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E-Reader Shoot-out: Nook vs. Kindle and Outflanking the Elite

Having both the cheapest e-readers from Barnes and Noble (the Nook) and the equivalent from Amazon (the no-touch, buttons only Kindle) I can say that overall, the Nook is the better choice. But for Barnes and Noble to compete, they … Continue reading

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The New Mass Media: Ebooks and the End of the Brandon Tartikoff Strategy

Today’s front page Wall Street Journal story details how Wal-Mart and Amazon are in a price battle for best-selling (printed) books. Matching the e-book price for best-sellers. Authors are divided. The best-selling authors Dean Koontz and James Paterson believe they … Continue reading

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Rock is Dead: Rolling Stone and the Lack of Young People

Rock is dead. Or, more to the point, the youth culture that created rock music is dead. Because we don’t have enough young people. Not enough at any rate to create the kind of robust, competitive, and creative youth market … Continue reading

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Failure of the Media Part Two: The Lingering Death of the LA Times

By all accounts the LA Times should be doing well. Absent the leverage demands of the parent company Tribune Media, the potential readership of the LA Times should be large. After all, the US Census Bureau shows 9.8 million people … Continue reading

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