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Anders Breivik: Beta Male Rampage

Commenters on the Left are gleefully asserting that Norway Bomber/Shooter Anders Breivik, who claims to have acted alone, and plotted for nine years, is a “conservative” thinker given how he has cited writings by prominent anti-Jihad bloggers, such as Fjordman, … Continue reading

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The Challenge of the Post-9/11 World: Deterrence

The challenge of the Post-9/11 World for America is summed up in one word. Deterrence. America got to 9/11 by bits and pieces, all the way back to Richard Nixon’s decision not to retaliate for the Cold River assassination U.S. … Continue reading

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The Bombay World

The Jihadist, terror attacks in Bombay, which have at latest report have as many as 300 feared dead, are the symbol of the problems of the modern world. For most of the Twentieth Century, threats to Western nations were from … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of 9/11: Our Science Fiction World

What are the real lessons of 9/11? The same, sadly, as the lessons of Feb 26. Remember that date? How about the full date of February 26, 1993? The FIRST World Trade Center attack? The one that killed six people? … Continue reading

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