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Why The West Collapsed: Case Study Sweden

The case study method has much to recommend it. There are many theories as to why the West has collapsed, into Multicultural, PC-driven weakness. But no Western nation has collapsed as quickly, and as completely, as Sweden. As the above … Continue reading

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Weimar Cities: No One Dies For A Target Ad

Ed Driscoll notes in his post Decline of the West, that City Journal writer Claire Berlinski writes about Weimar Cities being particularly fertile for lasting contributions to world culture, not the least because they are doomed. While the main part … Continue reading

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Decline of the West: Why Part One

Nearly every conservative commentator agrees on the West’s decline. Whether it is Ann Coulter, or Victor Davis Hanson or Mark Steyn, Belmont Club or the lesser-known but just as well written Takuan Seiyo and Fjordman, who also posts at Gates … Continue reading

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The Bombay World

The Jihadist, terror attacks in Bombay, which have at latest report have as many as 300 feared dead, are the symbol of the problems of the modern world. For most of the Twentieth Century, threats to Western nations were from … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Why They Hate Her, Part 1

It’s surprising, the amount of sheer hate directed at Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain’s pick for the VP slot. Hate, over and above that directed at George W. Bush, or John McCain himself. Viewed without context, it’s inexplicable, since Palin … Continue reading

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