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The Tyranny of Free TV: Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes Does Not Get It

In a series of interviews, Time-Warner’s Jeff Bewkes declared TV is entering a new Golden Age, with its influence ever stronger on Western and indeed, global culture. Dismissing threats of cable cord cutting, and technological challenges from Amazon, Netflix, Apple, … Continue reading

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The Myth of Cable Erosion

Broadcast Executives like to tell themselves a pretty fairy story. “Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of ABC, NBC, and CBS, all was right in the land. Until wicked, wicked, cable came along and destroyed viewership, fracturing it … Continue reading

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More TV Execs Not Getting It

The Financial Times has covered both the Jeff Zucker firing from NBC (totally expected) and the recent Goldman Sachs TV conference. In both cases, you have undeniable proof that TV execs just don’t get it. They believe that their content … Continue reading

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FX, Terriers, and Men: Why Cable is Being Replaced (and How)

FX’s new cable series, “Terriers,” is doing poorly, while NBC’s “Outsourced” has garnered acceptable ratings in its initial debut. In part, this is because of schedule, “Outsourced” follows “the Office” which is a hit, such as it goes, for NBC, … Continue reading

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Too Many White Folks on TV

Author and LA Times Entertainment writer Mary McNamara wrote in her review of the NBC-TV show “Undercovers” that there are too many White people on TV. This attitude is common, among the entertainment business. You find it all the time … Continue reading

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How Assimilation Fails: Jessica Alba And A Nation of Dortmunders

No one has has more money and fame thrown at her by White fans than Jessica Alba. The daughter of a White mother, Alba herself could as easily be defined as White or Anglo, and has played roles in which … Continue reading

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Advertising: Get the Man Out!

Advertising forms the basis for much of what is deemed mainstream and acceptable culture in Western society. Advertising is everywhere, all the time. Drive down the road and you’ll see billboards. Listen to the radio and you’ll hear ads. Watch … Continue reading

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The Shadow Banking System and The Return of Risk

Several articles in the Financial Times have highlighted how the political response to risk in the financial system, and indeed in society, have driven risk into a “shadow system” of institutions and individuals that are largely unregulated or known, driving … Continue reading

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Vampire Sex and Violence: True Blood and the Bubble of Female Hypergamy

Recently, a writer for Pop Matters blogged his reaction to the extreme sex and violence of the HBO series “Tru Blood,” a show watched apparently only by women and gays. The blogger even calls the combined sex and violence scene … Continue reading

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Burn the Koran: the Collapsing World and How to Earn a Million Dollars!

Rev. Terry Jones, of the Dove World Outreach Center, now says he will not burn the Koran on 9/11, because he has a “deal” to move the Ground Zero Mosque. The Imam who is behind the Ground Zero Mosque, Rauf, … Continue reading

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