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The Fall of the City of Chicago

Recent polls show Karen Lewis, the Jabba the Hut-like leader of Chicago’s Teachers shown above the odds-on favorite to unseat Rahm Emmanuel and become the next Mayor of Chicago. And this is the reality: the old JFK bargain, where White … Continue reading

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Diversity Equals Hitler: Why France MUST Shut Up Dieudonné

France is engaged in a desperate struggle to shut up a comedian. Not because the Francois Hollande regime disagrees with anything he says, per se. Rather, because Dieudonné M’bala M’bala tears apart the myth of Political Correctness and Diversity. M’bala … Continue reading

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Larry Auster Has Died

I am saddened to report Larry Auster has died. Details at his site View from the Right and Thinking Housewife. Thanks Larry. For all you did.

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Will Benghazi Force Obama’s Hand?

The deaths of four Americans, two of them ex-Navy SEALs, may just force Obama’s hand. Into mounting a coup, if it appears he cannot delay or fraud the election. Benghazi is just the tip of the nightmare that is the … Continue reading

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Called IT! Department of Justice to Refuse to Rule Out Blasphemy Charges

It is depressing to think how predictable the Obama Adminstration has become. Those who doubted creeping Sharia, turning into an express train, well the Justice Dept. has a few words for you. From Michael Totten, comes word that: The Obama … Continue reading

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Why It Won’t Be A Chinese Century

Sometimes, buried in the Financial Times Analysis stories one finds gems of business intelligence. The Financial Times, despite total liberal-elite cluelessness about America and anything outside the elite experience culturally and politically, remains the go-to newspaper for business news, as … Continue reading

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Called It: Anaheim Mayor to Propose District Elections

Sure looks like I called it. Anaheim’s Mayor is calling for District Elections. Mayor Tom Tait said he also plans to call for a council vote that night to place a measure on the November ballot for electing council members … Continue reading

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The Avengers, Joss Whedon, and Hollywood’s Crisis

In the blockbuster movie “the Avengers” a group of Marvel superheroes teams up to save the world. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Incredible Hulk (with support from Black Widow and Hawkeye and Nick Fury) stop the evil Norse … Continue reading

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What is and is NOT Allowed at Whiskey’s Place

Just so everyone is clear, there are things that are allowed and not allowed at Whiskey’s Place. What is not allowed are personal insults, threats of violence, abuse, and other idiocy like linking to Stormfront or the Nation of Islam. … Continue reading

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