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Vampire Sex and Violence: True Blood and the Bubble of Female Hypergamy

Recently, a writer for Pop Matters blogged his reaction to the extreme sex and violence of the HBO series “Tru Blood,” a show watched apparently only by women and gays. The blogger even calls the combined sex and violence scene … Continue reading

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Twilight vs Call of Duty: The Hidden Story

The Twilight New Moon movie has posted $140.7 million for its opening weekend. The response, which was surprising, of tweens, teens, and their moms lining up, many a week in advance, for the movie, generated a lot of press coverage. … Continue reading

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Twilight is Junk

Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” based on the best-selling novel of the same name, opens today in movie theaters across the nation. Deadline Hollywood Daily has predictions of a $60 million weekend box-office. By all accounts, “Twilight” is a huge marketing and … Continue reading

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More Scary Vampires

It is the day after Halloween, but Vampires are still scary. Not the vampires themselves, of course, but what they signal in terms of how women view the “ideal man.” Which is both quite different than what women had viewed … Continue reading

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Vampires and Women: Why the Fantasy Has Turned Scary

Recently, the Washington Post had a story on how vampires have become Hollywood’s new leading man characters. While the article has plenty of typical press-release hype over HBO’s “True Blood” the story does touch on the popularity of the current … Continue reading

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