiraling out of control. High Street areas, the ritzy places of Kensington, Notting Hill, and other … Continue reading

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The Phone Hacking Scandal: PC Makes You Corrupt

The Phone-Hacking scandal involving News Corp’s News of the World tabloid, where various celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people (murder victims, slain British soldiers in Afghanistan) had their voicemail hacked generates a lot of media attention on News Corp’s rather unsavory … Continue reading

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Why Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a Disaster

Only clueless RINOs like HotAir’s Allahpundit or hostile Liberal Democrats could find letting openly gay military personnel serve to be a wise social policy. The first are clueless SWPL folks, the latter profoundly hostile to every institution that supports America. … Continue reading

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Stick a Fork in Fox News (and the Wall Street Journal)

Stick a fork in Fox News (and News Corp profits). Recent articles in the New York Times and The Daily Beast show that Murdoch’s adult children, and his current wife Wendi, loathe the conservative bent of Fox News that is … Continue reading

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The LA Times and Green Jobs: Stupid, Lazy, or Politically Correct?

The LA Times on its home page had this story, by, with the headline “Job growth in California is going green” and the subhead “From January 2007 to January 2008 green jobs increased 5% while total jobs declined 1%.” … Continue reading

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Decline of the West: Why Part One

Nearly every conservative commentator agrees on the West’s decline. Whether it is Ann Coulter, or Victor Davis Hanson or Mark Steyn, Belmont Club or the lesser-known but just as well written Takuan Seiyo and Fjordman, who also posts at Gates … Continue reading

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Prop 8 Hate: Our Glorious Multicultural Future and an X-Ray into PC

California’s Proposition 8, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, and outlawed Gay Marriage, has spawned protests around the United States, and a series of some ugly incidents in the wake of it’s passage. First, Gays in … Continue reading

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