Monthly Archives: August 2008’s Big Gay Blunder

Recently, ran the following commercial, on various cable networks. I’ve seen it on Discovery, BBC America, History Channel, and Food Network. Now, color me surprised when this ad got pulled fairly quickly.Do women generally like this sort of thing? … Continue reading

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Comics Books Dirty Little Secret: They Don’t Make (Much) Money

Everyone is interested in Comic Book movies these days. The Batman movie’s domestic box office of $480 million dollars and rising will do that. But what people don’t understand is the dirty little secret of Comics Books. They don’t make … Continue reading

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The Secret of Superhero Movies

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing Warner Brother’s new strategy for Superhero movies. Make them dark, “just like Batman.” More proof if any was needed that Hollywood lives in a bubble and just does not understand their … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Romantic Comedies for Men: Demographic Reality?

Recently, Hollywood has found a lot of success in Romantic Comedies. But not with women, rather with men. Films like “the Wedding Crashers,” ($209 million domestic box office) or “Knocked Up,” ($148 million domestic box office) or “the Forty Year … Continue reading

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Advertising’s Disdain for the White Male: the Hipster Sneer

You’ve probably seen them, all over Television. No matter what show or channel you’re watching, ads will show up that depict the straight white male as a complete doofus, whom the “cool people” condescendingly tolerate. Often the “cool people” are … Continue reading

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Red Harvest: Putin’s Plan for Russia

A recent article by the pseudonymous columnist “Spengler” at the Asian Times has provoked a lot of discussion. Briefly, Spengler points out that Putin plans to address the catastrophic demographic decline of Russia (abortions outnumber births, younger people of reproductive … Continue reading

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Why Advertising Sucks

Two ads, currently running, demonstrate why Advertising today is just miserable, and a symptom of a creative class in terminal decline. One pushes agendas and messages the audience knows is just not true, and the other is determined to push … Continue reading

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Russia’s War on Georgia: It’s Not the Cold War, It’s Worse

Russia’s war with Georgia would seem to return to the Cold War days. That’s a fundamental misreading of the situation. While the Cold War featured the United States and the USSR facing off over world wide alliances and a divided … Continue reading

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