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USA Network’s Satisfaction and the Gay Redefinition of Marriage

Stanley Kurz warned in The National Review that Gay Marriage would redefine marriage. To both include polygamy and polyamory (more takers for the Muslim former than icky swinger latter I would think) and gay norms of marriage: two people who … Continue reading

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Yoko Ono Explains Obama’s Policy

Our Country is in the very best of hands. Really. Will it be Yoko succeeding Hillary as Secretary of State? Why not?

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Paula and the General: the Road to Slutdom

News of General Petraeus’s resignation, over an affair with married biographer Paula Broadwell, shows how America and the West has changed. Into a nation of sluts and Alpha males. With almost no exceptions. From the Daily Mail, we learn that … Continue reading

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Buffy Gets An Abortion: How Comics Aren’t For Kids (And Don’t Make Money)

Dark Horse Comics “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (the comic book continuation of the TV series) has an upcoming issue in which the character, after a night of drunken sex with men she does not remember, decides to get an abortion. … Continue reading

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File Under T for Tolerance and D for Decadence

Two stories made the news. The more noteworthy one, was Comedy Central censoring the second of the two-part South Park episode dealing with (again) Mohammed. The second was Junk Reality Star “Bobby Trendy” pumping gas for the tabloid photographers. The … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Heroism Deficit: Wealth, Drugs and Divorce

James Bowman in the American has an article describing Hollywood’s heroism deficit. [Hat tip: Dirty Harry.] Bowman believes that Hollywood’s slow abandonment of heroism and heroes on screen was a result of the post-WWII consensus that heroes were no longer … Continue reading

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