The Fall of the City of Chicago

Jabba the Hutt
Recent polls show Karen Lewis, the Jabba the Hut-like leader of Chicago’s Teachers shown above the odds-on favorite to unseat Rahm Emmanuel and become the next Mayor of Chicago. And this is the reality: the old JFK bargain, where White Liberal Democratic elites govern and give out special favors to Blacks (and Hispanics) in exchange for votes is ending. Chicago’s “FIRE” interests (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) had a good long run. But demographics is everything. Why indeed should Black populations with the majority or near majority of votes and most active voters (and least vulnerable to double/triple voting prosecutions) settle for a place at the table when they can run the place? Money is not everything, and we are seeing the end of the Oligarch bargain: welfare and various privileges in exchange for votes. Instead, the South African model, of the ANC dominance and control over everything, is rapidly coming to the fore. The fate of nearly all cities in America of any real size is Black political control. And that has some interesting results.
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TV’s Purge: Get Rid of White Guys

As the kick-off to the Fall 2014 Television season approaches, an interesting dichotomy is showing up. A few networks are betting all in on getting rid of White guys and showing “Diverse” (read: BLACK) characters with a few White women, and others are ignoring the screaming critics for profitability which means: White guys.

ABC is is betting it all on Black so to speak, with the LAT reporting:

ABC is taking a bold step this fall to diversify prime-time television by prominently showcasing African Americans, Latinos and other minorities on a scale never before seen on a major American network.

The broadcast networks have traditionally cast white actors in lead roles, calculating that they would help boost a show’s chances of success in the ratings and international sales. Not only that, but the creative team behind the camera has also been typically white as well.

But those traditional biases are fading, Paul Lee, ABC’s entertainment president, said Tuesday during ABC’s presentation at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour in Beverly Hills.

”America doesn’t look like that anymore,” said Lee, a native of Britain. “When I came here, I wanted to find shows that reflected America. That’s our job.”

Shows with all-white casts “feel dated,” added Lee.

But it was the blockbuster success of writer/producer Shonda Rhimes’ hit, “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington, that paved the way for this season’s changes. The drama, which launched in mid-season two years ago with seemingly low expectations, demonstrated that America would embrace a show starring an African American woman.

Lee (it must be noted, a White guy) has also in effect banned White producers and writers from ABC, in favor of “Diverse” creators. Black Producer Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is producing “How to Get Away With Murder” starring Viola Davis as a law professor teaching students how to defend and acquit murderers.
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Michael Sam: The NFL Goes All-Gay

Michael Sam Goes Full Homo
With the selection of Michael Sam as the 249th draft pick in the seventh round by the St. Louis Rams, the NFL has gone All-Gay, all the time. A nicer thing couldn’t happen to a more deserving league. Sam’s canny move in coming out assured his selection. The NFL could not afford the negative publicity of NOT picking the only Openly Gay College Football Player eligible for the draft. A smart move by a guy with limited speed, strength, and size, likely to be completely ineffective against the NFL’s players. While Sam was All-SEC Defensive Player of the Year, even a team like Alabama or Auburn has a number of walk-ons and players who will not be going to the NFL. The NFL by contrast is filled with the best players every year from College Football. Instead of facing one great offensive player, and the rest merely college players unable to make it to the NFL, Sam will face a team made up entirely of the very best, greatest college players. Which is why the scouts were so down on his performance, and likely the NFL had to lean heavily on the Rams to take Sam in exchange for favors to be named later.

Never Go Full Homo
But the fun will really begin with the repeat of Sam’s smooch of his “boyfriend” every game, which ESPN and every sports page will blast in everyone’s faces. As well as the reaction of mostly ghetto Black players in the locker room. Well, what could go wrong? Everyone knows rap music, the favorite of Black NFL players, is remarkably tolerant and accepting of gays.
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Hollywood’s Gay Rape Scandal: A Classic Agency Problem

Hollywood has an Agency Problem. Briefly defined, it means the people who run Hollywood don’t own it, as in the days of Louis B. Mayer (owned MGM) or the Warner Brothers. Instead they run publicly traded companies run by a variety of (mostly institutional) shareholders. Who have neither the ability or means to insure that the company is being run to maximize profits. Instead of maximizing opportunities and wealth for the management running the company.

Thus, the main thing wrong with Hollywood is the network of gays, what Michael Ovitz famously called the “Gay Mafia,” running things.

Which includes raping teen age and younger boys. The only difference between the Catholic Church gay rape scandals and Hollywood is that Hollywood has a much better image among women. But that may change according to the plaintiff lawyer filing against X-Men Director Bryan Singer. Continue reading

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Comcast and Time Warner: The Big Squeeze Begins

Consolidating industries are usually a mark of stress. The Defense industry is notorious for it, trying to reduce competition and cut costs through economies of scale (and screwing over the government customers). The abortive tie-up, since abandoned, of EADS and BAE is a prominent example. The idea being to eliminate or reduce competition and with near monopoly pricing, jack up prices for governments (which is exactly why the German government killed it). Economies of scale matter too, with just one administrative overhead, and often shared factories (with losers closed) but the idea of monopoly pricing is the main motivation. So too with the Comcast deal for Time-Warner Cable.

And here it is not just screwing over retail customers, who will indeed get screwed over, but content providers who will now have one less competitor for exclusive rights to live sports and scripted series, and outfits like Amazon and Netflix (by preventing their streaming content from enabling cord-cutters). In a way, this growing monopoly power of cable giants is good. Because monopolies are really only talented in screwing over customers, to the point where they seek out alternatives left and right. And anything that helps hurt what Stuff Black People Don’t Like called the “Opiate of the Masses” (which is sports not religion) can’t be all bad. And believe me, ever higher prices for the NFL and MLB and the NBA will accomplish just that — price based switching. And maybe, just maybe we will go back to the future. Of broadcast TV, only digital.
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Civil War: the Uber Middle and the Rest of the Near-Elite

War! Among the Elite!The Financial Times (if you are not reading it you should be, it is while a liberal newspaper far better than the WSJ or NYT, admittedly a low bar) had last week a series of articles illustrating the growing civil war among the elites and near elites. Over what else, money? While for Conservatives this might be a popcorn moment, divisions and anger among elites and near elites offer the ability to peel off significant portions of the ruling, elite/near elite/non-White poor coalition that has driven the Western nations to near collapse.

The reason is that the elites are running the entire West into a destiny called Venezuela. Oh, the West has more money to start with and a higher educated and smarter population. But the destination remains the same. And the very elite policies of globalization (aka depress wages for all but a few superstars via H1-B workers and mass cheap labor on the low end), mass immigration and destruction of manufacturing (to chase cheap Chinese labor) in service to a Colors of Benetton post-National utopia, have undeniably destroyed the lives of near elites.

Now, what did Machiavelli advise in this case? His advice to the Prince was to kill people rather than make them poor and leave them alive. Dead men can’t fight back, while those made poor remain eternal enemies.

In Britain and the US alike, the screwing-over of near elites, the teachers, nurses, university professors, etc. has begun in earnest. And it is no longer possible for elites to buy them off with anything other than cultural goodies of “sticking it to conservatives” in terms of gay marriage, racial dogma, and the like. Even that is starting to fail. With interesting results.
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Diversity Equals Hitler: Why France MUST Shut Up Dieudonné

The King of Hitler Comedy
France is engaged in a desperate struggle to shut up a comedian. Not because the Francois Hollande regime disagrees with anything he says, per se. Rather, because Dieudonné M’bala M’bala tears apart the myth of Political Correctness and Diversity. M’bala M’bala shows concretely what Diversity really means: Hitler.
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