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CBS Wants Charlie Sheen Back!

Les Moonves wants Charlie Sheen back on Two and a Half Men. I knew it! Sheen still pulls in attention, ratings, and has enough Alpha credibility, still, through the sheer number of followers on Twitter and his sold out shows, … Continue reading

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TV Gets Older As It Runs Out of Young People

The Wall Street Journal reports that broadcast TV is getting older. Well, of course. TV ran out of (White) young people. As America becomes a bifurcated nation, one of aging Whites with money, and young mostly Spanish speaking Hispanics without … Continue reading

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The Future Lies In Your Hand: Phone TV vs 3-D TV

A recent series of Financial Times columns shows why 3-D TV will not be Hollywood’s savior, and some combination of Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Netbook, or other cheap, flexible, and handy tablet sized device will be the consumption device … Continue reading

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The Myth of Cable Erosion

Broadcast Executives like to tell themselves a pretty fairy story. “Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of ABC, NBC, and CBS, all was right in the land. Until wicked, wicked, cable came along and destroyed viewership, fracturing it … Continue reading

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When Did TV Get Girly?

While there can be no question as to the female-orientation of today’s broadcast TV, just examine the Emmy Nominations for “Glee,”, the question arises, when did TV get so girly? The answer is, 1978. Wikipedia has a fascinating set of … Continue reading

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James Bond vs. Today’s Hollywood Spies: Where are the Heroes and Bad Guys?

A series of posts by Big Hollywood contributor Leo Grin on Ian Fleming and James Bond prompts the question. Where are the villains and heroes of today? When we have real life villains such as Dzhanet Abdurakhmanova and Umalat Magomedov, … Continue reading

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Local TV News: Politically Correct and Feminized

A recent article in Tucker Carlson’s new site,, sheds light on why LOCAL TV news is so politically correct: it is aimed exclusively at women. discusses the issue here. From a “well known news anchor from a Top … Continue reading

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Feminized TV: How PC Kills Revenue

The plot should be a no-brainer. TV Broadcast networks, free to anyone with a TV antenna, ought to be reaping recessionary rewards as people cut the cable or satellite payments and surf online and over-the-air. But TV Broadcast networks are … Continue reading

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NBC and SyFy: GLAAD to Meet You!

Two recent items show how desperate, and clueless, the broadcast and cable networks have become. First, the painfully bad “Heroes” on NBC will have star Hayden Panettiere taking on a lesbian role, capitalizing on the acclaim and popularity of Lindsay … Continue reading

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