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Big Data and You!

Recently, Slashdot had an article noting that a comprehensive K-12 database is being constructed, state by state. The chief movers of this nasty project, which includes student and parent social security numbers, names, addresses, grades, attendance records, learning disabilities, test … Continue reading

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Jonathon Last Reads Steve Sailer, Plus James Burke’s Predictions

What do James Burke, from the old PBS series “Connections” and Jonathon Last of the Weekly Standard, have in common? They are both looking at the “trap” of technology that the entire modern world has found itself in: Jonathon Last … Continue reading

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Pinker’s Violence Fantasy: the Truth About War and Violence in the Post Cold War Age

The WSJ’s article by Steven Pinker Why Violence is Vanishing illustrates the desperate nature of Liberals and the Modern Western Society (which is profoundly Liberal in the modern, PC sense). Wanting desperately to believe that there is no more reason … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs And The End of Apple

Steve Jobs announced his resignation from Apple Computer. Is this the beginning of the end for Apple? Previously , I wrote that Apple is “trapped” in China. Without Jobs, that trap is likely to be sprung, making Apple just another … Continue reading

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China Wins the Future

Lots of people from Thomas Friedman to Barack Obama wish the US were more like China. I thank God every day it is not. Slashdot has a story and comments about a derailment of the high speed bullet train that … Continue reading

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The Power and the Vulnerability of the West

The standard narrative by most commentators looking at Western vs. non-Western conflicts is either Steyn-ian demographic doom or Sailer-esque insouciance. Sailer wrote on the 20th Anniversary of the “Highway of Death” and the Western air dominance over Libya, asserting that … Continue reading

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The Future Lies In Your Hand: Phone TV vs 3-D TV

A recent series of Financial Times columns shows why 3-D TV will not be Hollywood’s savior, and some combination of Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Netbook, or other cheap, flexible, and handy tablet sized device will be the consumption device … Continue reading

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Crime and Currency

The Stuxnet worm is in the news. Was it the Israelis? The CIA? The Chinese? No one knows, or even what the aim was (hindering Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, industrial sabotage against Siemens by the Chinese, or simple extortion on a … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Free TV: Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes Does Not Get It

In a series of interviews, Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes declared TV is entering a new Golden Age, with its influence ever stronger on Western and indeed, global culture. Dismissing threats of cable cord cutting, and technological challenges from Amazon, Netflix, Apple, … Continue reading

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More TV Execs Not Getting It

The Financial Times has covered both the Jeff Zucker firing from NBC (totally expected) and the recent Goldman Sachs TV conference. In both cases, you have undeniable proof that TV execs just don’t get it. They believe that their content … Continue reading

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